How to make a Lantern color palette for your Character!

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    Edit Notes
    1. Changed the label names to remove confusion.
    2. Added updated Green code. ( Thanks DarthPig )
    3. Enlarged text on codes for ease of reading.
    4. Numbered edit notes for ease of reading.
    5. Underlined headlines for ease of reading, better design.
    6. Added Violet Corps at the request of Violette.
    7. Added all 9 Lantern Corps.
    I know there are many GL fans floating around here on the forums and in DCUO, so I'd figure I'd post the Hexadecimal codes for the following Lantern Corps:

    Green Lantern Corps
    Sinestro Corps
    Red Lantern Corps
    Violet Lantern Corps
    Orange Lantern Corps
    Blue Lantern Corps
    Indigo Lantern Corps
    Black Lantern Corps
    White Lantern Corps

    Green Lantern Corps - Color Codes
    First slot: 074C2A
    Second slot: 00070F
    Third slot: 004600

    Sinestro Corps - Color Codes
    First slot: 955700
    Second slot: 060624
    Third slot: 955400

    Red Lantern Corps - Color Codes
    First slot: 530505
    Second slot: 01010D
    Third slot: 520100

    Violet Lantern Corps - Color Codes
    First slot: CD1682
    Second slot: E2F6EB
    Third slot: EB61B7

    Orange Lantern Corps - Color Codes
    First slot: E35407
    Second slot: 080C0D
    Third slot: FA9740

    Blue Lantern Corps - Color Codes
    First slot: 243D55
    Second slot: 2B2F36
    Third slot: 61B9EB

    Indigo Lantern Corps - Color Codes
    First slot: 4A4CA2
    Second slot: 171317
    Third slot: 888FC5

    Black Lantern Corps - Color Codes
    First slot: 262E42
    Second slot: 0F0F11
    Third slot: C0D1E1

    White Lantern Corps - Color Codes
    First slot: 9DB891
    Second slot: F3EFF0
    Third slot: EFEEE9

    ALTERNATIVE BLACK (This black is closer to Arkillo's black colors on his suit, though it can be used for all of the above color combos)
    Alt Black: 020111

    I hope this helps anyone who wants to look like their favorite Lantern Corps, or just have a cool color combo. Thanks for looking at this guide.
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  2. PerfectLegend Dedicated Player

    I didn't try these out yet, but nice job.
  3. General_Gear New Player

    Thanks, took me quite sometime to get all the colors close to the same as the NPCs. Hardest was red lanterns.
  4. Delta795 New Player

    Thanks, but not sure what you mean by glow?
  5. General_Gear New Player

    By glow I mean accessory color.
  6. Delta795 New Player

    I thought as much, but wasn't quite sure.
  7. iiNoxiousHD New Player

    nice that you got the colors down, i can use these for when i get the pack... but is the other lantern colours needed ?
  8. General_Gear New Player

    Not sure what you mean, but I put in all the existing colors of the in-game lanterns for people who want a little variety. For example, villains can use yellow or red, heroes can use green and red, or anyone can use any of these combos.
  9. Clifwing New Player

    What does glow do?
  10. iiNoxiousHD New Player

    Variety is good and im not saying it should be frowned upon... i guess me being a whole Green Lantern fan and all it seems like its not Vanilla esp when your hands glowing green/yellow but thats my opinion.... would be nice to see more colours though
  11. BrooklynHounder New Player

    What accessories make you glow other than the auras (which you can't edit)?
  12. General_Gear New Player

    Only the auras allow you to glow.
  13. AerialThorn New Player

    where do you get the auras/glow effects?
  14. PrimedKrypton New Player

    Promethium Lockboxes
  15. DarthPig New Player

    Very nice. I've been using, for a Green Lantern; Green: 13471E, Navy Blue: 040710. Very similar, though I find my green to better match the in-game Lanterns, though your blue is better.
  16. General_Gear New Player

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll add your green once I get to my PC.
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  17. jpharrah1010 Devoted Player

    how do you guys get such precise numbers on a ps3... using the thumb sticks i cant quite get it to where you guys are
  18. jpharrah1010 Devoted Player

    nvm i figured it out haha i feel dumb
  19. General_Gear New Player

    I know how you feel, I didn't figure out how to type hex codes till months after I made my first toon.
  20. Violetté New Player

    Great for my HL toon, but I wish the was a violet corps, hehe, all my toons have some violet in their colour scheme.
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