I feel we are being Punished for Playing the Game!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by MyDpsIsBetter, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. MyDpsIsBetter Committed Player

    So I found myself returning to the game after my self imposed exile, I found myself again enjoying the game. Once a proud PvP Vet, I let that go and accepted that is long gone from the game far as i'm concerned this game doesn't have pvp ;). Back

    Where i'm going with this. PVE to my surprise was really refreshing. The combat changes, new artifact system and much more restored my will to play this game. Then it happened, I found myself feeling punished for enjoying the game. I want to make this clear i'm enjoying this game a lot, even the clear money grab which is Artifacts.
    No way should a player be locked out of rewards for out CRing content, that has to be fixed, I should not have to spend X amount of dollars on an alt to give him sp that I worked on to rerun old content to earn Source Marks to fund well pretty much all of the needed thing for my main for end game content. Between Finishing old styles that require marks, The Monthly funding of my base supply drop, orbital strikes and tact mods, and the host of all other stuff these marks are needed for. We should not be locked out of old contact rewards. I asked you all let your voices be heard on this.
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  2. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    uhm... welcome back.

    Old content queue death is an old problem, but constantly getting even worse. Other games have a mentoring or challenge system, but DCUO doesn't and instead discourages to play old stuff at all.

    Part of the problem is that the only motivation to run non-SM is progression, but making progression in old content won't work. The alternate reward boxes are ok at best, but DCUO needs a whole concept to make older content playable...

    Yes, it is unplayable. Anyone who says "Make your own group" never tried to get a group for FoS2 - and that's a walk-in.
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  3. MyDpsIsBetter Committed Player

    That is agreed because right now their is a bunch of content on this game currently that theirs no reason to run, which limits what a player has to do when they log in. Cycle log in do my new 3 dailies do the 4 man summer event, the JLD Duo and Alert and bam that's all you can do at high cr for the day unless you reset these things.
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  4. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    Yes, it is really messed up. I pay a subscription to play a whole game and yet that game pushes me to only play part of the game.
    It is very frustrating indeed.

    look at the DLC's that they try to sell to new customers. DCUO is asking new customers that they want them to buy all these DLC's while at the same time whispering that the DLC's are not going to be worth anything after they run it a few times.

    How messed up is that??? :confused:

    Would you buy any DLC's knowing that they will be worth zilch after a few runs?


    Just imagine buying all the DLC's and then finding out after the fact about CR relevancy. I would be pissed.
    Think of how many people are turned off by this.
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  5. willflynne Unwavering Player

    Being punished for playing the game would be something like having Marks removed from your currency for running a particular piece of content.

    Last I knew, that doesn't happen.
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  6. Themyscyran New Player

    I really feel this. As someone who is just now leveling my CR (currently sitting at 145ish), trying to find people to play old content with me is hard (doesn’t help that my main is villain). Queue times for older raids are ridiculous, even alerts and duos sometimes can take 5-10 minutes. I get that there’s an incentive with feats to replay older stuff, but idk if that’s enough... I feel like people run old content for feats with league members, leaving people who are just playing the content for the first time to wait and wait lol (bc it feels like there’s a lot less of us.)

    It’s like you have all this content that can be fun in and of itself but has an expiration date...
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  7. myandria Loyal Player


    I'm not sure I would want to run older content for the source marks; many of them don't drop enough individually to make much of a difference. However, if we were rewarded a chunk of source marks for doing a certain amount of older content, I would be interested in that.

    For example, suggestion:

    If your character is out of CR relevancy for Tier 1 content and you ran all of the Tier 1 4-man raids for that day, then you would get 15 guaranteed source marks for that, which would give you much more than just running those raids individually with the normal source mark relevancy drops. Basically, the older the content you do, the more source marks you get. If your character becomes out of relevancy for the same Tier or one Tier below, then you would have to choose between gear or source marks. An example of this would be a Tier 9 character running Tier 8 content out of CR relevancy.

    Now I will go hide somewhere; don't throw tomatoes at me, please. Just give them to me and I will make marinara.
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  8. Al Uzza Level 30

    I understand your struggle I’m progressing with my villain whose CR 130 and there is literally no one to run anything with. I can wait hours with getting into raids and alerts. Most times I literally have to beg for people just to q up, and that depends on the benevolence of DCUO players. Maybe we should try running content together if you can still get rewards from t7 raids and alerts.
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  9. CCPONCHO Level 30

    Gameongabe welcome back
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  10. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Basically u pay $15 a month to play the 2 recent dlcs ... no way to get groups for the olders
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  11. Zneeak Devoted Player

    So you're going to just nitpick how he formulated the point he is making.. How about we actually discuss it? It's a legitimate point being brought up. Losing the ability to earn the marks out of the content with the contents gear progression now being bypassed by new episodes and gear, you have nothing else but feats and occasionally a rare drop involved as an incentive to return to it.

