Server Downtime - January 8, 2014

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jan 8, 2014.

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  1. zhiza New Player

    starting the year with many closed server especially those who play in eu u_u
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  2. Minrath Well-Known Player

    another successful patch!
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  3. Max Sharps Level 30

    I had the same problem, the only armour available was level 87, but my combat rating is already cr 89 as I had full Vengeance gear. Hopefully this is addressed and if not just making sure the devs are aware of this. If there's a new vendor or something I have to do to access that gear, that's fine too, but I'd just like to know about it.
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  4. zZzTorrOzZz Committed Player

    You mean Tactical Issue ;) SOE conspires to punish us day-offers :eek:

    I know right, took some comp classes in college...test, test, test...they just drilled on that point constantly.

    Did have an issue (bug) though myself. Went to my R&D toon and made a recovery 4...hey may as well try a T5 synthetic which adds 36 might from the 4's 27 so nice that'll work. But...

    Share banked the recover and switched to my needy homeless toon and it was gone when i checked bank. Made another, but, fearing the same result I mailed it reaching targeted toon.
  5. SkullGang Devoted Player

    Style vendor where the Supes statue is I think. I know the Gunslinger coat was there.
  6. Sigeci Well-Known Player

    So the chest style for Aeronaut PVP is over 1500 cash, which means free players can no longer complete the feat for collecting the set or go beyond tier 1 PVP gear unless they had it before this update like I luckily did. Can't get the logistics officer or punchline feats now or increase my PVP level passed 87. This update has basically handicapped the free players even more by making PVP pointless to them. It will prevent them from wanting to pay into the game having more restrictions brought on them.
  7. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Well, shutting down the game quickly - that's the easy part. Let's hope fixing the problem won't take too long...
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  8. Tyne New Player

    Ideally having Prosiebensat1 controlling the European servers is really pointless and just being controlled by Sony. Our Server could be patched early hours the next Day rather than the same time, I'd prefer to wait rather than having a full evening of staring at boring Television! And believe me there is nothing good on TV which keeps you SANE at least!

    As well you may think it's fair same downtime times. But We work just like Americans do , we get home from work to have our relaxation hobby down well into Late evening just about 1 to 2 hours before bed and heading to work the next day! This is average for Europeans Just as it's average for America!

    Either Let PorsiebenSat1 take full control of the European Server or Not at all!
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  9. Hyppoli Well-Known Player

  10. ReAni Mator New Player

    Yh that confused me too. I bought a full set of the starter stuff and the next teir that I already unlocked popped up rather than the one I am in the process of collecting.. Maybe we have to go back through them again? Guess we'll know more in a bit
  11. Mint Stiletto Loyal Player

    just give everybody 1000 marks and call it even;)
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  12. Anarcho-Captain New Player


    hopefully they're hard at work fixing all this darn freezing. Froze 3 times last night.
  13. Canadian Justice Committed Player

    Given the short amount of time the servers were up today and considering the bug I reported that will hopefully be fixed when servers go back up maybe a server roll back would be a good course of action.
  14. Ragnarok Well-Known Player

    Not everything can be free. This game was made to make money and pay for the developer's welfare. "F2P" means you should be able to play a majority of the game without ever spending a cent, but to expect to have the same conveniences (unlimited ingame transactions - stash dependent) as paying or subscribing customers is ludicrous. There have to be roadblocks somewhere. Its all about how lenient those roadblocks are. Personally, I'm amazed DCUO gives F2Pers as much as they do.

    And isn't the money cap 2000? Which means you can still complete the feat? Just not all at once. Sorry that you are suffering the woes of a person playing a free game.
  15. Mr. Krazeespike New Player

    take your time guys, what i was doing before will be there when i get back!
  16. Ikes New Player

    What had happend with weapon damage with Update 33?
    My damage became awful low!
  17. CosmicIV Well-Known Player

    Oh god i hope this doesn't effect my knock out streak i was doing in 2v2
  18. The Klepto New Player

    Lol they can't do it right. Did you see the live stream? They showed rage powers in dps stance but wearing all tank gear. Haha
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  19. frank nitti New Player

    did they not just update the game now this wats next
  20. KidSuperBoy Well-Known Player

    Maybe it's because there were no armories, It was announced last night there'd be armories in the update also. I got in a few pvp rounds, there weren't many mov and 1 shield but no award boxes.
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