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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by stuvey7, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. BO PERRY_CRS Well-Known Player

    No one runs alerts?
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  2. stuvey7 New Player

    While were at it lets just change the community because you all are so rude tbh .. I threw out a Idea and you all are being mean . I'm sorry didn't mean to make you all grouchy over a thread , wanted to help
  3. Trexlight Loyal Player

    Why not, im bored and feeling a little under the weather so lets look at this :)

    But I see what you want though from this, more Styles, more Styles. Also remember, Individual Loot, you get something everytime. Need/Greed/Pass (like WoW) you might leave with nothing.
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  4. SilentTrollerMan New Player

    I get it, and I agree with that statement. We want more content too, we want larger DLCs with 2 or 3 raids and several alerts. The gear is easy to get if you use replay badges, but if you don't it will take a full month or more to get a full set.
  5. Redscreen5 New Player

    Share the same view. The combat mechanics are the only reason I play this game and im sure its the main differentiation between others not playing the more marketed MMO's.

    As soon as THAT aspect is removed (as evident with the recent nerfs and changes) I can only see more leaving. It's one of the games main USP in a sense.

    The genuine consensus as of late is two steps forward another four back. They had better tread carefully because it's becoming a joke.
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  6. Burnt New Player

    Super stoked about this:
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  7. GeoShock New Player

    That's why people play DCUO, because it is not like hundreds of other MMO's. If you like gmaes like WoW there are more then enough for you to choose from. You might be surprised but lots of people who play DCUO do not like MMO's like WoW.

    They don't need to and I hope they never will.
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  8. danielqpk New Player

    I like the idea of more raids....
    (I hate alerts with a passion.... slow & long)
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  9. Poo New Player

    You have that backwards right?
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  10. Gerbal New Player

    Doubt it takes 14 minutes to run A&B and 17 to run mist. Takes longer to do 4 man op then any t5 raid
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  11. JonnyD New Player

    DCUO is a console MMO made available for PC...WoW isn't a good example. Just saying.
    Also.. If I wanted WoW..I would go play WoW. Don't "Wolrd of Warcraft" my game, mang.
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  12. Poo New Player

    Ah. Well, you said Alerts not Ops. ;)
  13. Gerbal New Player

    Ok so take trigon in 8 minutes personal best to paradox in 9:05 personal best. Raids should offer more then just running with 8 ppl. They are overall to short anymore. In full vestments fos2 is still longer then any t5 raid (time wise) and that is a shame.
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  14. Bysill New Player


    ->That's you OP. And this isn't even meant to be snarky, it's actually what you sound like in my head, no offence intended.

    But that is what your suggestions boil down to. Don't you think they are trying that? Don't you think they do what they can, still limited by aging hardware? If i were one looking for a more WoW inspired MMO, I'd play WoW.
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  15. Regent Perry New Player

    I am but i dont really care, I play free, spend my ten dollars every quarter and go about my day.

    This is really for this Hardcore every day players, I used to be one of them. we get cool things Lock boxes and other what not trinkets. Really I like alerts more then Raids, but Raids get boarding only running them once a week for loot.
  16. Spytle Executive Creative Director

    I need proxies to post grumpy cat memes for me in response to this post. I looked for some that wouldn't get me in trouble, but I failed. ;)

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  17. Maxx_Watt Loyal Player

    If I wanted to play a deep MMO I would go elsewhere, I taken my turn at crafting, resource farming and all the stuff in a real MMO and I had to step away from gaming for several years as a result. If anything I would like to have the crafting system comp,etly removed from this game and eliminate all mods and rent thats comes with them.
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  18. Welcome2TheNhk New Player


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  19. DarkSyde79 Loyal Player

    • Powers: Once we get the Healer-class Lantern power in the next round, I could go with a break.
    • Raids: 5 at once is too much and the PS3’s issues aren’t the reason there aren’t more raids and making 2 different DLCs would take away from the game.
    • Raid Loot: Styles are fine as is and the styles don’t come from just raids.
    • Rare Loot: More rare loot would be fine, depending on if it is styles vs. gear.
    • Alerts: Boring is subjective and the gear is supposed to be inferior to the raid gear.
    • Loot: I have no idea what you’re talking about on this one.
    • Styles: Subjective and while I agree more can be done, it’s a DC Comics game and it has to stay in those lines.
    • Community: Again, I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.
    • “Honestly”: 16 person raids are logistical nightmares, some “monsters” are 10x our size, and if several DPS can put several million damage into a boss then it’s obvious their HPs are ridiculously high as is.
    • Devs: This is NOT intended to be WOW and if that doesn’t suit you… PLAY WOW!!!
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  20. Dametria Loyal Player

    OP: "DCUO needs to be like World of WackCraft!"

    The rest of us:
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