    It's a poor setup that leaves a lot of content in the dust when it shouldn't have to. I really wish that someday they work out some form of "revamp" that brings more relevance toward the older tiers. Whether it's placing new feats and/or drops to draw population towards it (could be at random, limited times or implemented permanently), simply just allowing more marks to be earned in older content or some other more complicated system, possibly driven by crafting/ranking like the Artifacts with Catalyst Caches dropping out of various Tiers before it was all put on the vendor. These are just examples, but a change need to be made somehow to put some value of relevancy in content other than the latest few Episodes.
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  12. myandria Loyal Player

    Diminishing Returns can work if it is done correctly. Besides, [playing devil's advocate here] would you rather have no source marks as a reward for lower level content or some source marks for lower level content? You know the devs will not give full source marks for out of relevancy content, so why not at least try to get some out of them?

    Source marks are neutral; no matter what membership level or what parts of the game you do/don't play, at some point you will need source marks to purchase gear/items.

    You can also say that the catalysts are neutral as well, because they are needed them to boost artifacts. However, the devs took them out of the lower content and put them on Constantine for what? Source Marks.

    Even R&D components and some lower level gear that were easily farmed off of trash mobs have been moved to the HQ vendors. Why? For Source Marks. So, in my little opinion, we need more ways to grind for Source Marks, and the lower level content is just sitting there, ripe for out of relevancy CR Source Mark farming.:D
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  13. MyDpsIsBetter Committed Player

  14. MyDpsIsBetter Committed Player

    Thanks I appreciate that.
  15. MyDpsIsBetter Committed Player

    People like that on here I always ignored when they cape with nothing to add for quality of life changes for the players. I always had a good understanding with the devs on this game that they need ways to make money and always supported it but as you said something as to be done, current whats going on isn't right. We are paying 15$ a month on top of all the option (replay badges ect) I guess you can say to basically as many others have said only have access to the last two DLC. I love reading through most of these replies on actual ways they can do right by us on this matter.
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  16. willflynne Unwavering Player

    Nitpick it? In a heartbeat, especially when the phrasing used is disingenuous and incredibly hyperbolic, at best.

    I'm firmly in the school of thought that to have any sort of discussion, it's best if the people involved are using accurate terminology. Best example I can use is the ever popular "X part of the game is broken!" It gets thrown around a lot, and very rarely is it an accurate description of what's actually taking place. Far more often than not, when folks go to the "it's broken!" comments, it means "it's not working the way I think it should work," not "it's not working the way the devs designed it."

    Makes it tough to get a meaningful discussion going when that kind of thing happens.

    Now, if someone wants to lay out their issue and engage in a discussion? Awesome, I'm all for it. But if there's hyperbole being thrown about, I will have no problems nitpicking away at the statements until we get down to what the actual issue is.
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  17. Zneeak Devoted Player

    The actual point behind one nitpicked phrase is anything but disingenuous and hyperbolic, but let's just skip that so we can just nitpick on something so otherwise irrelevant without even once touching up on the actual topic, because that makes it all the more meaningful? :rolleyes:

    I myself just touched on the actual issue brought up and all you did for the entirety of that response you bothered with, was to continue nitpicking on something completely irrelevant to the actual topic and point mentioned. Shall we try this again? This time, try to actually response in regards to the actual point and topic:
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  18. MyDpsIsBetter Committed Player

    You trying to sound intelligent but really showing as someone trying to hard.. But if it floats your boat have fun guy.
  19. MyDpsIsBetter Committed Player

    I always wanted the best for the game many people over the years know it but your spot on the people who are in charge always had short vision with this game like they don't actually care if it's good just how fast they can make a quick dollar instead of having a huge player base with good content and longevity they opted for quick money. The content doesn't keep players around long cause stuff like this. We should have a reason to go do old content we shouldn't get reduced rewards from content we paid for that's absurd, we as paying players shouldn't have to buy replays to rerun the same current dlc content over and over making it stale to earn marks when we have years and years on content on the game that pretty much ask us to ignore it because there's no real reason to do them. I wouldn't mind going back to a scaled version of smallville for some marks or other old content that would actually be pretty fun. Picture going into a scaled version of prime, doing it with players that never ran it when it was current, instead of doing the same tired current dlc over and over...
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  20. NotObsidianChill Dedicated Player

    All the source marks did was put a greater focus on the most recent content, there wasn't a bunch of 260cr players before mark relevancy happened quing up for Deluge or Earth 3 content. The ONLY reason any players did was the chance to earn op collections to sell or elite drop rewards. If the manbat commando's didn't drop from zooe that would be a completely dead raid. Even before mark relevancy there was absolutely no incentive to que up older content "just because". The exact same issues have been around for multiple years regarding old content but if you don't expect those issues in a game with 8+ years of content available then you are just being naive.

    You also conveniently want to leave out all the benefits from source marks/mark relevancy in your tirade as it only benefits new and old players alike with their past earned currency carrying forward to the next tier. As an example I had a whole toons worth of Atlantean Crown's which are absolutely worthless to me but I am missing multiple 200-300 mark materials from Teen Titans Creds, with source marks all I have to do is wait till Teen Titans moves out of relevancy and I have 800 free source marks I can now use without having to run multiple weeks and months worth of TT content just to unlock those rewards. The same can be said for any player with DCUO continually playing more after release rewards on the vendors.

    If new or older players are struggling finding ques then they should do what any MMO encourages and find players that are at the same tier level or a league at the same tier so they have content to run together. DCUO isn't a solo game, you can't just do all content by yourself and expect to succeed you are going to have to make friendships and join leagues along the way.

    All this hatred being spewed towards mark relevancy is just asinine.
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