Heroes Color's Codes

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    Hi guys! This is a guide to tell you the colors of some heroes and in the future villians from DC comics, to help you make your "cosplay" character based in any DC character.
    • The colors are not in an order designed for the flying trail color or the HL-Shield iconic power color.
    • Some colors may not look 100% good/accurate on some styles, feel free to do some small tweaking to adjust this difference.
    • The "Universal Color Palette" is a more generic look, not any version specifically.
    • Some styles require a specific color that may not be in the group provided for special elements such as glowy eyes.


    So let's start:
    A kinda universal color palette:
    Superman: 012AB7//9A0207//FBB719
    Batman: 3C3C3E//000000//D96B17
    Wonder Woman: EAAE38//12124A//880200
    Martian Manhunter: AB0303//042077//000000
    Aquaman: FC5105//004300//085506
    The Flash: E00000//FEA52A//F8EEF6
    Green Arrow: 0D5118//33702C//013001
    Captain Marvel/SHAZAM: FFAB02//EF0703//FFFEFE
    The "original" Green Lantern: 3CAE36//D50202//7F506B
    Green Lantern Corp: 284B15//121212//E5F7C3
    Shazam: AA221B//FFE23F//EFEFBF
    "Dark Blue-ish" Batman: 0D0E26//5A5B60//7B5D21
    Ragman: 4A6142//739E73//122B12
    Static: 0F1D6D//9F6827//000100
    Mark Shaw's Mnhunter: F32D00//00042C//F4E9F9
    Val Zod: 0076B6//BC1C24//F2F3F5
    DKR Batman: 111421//858D99//686B46
    Firestorm: F6CE4B//DE413C//EB7941
    Blackstar (Starfire's sister): F0F6F5//6B3988//321960
    Rebirth Raven: 0F2D45//29446F//E9B406//CB3E2A
    New52 Zod: 5C5C5C//F10602//25292C//2E4148
    Red Hood: 073147//6D7A82//0B0F0F//BC1900
    New52 Bizarro: 84C7D1//C6391C//00496D//AB9BB0
    New52 Deadshot: BC4737//979E8D//C49446
    Blue Lantern Superman: 225FB5//EFF9F9//0F0E1B
    Antimonitor: 0D67EA//E2C712//B2C9EA//FCFAA6
    Darkseid: 0075B5//102F44//C91610//F2B741
    Black Lantern: 5F7583//C8D6E0//8697A7//000000
    New 52 Shazam: CE0000//FDFCF9//DBD032//E0D899
    New 52 Nightwing: BC0F17//000000//0C1119//B62729
    Rebirth Aquaman: F5B16A//E28846//379E5B//E2C73D
    Rebirth Red Robin: E21912//145B1D//CEB61C//000000
    Lex Luthor (CrisisOne2Earths): DB9F30//000000//A17725//DCBC81
    Kid Flash:B72403//EF6E15//EACA3A//EAEAEA
    Parademon: 40966A//D6B64F//C5D170//F2824B

    In-game Heroes:
    Superman: 4172C1//A01407//E3B41C
    Rebirth Superman: 08266E//8E0400//FF9D00
    Batman: 113037//676B70//70572B
    Future Batman: 41494C//14191D//1D262D//647272
    The Flash: D20A0C//E39415//E8EADF
    W.Woman: C10909//1B3F63//C67427
    New Wonder Woman: 933529//335D9B//C99F68//DFE5D9
    Robin: 932217//11131A//A26D15
    Nightwing: 01030F//146FA4//090506
    Green Lantern Alan Scott: 00583C//9C0408//2E144D
    Green Lantern Hal Jordan: 177953//10101A//D3E2DB
    Green Lantern Guy Gardner: 427552//AAB2BA//080810
    Red Lantern Guy Gardner: 1A1C2B//F15233//5F2222//992929
    Green Lantern John Stewart: 005B3F//000000//B2B6C0
    Green Arrow: 1C6633//083516//3D2A19
    Doctor Fate: 0839C0//C6A252//EEB31E
    The Huntress: 562C65//A4A4A4//000205
    Hawkgirl: D8A436//086E1B//D3D4B5
    Power Girl: F2F2F2//C21F20//2C4A90
    Cyborg: E1E0E1//DE0808//949FAD
    Zattana: 020A0D//E6E6E8//AD0906
    Shazam: BD0F06//E5A347//BDBDBF
    Beast Boy: 79BB7B//FFFFFF//C61D23
    Starfire: 57397C//E2783F//7B258E
    Raven: BD92D6//23024F//EFB468
    Queen Mera: 1D5540//446A1B//7F8E5C
    W.Girl: AE3218//A78220//55586B
    Mr. Miracle: C91A0A//C98D14//188914
    Booster Gold: E7BE0A//061442//AF8700
    Swamp Thing: 867760//58664C//3A3C37//63211C
    Saint Walker: 3B88DC//121E28//5F6266//DAE9EA
    John Constantine: 724A2A//AFAFAF//AF2626//090F1E
    Batman Beyond (from time capsules advertising): 070709//661115//890D0D//A32C1D
    Amazon Soldier: 34353C//276789//84790B//FFFED6

