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    What does concepted mean?
    verb (used with object) Informal. to develop a concept of; conceive: He concepted and produced three films.
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    I am, of course, not actually the language police, so you are, of course, completely free to evolve English by concepting new words and verbifications and using them as you wish.

    Not to mention that, of course, I'm picking on an oral statement, not a written statement, and it's generally accepted that oral language is more casual than written language. So, of course I wasn't being serious.

    I'll, howeverability, leave this discussionality for the record, and have been mentional that the word "conceptualized" is common and finded dictionarywise. "Concepted": not so much.

    But if one wishes, one can complete and utter language as wishing, no matter the confusionality that conceivablying couldified resulting from creativing while languaging. I absolute that truthfulness is made techniquing this. Hopefully we all agreeable on such and the lackification of attachedly seriosityness.
  3. Balistical Ice Loyal Player

    Man, I bet you are very literal in real life. Like very observant in every single little detail. Not picking on you or anything. But if it was just a silly statement then why make it out to be that someone is wrong and you are right? Concepted is a term. An informal verb and it is used.
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    Where does the capsule drop? I've been playing for about an hour (Doing Legion and Anniv content) and literally nothing is dropping, not even nth metal or lockboxes... Weird.

    EDIT: Well I headed out to gotham to do event mission and things seem to be dropping now.
  5. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    You are coming off pretty strong about something I only speculated and then jokingly poked at.

    Jafin already posted something that contradicts what the link I posted stated, so it was just a simple mix up of information we found and I thanked him for it.

    And it is not twisting the words, it states 'exclusive only to this bundle' and no where does it state that they will never return under any circumstance. So therefore they can technically release that bundle again if they wanted.
    As I mentioned as well, Mepps statement on the matter makes it more concrete for sure, but his word can be overridden by someone like Jackster. I wasn't saying it will happen, it should happen, it needs to happen, etc. But it could happen if they really wanted.

    I was just curious about the information I found and posted and what the future may hold if they are open to bringing back items that stated 'limited' and 'only available until X'.

    They didn't state the Resurgence Capsule styles were exclusive, sure, but those two phrases do imply a kind of exclusivity. And to be fair up until now none had came back, so it's reasonable to believe they were exclusive to those specific resurgence capsules even though they never directly made it clear until now.

    But anyhow, I have all but 1 thing(OG plasmic) from every Booster Bundle, Resurgence Capsule and Time Capsule, I really don't care if they re-release items or not. All I said was that I am not against any of it being re-released.
  6. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Outside of 15th century usage findable via the Oxford English Dictionary, I think you would be hard put to find many English dictionaries that agree. "Conceived" is the word recommended as the past tense of "conceive." It's a past tense of a verb. "Concepted," OTOH, is verbifying a noun, which is generally a hint to look for another choice. (People, please note use of "generally"; we don't need five hundred examples of popularly used verbifications; it's granted that verbification is part of the evolution of English. But not necessarily elegant or preferable language.)

    Check any dictionary you like besides the OED and see what you find for "concepted." I'll give a hint: almost no English dictionary recognizes "concepted" as a word. Honest. Really-o trulio.

    Or check here:

    But, sure, anyone can make up a word and it's a valid word so long as someone else understands it. I wasn't seriously criticizing.

    However, I wouldn't suggest using "concepted" in any writing that is going to be professionally copy edited. Ask any professional copy editor what they think.

    Apologies for the off-topic distraction into usage. I didn't actually expect anyone to argue that "concepted" is a commonly used English word found in many dictionaries since, well, it isn't.


  7. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    It's only because you're approximately the 10,000th person in the past nine years who has wanted to argue the definition of "exclusive" on this forum. Sorry about that.

    See, this is what drives me crazy.

    "This" means THIS BUNDLE. It does not mean "this bundle we can bring back." This is what I mean by twisting and torturing the meaning of words in order to persuade one's self that words don't mean what they mean. Please don't. Thanks.
  8. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    I first started working as a professional copy editor in the 1970s. So: yes. (I've also worked in many other roles in mass-market publishing, as well as for legal firms, and in yet other jobs in the course of my 60+ years of life, FWIW.)

    I never wrote that anyone was "wrong" or that I was "right." I didn't write any such thing because I didn't mean any such thing.

    I made the initial comment because hearing "concepted" made me laugh. I should have remembered before posting that there is little to no tradition in these particular forums for wordplay and commentary on usage.

    I also should have remembered that unlike fora where wordplay is common, a comment on usage here will not inspire further word play or laughter, but tedious arguments and defensiveness. My bad. I do assure you, though, that if this were a thread in a copy editor's forum, it would be considered amusing. But context is almost all. The error was mine.

    "Concepted" is a "word" in the sense that anything used by people as a "word" is a word. "Plergb" is a word if it has the same or similar meaning to two different people.

    But, as I've shown, "concepted" is not a word you'll find in almost any American dictionary. It might be suddenly popular in business jargon, but ugh to that. That is all. Can we acknowledge the checkable and indisputable fact that "concepted" is in almost no English dictionaries and stop now, please? Thanks. If not, either way, I'm more than done and I again apologize to all for the sidetrack, which I had stupidly thought would be trivial and done in one.
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  9. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    You have to admit it is kind of amusing that you are so passionate on the usage of words, and yet you state something like; "you're approximately the 10,000th person in the past nine years.."

    I am assuming you are exaggerating, unless you took account of every single person that has ever brought it up. If you did, wow, that would be an impressive and yet weird thing to keep track off. :p

    But anyhow, yes, "This" means "This bundle" of course, but that is all it means. This bundle. It does not mean they wont bring it back or that they will bring it back, they probably wont, but they could if they wanted. That was what I was just poking fun/joking about.
  10. Hraesvelg Always Right

    I think the basic disconnect comes from your usage of a dictionary. They are descriptive, not proscriptive. English doesn't have an Académie Française that strictly controls what words mean at any given time. It's a living language, full of various idiosyncratic usages, including industry-specific jargon and slang. It's on fleek, homeslice, ya dig?
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