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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Avair, Jul 21, 2017.

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  1. Light Bender92 Well-Known Player

    Wow Crappy, wow.... I rarely, borderline never, post on threads but this is just too ridiculous for me to not respond. You are usually always on the "right" side of things when it comes to feedback. The testing you have done for this revamp has been great and I've supported pretty much every change you've wanted implemented because you backed yourself up with sound reasoning.

    But with this, you need to stop. I currently have 3 toons at end game. I toon for each support role. You see, I'm in a league, we run stuff. Sometimes we need a tank, other times a troll, and sometimes a heal. So we all make it a point to have a toon at end game for each role in order to help one another out.

    My main toon is fully modded, both roles. He's Hardlight. See I always mod my main toon with the best mods, but doing so takes extremely long, especially for dual roles. This is where synths come in. I use synths on my alts, not because "I want everything handed to me" (that statement is really belittling btw, trying to make it seem as though because people use synths they don't want to work for their progress) but because grinding that many mods for 3 toons is just simply unrealistic with the current required crafting materials.

    I use the synth mods in order to assure that I am as close to the highest stats that I can be since I know for certain I'll never be able to farm that many mods. Another thing is, you (and others) are treating this as "if you don't have the time then you should drop toons", so are you telling me 3, THREE, toons is too much. Really? I can't have each support role at end game? that's too much? because I have a life, am in college, have a job (whatever ppl may be doing) I can only have one toon? That's ridiculous.

    Weren't you one of the people (and correct me if I'm wrong, but regardless my point still stands) who originally complained about how it took too long to farm the mats for 1 toon if you were dual roling? If farming the mats for one toon, both roles, was deemed too tedious, then wouldn't this also apply to modding 2 toons, but one role each? It's the same amount, but let me guess because it's an alt I should just drop him right?

    See this is the problem. Instead of everyone trying to bash each other and belittle everyone we should all look for a common ground. Obviously, people, like myself, use the synths for a reason. If there are this many concerns then we should hear them out. You don't get to decide what decisions should be made for everyone. If you have the time to farm 80 sets of mods, then good for you, congrats. But not everyone has the time. I personally do have the time, but am I seriously supposed to spend 90% of my time in game farming? Any person would get burnt out, so that's perfectly understandable.

    Then you try to equate a video game to life like what?...... This is a GAME. Because I don't want to spend 12 hours a day playing, I won't get far in life? lmao relax, get over yourself. I'm currently a member, but lets not pretend that the cash cap is crap. There is NO reason why someone who's purchased the dlc should not have access to all the rewards within it. "But they do have access, they can just trade", that's ridiculous, a player who has bought all the DLCs, and effectively spent upwards of thousands of dollars shouldn't have to rely on someone else simply because they won't pay $15 a month, the cash cap is flawed.

    No one wants to "get on and have the game play for them" but at the same time this is a GAME. it shouldn't feel like a job, or a chore. And getting rid of synth mods when so many people rely on them is ridiculous. The devs should have discussed alternatives first. I guess I'll only troll from now on since apparently it's a crime to use synths on alts....
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  2. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Its honestly not hard to get mods for 3 character if you play normally on them. Also once you make the mod you basically have it forever cause of the new recovery kits. You only have to put the time in once then you are good. Sure when another tier comes out you have to get a few more bits and craft a new one but that's no big deal. And it's not like you get a entire set of gear in one day you get a piece every few days so it's not to hard to keep up on things. I really don't see what the big deal is at all....really if you play enough to get the gear you play enough to craft the mods
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  3. Light Bender92 Well-Known Player

    I've been here since beta so stop. Just stop... By the time t5 dropped you could solo t2 easily and t3 was manageable if you were good. At t6 I could solo fos3 no problem. This was all before the cr scaling. So now, as a 201cr t8 player, you tryna sit here and tell me that it is logical that I can't quickly solo cr53 ads simply because it's a raid. Pleaseeeeeeeee sit all the way down. This is ridiculous and it doesn't make any sense.

    If it takes 8 201 players to get through fos at a reasonable time then what is the purpose of progression?? Now obviously fos isn't difficult as a t8 toon, I'm trying to make overexagerations. I'm taling about the DAMAGE out. it's just way too low. I can still solo the raids, yes, but fos should not take me 10 minutes. It took 10 minutes at level with a mediocre group......