    In-game Villians:
    The Joker: 4E0C6B//048A2B//CDC5EA
    Harley Queen: B93328//0C0C0C//B4B5B7
    Circe: 24004B//786226//7F0F50
    Lex Luthor: 41842B//841F5F//FFCA1C//A5A5A5
    MR. Freeze: 2F374E//D7DFEA//349FFF
    Poison Ivy: 17691D//60A818//287320
    Sinestro: A7551B//07050A//B74B5B
    Heat Wave: FF7402//DCE4E4//DE6708
    Doomsday: 41672C//DBC999//A98370
    Professor Zoom: FACB50//C42100//0E1012
    Solomon Grundy: 26202C//473C44//A29A8D
    Major Force: C2610D//2E0C4F//391457
    Bizarro: 7070B0//BB559E//FEFF92
    Killer Frost: 96C8D6//152C52//E9ECF4
    GL Manhunter: 3C4683//C04023//BAA892
    Deathstroke: C17E4A//19191A//2C5E6B
    Black Adam: 9D712A//FAB445//101012
    Metallo: 199E0B//4A4B4C//232228
    Atrocitus: AD1C1F//F44858//1B070B//F6C4CE
    Black Hand: 495466//4A4A48//8A9495//050706
    Parasite: AE6C76//EBA4A5//D3CBA7
    Catwoman: 373949//56ABAF//999DA9
    Sinestro: EDE435//373114//FFFEFC
    Terra: E0A650//BE8F18//9E3B2C//DB5A2B
    Owlman: 4A6473//425E6E//44A8BF//B8C4CF
    Ultramam: 3C6DA8//F7EB4A//CC3A2C//616F77
    Superwoman: 3F4F63//CCAD24//E0EAEA//767F79
    Johnny Quick: C1432A//ECC014//6E302A//5E2E20
    Johnny Quick (alt. version) : B74121//DFAC50//87351C//E6AC24

    Movies or series:
    BvS Batman: 0F1111//000000//160F09
    MoS Superman: 27323F//7A2C2A//7A5429
    JL Aquaman: C6994F//3F4F20//5B4031//CBBEB4
    Nolan's Joker: 567450//5C4770//424928
    Nolan's Bane: 563F32//8C6F4A//464946
    Burton's Joker: 5F297D//E9741B//4692A8
    CW's Arrow: 2F4338//506756//374D44
    CW's Green Arrow: 424926//1B4426//242804
    CW's Speedy: 43131B//561417//351A17
    CW's Flash: 61292C//BBA164//9A2629
    CW's Season 2 Flash: 9E292E//D79441//FAFAF0
    CW's Professor Zoom: FCD259//191A0A//8E272A
    CW's Zoom: 626772//3F617C//141414
    CW's Supergirl: 13274C//892B1A//BA9C44
    CW's Hawkgirl: 18181A//383121//70553E//AA896A
    JL Batman: 070707//000000//201808//717171
    JL WonderWoman: 000513//270000//8A600E//505050
    JL Superman: 2F0404//040A16//A7741E//F9CC7C
    JL Aquaman: 202308//010F07//343434//303408
    JL FLash: 070707//2F0000//793F0C//310000
    JL Cyborg: 1D1D1C//323239//707080//7C1000

