Heroes Color's Codes

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  2. Rage16 New Player

    When will the water power come
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  4. Rage16 New Player

    Sorry I'm new at this
  5. JasonIsley Devoted Player

    Lol all of those items drop in The Vault btw
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    Could I get a color palette for in-game swamp thing? I know you can't get a real 'cosplay' in game for him (at least that I've seen), but his palette would go great with my nature character if I could get the colors right.
  7. TheFandomGuy New Player

    Also a Under the Red Hood comic arc version of Red Hood would be awesome as well.
  8. Rage16 New Player

    What colors would go with sorcery
  9. TheFandomGuy New Player

    Purplish pinks and pinkish purples mostly. Completely honest if you look up palettes for little girl princess stuff and get three that are closer to the purple side you e got a good sorcery set. But you really should check other threads for that. This one is for palettes based on DC characters whether they're in-game or from some arc. Only DC characters.
  10. Acesia Well-Known Player

    I usually go with black and red for the dps side so that the red soul aura accents my style, and a purple gold combination for healer for the golden soul aura. I also try not to use any really bulky auras to throw off those two when theyre active, because I really like the way the effect auras look. Im currently wearing red glim on my dps and yellow glim for my healer.
  11. Rage16 New Player

    What are the color codes for atrocitus
  12. DocBarJovi Well-Known Player

    Black Hand, Atrocitous, Parasite pls
  13. Burning Jay New Player

    Can you update your current list now that a 4th color is available? Also, can you add Bizarro and Deadshot (new 52)? Thanks
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  14. Rage16 New Player

    What are the color codes for red lantern guy Gardner
  15. Acesia Well-Known Player

    Looking back through the thread here and it seems comments I posted have been deleted odd...

    Was looking for the color codes for Hippolyta which I used once before but that comment is gone as well
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    What is the color code for firestom, John Stewart (indigo tribe),and THOR
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    What are the color code for blue lantern flash
  19. Colish New Player

    What about color codes for Catwomen? I think you forgot to add that for the villains section. I would really appreciate it.
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    What is the movie sinestro (yellow)