    4 manning a raid was only an accomplishment AT LEVEL. no one gave a frick if you 4 manned prime when dox was out lmao. People would congratulate those who 4 manned Nexus during those times. Idk if you're just pulling stuff out of your butt at this point but again, come on crappy.

    No one is going to quit because they can't solo a raid, thats ridiculous. But I believe without a doubt that we should be able to solo a raid over 100 crs behind us. This is by no means unreasonable. Its 100 crs. 1-0-0 CRs. the fact that this is even a discussion is mind boggling.

    I'm happy the Cr scaling is gone, but now they've made it to where progression has little to no effect so what's the point? "yay I can survive longer in Fos as a 201, too bad I can't actually kill them any quicker tho" like that's absurd. Calling people toxic simply because they have complaints or different opinions is "toxic" in and of itself, so you should stop. I have yet to see a "toxic" comment regarding it, people are just genuinely concerned. People solo raids all the time, a lot of my friends included, so just because you don't know anyone that does (which I HIGHLY doubt but okay) that doesn't mean that this isn't an issue. That, and 90% of the actual people in game don't even use the forums so of course they won't complain on live. Yet as soon as things drop, it's a never ending sea of comments from everyone.

    I honestly give this update a month tops before we get a hotfix fixing the current issue. But if not then oh well, I guess our "toxic" opinions don't matter.
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  4. Light Bender92 Well-Known Player

    My main point is that people are justified in their "need" for synths. What may be a little time for you can be too much for others. It took me damn near the entirety of the whole dlc to mod my main both roles and get the gen mods. Doing that for 3 toons is exhausting. Sure you put in the work "once" but you still have to farm all the other mats again on all three alts, and most likely by the time I do so the next dlc will be out and then it's right back to the drawing board.
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  5. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    This thread gave me a headache.

    Devs, before you close the thread, please confirm a couple of things that I've pulled from here.

    1. Are we getting a respec tokens as legendary?
    2. When you remove the mods we currently have, socketed or not, are we being reimbursed for our marks?
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  6. Mighty Committed Player

    So since we've beaten to death the mod thing and whether or not Crappy is a fascist, I'd like to draw to your attention a controller/power management issue that's received very little attention, and ultimately will have a bigger impact on gameplay than whether or not 12-alt guy can min/max his sixth controller and still have a life. That issue is one of damage debuff costs, my friends. For your consideration please and thank you, if we could just redirect some of the torches and pitchforks energy over yonder:
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  7. Light Bender92 Well-Known Player

    Since you so eloquently brought this up, I'll happily give it a look. But it's mostly because the Crappy being a fascist and the 12-alt guy min/max his sixth controller thing made me laugh. I'm a simple man, comedy is my weakness.
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  8. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Some of the instances had messed up npc levels thats why some things were hard that shouldn't have been but instead of ppl understanding that it would be fixed they went on and on about it even after issues were made clear. Ppl need to understand lower content will be much different now that cr scaling is gone but some can't except that cause cr scaling has made things so easy and thats what they are used to. And way to take all my words and twist them to fit your context lol

    And i love the i've been here since beta comment, those are the guys i come across that are usually..... lol i wont go there
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  9. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    They undermine the real mods simply because they exist and 'they're considered good enough'. With them gone people are forced to take modding more seriously as it has a direct impact on their characters strength.

    The fact that everyone is so upset that they're gone is because they know the impact it will have on their character, particularly alts and they don't like it because it means 'putting in work'.

    it's far easier and cheaper to buy synthetics and that is the epitome of undermining, especially when everyone starts doing something, it doesn't matter how good the real mods are when the entire community starts using synthethics because they're 'good enough'.

    I'll also tell you what I've told others. The problem with this change isn't the change itself it's the timing. No warning time to get your *** into gear and get mods.

    Now that they have olympian and special forces removal kits and likely will have them all going forward you no longer require synthetics, once you have full sets of mods on the toons you seriously play you'll never need synthetics again as you can spend 20 marks every time so move the mods to new gear, ad infinitum.

