Heroes Color's Codes

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    Thank you for this list!
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    i used some of the but there faded color I wonder if my contrast and settings could be doing this their both at 100 %
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    So, what about the Legends of Tomorrow Hawkgirl from at least S1? The in-game color scheme seems to be too bright on the yellow (which is more gold) and the green (which is more of a darker olive green) and at times she wears a black jacket with the obvious brown wings that seem to match her belt. If it helps, I have a couple shots of her that may be of assistance.

    Shot 1 (just her uniform alone on a mannequin): http://s.ecrater.com/stores/352603/5774d4c1cc5c8_352603b.jpg
    Shot 2 (a screenshot from either Arrow or LoT, can't fully tell which): https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/f8/Hawkgirl_(Ciara_Renée).png

    Also, I have seen other shots online where it appears that she MAY wear the actual in-game colors now, and that it was changed later on-I honestly wouldn't know, as I just started watching it on Netflix, but I'd love to reproduce that look as it's a good one!
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    I'll do as you asked, though I have already stated my request-the Legends of Tomorrow Hawkgirl with her darker palate from I know the pilot episode would be cool!
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    ok I think a new color code sheet with four colors form the devs and daybreak would be great anyone got that link. That link would be gold,
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    JosEl, are you still doing these?
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    Green lantern - 065E2C
    Also try - 074C2A
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    I would appreciate swatches for DCEU Characters.
    Batman : Batman v Superman
    Wonder Woman: Batman v Superman
    Cyborg: Justice League
    Flash: Justice League
    Aquaman: Justice League
    Harley Quinn: Suicide Squad
    Killer Croc: Suicide Squad
    Deadshot: Suicide Squad
    El Diablo: Suicide Squad
    Boomerang: Suicide Squad
    Katana: Suicide Squad
    Joker: Suicide Squad (w/ the shiny purple jacket)
    Doomsday Skin Color?: Batman v Superman
    Zod: Man of Steel
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    Anyone still doing this, can you do crime syndicate....johnny quick is tough as is ultraman’s cape
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    How about zod colour codes
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    My attempt at Rebirth Superman/Ultraman Color Codes:

    Blue: 032257
    Gold: FFAF00
    Red: C60303
    Color of the Cape: 630504

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    Did anyone ever think to use the template codes for colors I made a separate Superman toon with the template no modifications just to get the codes they look good for the classic look but
    The Man of steel 2013 and more recent look I have yet to find the perfect codes
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    If you need the ingame (standard) GL colour (eg Hal + GL npc)
    its 0E4B24
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    Rebirth Superman (ingame) is
    Blue 08266E
    Red 8E0400
    Gold FF9D00

    Rebirth Superman (Comic) is
    Red B10500
    Blue 00264F
    Gold FFA700

    Problem with the ingame one though is that the Texture reacts to lighting effects in each zone differently, so I dont think there'll ever be a definitive "right" one unless we get the gear for Action Comics 1000 release.
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    Man of Steel was a really dark blue than most other styles
    Blue 061324
    Red 560000
    Yellow 806522

    JL Supes is
    Blue 001d43
    Red 560000
    Yellow 806522

    Keep in mind that if you're using the Stalwarf Defender chest it might look off, different texture.
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    BvS Batman
    Grey 0F1111
    Black 000000
    Gold 160F09
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    thanks telos wasnt sure this thread was still active
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    Could you help me with Talon(Calvin Rose) colors?