Heroes Color's Codes

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  1. Original Spider New Player

    Color codes for the robots in the Henchmen Uplink Device: Lexcorp. if possible.
  2. Reese New Player

    Movie Black Adam
  3. Belfast New Player

    Can I get such a color palette? All the scaling palettes suggested in this post are absolutely not suitable for me.[IMG]
  4. amoul21 New Player

    So I've spent the last 7 years or so working on getting the DCEU Superman just right so I have his color codes if anyone wants them. They will be pretty dark but that is how it appears in the films so keep that in mind

    MoS: Blue-000408; Red-160000; Gold-513818
    BvS: Blue-00030A; Red-1A0001; Gold-7C5D33
    JL/SHAZAM!: Blue-00030C; Red-260001; Gold-543A27
    ZSJL: Black-000000; Grey-060606; Silver-4C4C4C
    Black Adam: Blue-00020B; Red-230000; Gold-512D00
  5. Classic Gold New Player

    Color Codes for the Shazam Family from the two shazam movies
    Shazam : Fury of the Gods
    Shazam 2019 film

    Thank you so much in advance .
  6. Babù Active Player

    What are the Color Codes for Old Supergirl Legend Character PVE?
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  8. Midnight scarlet New Player

    Can somebody do the new cassie wonder girl npc for episode 46 justice league dark cursed thanks
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  9. Darth_Andrea Well-Known Player

    Can we get the codes for Gotham and Gotham Girl. Please And Thank You!!
  10. Maddog2023 New Player

    does anyone have the color codes for flashpoint batman yet?
  11. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    Anyone have a good Color Hex Code for Kilowog's Skin Tone? :confused:
  12. Lightning Striike New Player

    Does anyone have a color hex code to give my toons a suntan, and also looking for static’s skin color hex code.