    Justice Lords (Justice League: The animated series):
    Superman: F7FFFF//A60600//100203
    Batman: 475258//6E8185//000000
    Wonder Woman: A90101//C2A15A//060B35
    Martian Manhunter: 256098//BE0200//0B2808
    Green Lantern: 010101//75D923//276543
    The Flash: E2DD94//990316//160405
    Hawkgirl: B19B54//332620//756A6E
    Aquaman: C1A887//C1A887//853205

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  2. DocBarJovi Well-Known Player

    * Taken from the Lantern color guide *

    Green Lantern Corps - Color Codes
    First slot: 074C2A
    Second slot: 00070F
    Third slot: 004600

    Sinestro Corps - Color Codes
    First slot: 955700
    Second slot: 060624
    Third slot: 955400

    *B46200 (Arkillo yellow) 020111(Arkillo Black)

    Blue Lantern Corps - Color Codes
    First slot: 243D55
    Second slot: 2B2F36
    Third slot: 61B9EB

    Star Sapphire (Violet Lantern) Corps - Color Codes
    First slot: CD1682
    Second slot: E2F6EB
    Third slot: EB61B7

    Red Lantern Corps - Color Codes
    First slot: 530505
    Second slot: 01010D
    Third slot: 520100

    Orange Lantern Corps - Color Codes
    First slot: E35407
    Second slot: 080C0D
    Third slot: FA9740
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  3. JosEl Well-Known Player

    thanksDocBarJovi thats very helpfull
  4. Giptonian New Player

    Silly Question but how do you apply these codes please..Not been playing the game a long time so any help appreciated
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  5. Delta795 New Player

    Go to color hit triangle then enter in hex code.
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  6. JosEl Well-Known Player

    If anyone want any specific character you can simply comment it as a quote of this comment
  7. Giptonian New Player

    Thank You :)
  8. NaumNML New Player

    Great work man. Any chance you can compile a list for standard powers? IE the orange, black and blue for Fire or the different shades of grey and gold for Earth?
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  9. JosEl Well-Known Player

    I'm not sure what are you talking about, are you talking to make powerset-based color codes?
  10. NaumNML New Player

    Yeah. Like you ever cast a power and notice it has a certain glow? That color for each set. In addition, certain awesomr mechanics have another color. As I mentioned, Fire has the blue for its AM. Color code for stuff like that would be great.
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  11. Galil ACE Well-Known Player

    Would be nice if you provided pictures.
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  12. JosEl Well-Known Player

    Look allow me to take a look of the different effects, and I'll try to make it. Also I'm not sure of making this based on every powerset, tell me which powerset you are talking about, and I can even end up with a whole desing of your character

    For pictures, copy the color code and paste it in almost every drawing program, the only exception is Microsft's Window's Paint so do this and you'll se it or you can also test the codes on your own account in DCUO
  13. wolfwood New Player

  14. wolfwood New Player

    awsome color codes hope out of all these i find my green
  15. Darkerusaelp Devoted Player

    The Huntress?
  16. JosEl Well-Known Player

    Huntress added! keep telling which heroes (or villians) do you want
  17. DocBarJovi Well-Known Player

    Do you have a color code for Black Adam and Professor Zoom (CW Flash)?
  18. Rigbuckets New Player

    Professor Zoom would be really nice. (The original, not CW)
    Quite sure the ingame Zoom is Hunter Zolomon, or at least I think so.
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  19. DocBarJovi Well-Known Player

    OT: Given that H.Z. is a nemesis of Wally West (KF in game), and we know the in game Flash is Barry Allen, I was thinking it's Eobard Thawne myself. Perhaps a Dev could answer that ?

    Major Force color codes please.
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  20. Infyrneaux23 Dedicated Player

    First let me say this is very helpful and awesome. Now I ask a favor. Can anyone figure out the code for Starfire's skin? My main is half Tamaranean and I'd like to get her as close as possible. As it stands, she currently looks like she has a cheap spray-on tan. Thanks in advance!
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