So about this Earth buff?

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  1. drkhrt1 Well-Known Player

    I agree with the OP. I don't see the damage increase that I was expecting from my sorcery pet. I know on test people were complaining that Crystal and Fury were doing too much damage and they lowered that damage out about 1 week before this went live.

    No way does Crystal or Fury match a quantum,mental or munition dps at equal CR.

    Fury hits around 19 to 20k max, sorry but quantum blows that away.

    I know Mepps in an earlier post said to test on matching sparring dummy with same CR. I still don't see it, no comparsion, sorcery and earth still behind. Sorcery's WM much better than the pet AM.
  2. Schimaera Devoted Player

    I love what they did to Reinforce in Tank role. I pretty much like the change there. Before some incoming damage was crazy and reinforce could sometimes wear you down as an ill-equipped tank but now it's pretty cool. Shielding a portion of the damage and redirecting another portion to you seems fair and came in really handy yesterday in the Tier 6 raids.

    Oh wait a minute ...... another DPS thread! Bye, I'm outta here :D
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  3. Lacedog Loyal Player

    debris field is a dps loss from my testing. instead i put in a super charge of some kind. i think it would be awesome if some kind of power dump for the pet super were added on to a current earth SC. the quicker you get back to weapon combos and if you keep fortify golem on cool down, the better.
  4. Lacedog Loyal Player

    dont you know? thats all that matters in this game...........for the last year at least
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  5. TheKent Well-Known Player

    True that, us support roles are a dying breed. The future will consist of 1-1-1-5 raid format for pretty much all content. I would make a good bet on that as well....
  6. XxRudgerxX Well-Known Player

    The thing is, this guy's been pretty much tanking with Earth for the last 3 years without the ability to dps. On the test server we were excited for the damage Earth was putting out, but it's not what it was on test, and it's still not very competitive. Hell, a Mental buff was thrown in almost last second and it's far exceeding that of Earth which was hyped as soon as the test notes came out. For reference, we ran a raid last night, and my mental character with CR 111, 6888 might and only 3 pieces of dps gear (The rest troll gear) completely annihilated the other 3 dps on the scoreboard when they were all fully geared and modded. The bottom was Earth by a mile.

    Now, i'm not saying it can't keep up with the lower powers such as fire, but I am saying the damage is still pretty pathetic in all honesty. Taking aside the Raven example, because there's other factors at work there, Earth still isn't in a great place.
    In terms of loadouts, he may not be very experienced as a dps due to not having much opportunity over the past years, but several of us tried several different loadouts and rotations and the best damage we could do was 5081 damage a second on 8 Sparring targets, and the damage wasn't that great in raids either.

    So if someone can come up with a detailed loadout that's guaranteed to work, please share it because my entire league's been looking for it. Also to the guy who said he's not great at Earth, maybe he isn't on the dps side but he's a damn good tank.
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  7. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    Debris field might be a loss with your testing because of lingering dots and the parser which count that as you still doing damage, unless you have it timed just right?

    Earth is a middle of the road dps power now, it has improved, but still fall behind the top dps powers. It seen the earth users are ok with that, and I don't understand why. After the argument about how much stronger sorcery was, and y'all ok with being behind other powers? I'm lost.
  8. DeathZakid Well-Known Player

    My crystal hits for 18-20k back to back occassionly (72-80k). I can do fairly well against quantum until they start dropping supers. Earth isn't bad though. Though I have a cr of 115 and 213 sp to back me up. I use reinforce- df- rc- fg- ss- crystal solar flame spam with occasional explosive shots depending on situation. Also, leaning towards more precision should help. Earth seems way better then it used to be imo. I noticed fury is kind of lazy in the damage department but sorcery can still match earth with the help of grand summoning. They did a nice job balancing those 2. I just wished they balanced those 2 with quantum and celestial maybe. Haven't seen a good mental in action yet.
  9. ssvillae New Player

    I think im gonna switch to earth i really miss that power. Hopefully itll get a multiple range pull soon
  10. ssvillae New Player

    When tanking, which is better now golem or aftershock?
  11. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    Tested for 310 seconds without debris field: 6723.1746665 DPS
    Tested for 300 seconds with debris field: .... 7570.8211031 DPS

    I tested on the 8 sparring targets in the League Hall.

    Do you clip Debris Field with Reinforce so they share the cooldown?

    Just for reference: 114 CR, 7,995 might, 4,129 precision (167 SP)
  12. GravitaI New Player

    I believe quantum users are hitting harder also because the increase to the stats which put might based power users abover 9000 might
  13. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    It also helps that their long range damage is equal to their melee/mid-range damage. No other power has that benefit. On the test server, Quantum's long range damage was significantly lower than it was supposed to be, and in fixing it, they broke it in the other direction...
  14. DeathZakid Well-Known Player

    Yeah, I also noticed to do max damage with crystal, you have to be about the max distance you can use arctic gust or mass terror, otherwise she hits for half the damage of her melee. I don't really mind though because that's how most powers are. The range move usually does half of the melee one like emp and p dart w/ the exception of Quantum.
  15. DeathZakid Well-Known Player

    My average dps in 30s is about 9500 on 3 targets with my max being 9998. No buffs. My quantum averages 18,000+ :(
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  16. Lacedog Loyal Player

    ehh, maybe i should clarify it was single target i was referring to. it makes more sense that it would do better damage on more targets.
  17. Lacedog Loyal Player

    ill say that, yeah the discussion was primarily earth vs sorcery while this was on test. it should of been more pets vs everything else for sure. i know some complained earth users were wanting too much and thats when the discussion turned from earth vs everything else to earth vs sorcery.
  18. Alba Eclipta Committed Player

    Ever since the socalled buff, my earth dps has been lowest to second lowest on the score card. I checked my power interactions. Been using earth a long time. Yea...Um... Buff FAIL. As usual, earth is 'buried.'

    This game is trash when it comes to power balance. It's whatever flavor their craving at the time that matters. This is system is lame.
  19. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I wouldn't count on anything being final as there is still a testing thread for the pets and Mepps has said some stuff was released too early on test. Tunso isn't finished; the first release to stat flattening and content was a fail so I would imagine that put him behind.
  20. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Post your load out and rotation.