    Yes this is more expensive (20 marks as opposed to 5), but once you have the mods you'll have mods forever that will always be better than synthetic 6's which you can continually upgrade as you get more, you can also move them between toons where beneficial as I believe they're account bound when removed.

    So the issue here isn't removing synthetics the issue is entirely "time" and "timing".
  10. taox New Player

    PLEASE PLEASE do not remove the power restore feature when using power combos. like the current mental powers psychic resonance where it can give power back when using with other powers like tk bolt and others.
    It would be good idea to add a feature where you can save a loadout or a few in case of power reset by your company. even a weapon config back up so the player can test different config for weapons and powers so they can go back to their original.
  11. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Like to emphasize whats in red here.
  12. Warped Reality New Player

    Can there please be a fix to the whole matchmaking system? I know armories are in the game (was a cool concept but implemented poorly) but there needs to be something done about this. Currently, you can queue up for instances as a dps AND your corresponding support role. This makes little sense because just queue as their support counterpart and use an armory to switch back to dps role. This makes for alerts and raids running with all dps's and a single support, and in most cases, just all dps's and NO support whatsoever. Clearing content like this can be done with maximum struggle, and is not fun at all, nor is how an MMO is supposed to play. Roleless buffs help to an extent and barely account for having the actual role present. In most other MMO's instances are assigned roles, and you cannot switch once inside. THIS is how it should be. Armories should be used only outside of combat OR if a member of your group leaves and you are able to switch to fulfill the role that your group lost. This in conjunction with the stats revamp will draw a good number of players back to the community.
  13. Goddesssilver Well-Known Player

    I see where he's coming from he's right though now and days it's damn hard getting a group to run and damn near impossible for lower content so I support him.
  14. SilkyPawz Well-Known Player

    Now you know this isn't true o_O maybe maybe just for a few.

    The grind has become unreal to mod the R&D is insane grind. There should have been a set time the issues is how this was told to the masses a Day or Two just before revamp. They could have given people a time frame by such an such date we are removing synth.

    I personally put in a lot of work keyword WORK (when did this become a job) this is a game not WORK!:p
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  15. Goddesssilver Well-Known Player

    It also hurts premiums and casual players.
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  16. DCUO Addict Committed Player

    To undermine, they would have to have a deleterious effect on crafted mods. How does this negatively impact you or devalue your mod? You get the same amount of stat increase regardless of how I mod.

    I'm upset because once again Daybreak is reducing options instead of expanding them. Alternatives and options are what keep a broader player base. I also find it frustrating that crafted mods are held up as something that you have to 'put work into' when you can buy them off the broker. Open wallet --> buy stabalizers, replay badges, anything else that can be used to make in-game cash --> buy mods off broker. Wew, that was a tough day, I need a nap!

    Both are problems. One being a problem does not exclude the other from being a problem.

    Yes, and this will very likely be part of what I use for some of my alts, but I have a bunch of alts at different tiers that will be SOL. However, I do not understand how this is not undermining, but synth mods are. Is it because they cost more MoVs? How is it different for me to buy buy mod recovery kits vs buying synth mods?
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  17. DCUO Addict Committed Player

    An lower tier players, and dual role players.
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  18. light FX Steadfast Player

    So much this^ Someone or multiple people raise a concern and dont like a change and instead of a discussion about it its people are toxic. This how dare anyone question me or how dare anyone dislike something stuff needs to end. I swear its like some think they are the only people who play this game :confused: And ill admit ive been guilty of it in the past too. But i see how toxic that behavior is after reading these forums for the last week.

    What i also find interesting is seeing how there are still some obvious issues with this revamp but people have been saying its fine everything is balanced and great. 2mor is gonna be very interesting ;)
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  19. Mr. Awesome Well-Known Player

    It's basically four wh;te-kn;ghts vs the entire community. Even their inane posts aren't getting liked by anyone but eachother. It's OK to have a different minority and frankly wrong opinion, but lets not act like you guys are doing "what's best for the game". You are doing what's best for your egos

    Edit: Not cool how the devs ninja edit the word "Wlght-knlghts" into "Rational People". Talk about rewarding people for blindly defending your bad decisions...
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  20. light FX Steadfast Player

    Well this^ tells me im not the only one who has noticed that going on ;)
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