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Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Ray Ell, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. Nonoshan New Player

    Do you guys have a discord and what would be the best way to join up?

    We are 4 people. Will be online in a few hours from now if that matters
  2. Ray Ell Level 30

    we usually just talk in league chat in game but have several players who prefer to text and Ill be on in about 4 hours Ray Ell / Olivia El/ or Kar Ell or you can reach out to Wild Gazelle who will be on about an hour before I am
  3. Drake_DuCaine Well-Known Player

    Still looking for members? Getting my brother into DCUO, He's 15 but not annoying like some. He's here to learn and grind out gear and loot. I have premium and would like to progress with him further, but we simply can't progress that far on our own as we need to run raids and alerts and there's only two of us.

    I have a 122 CR Nature Healer, He (As of right now) has a 79 CR Fire DPS. I also have an 81 CR Munitions DPS that I am leveling though I've hit a bit of a wall due to not having anyone to run the next bit of content with.

    We are both mature and both just looking for people to run stuff with. We have mics but don't really prefer to use them unless we have to lol. If interested in picking up two dedicated players, just let me know! :) My IGN is DrGiveRespect & Drizzayyy . Those are my two mains so you can write me on either or message me here. Thanks!
  4. Ray Ell Level 30

    Hi Drake yeah we are always open for new members sounds like you guys will definitely fit right in I know Lilfireengine is on right now and I will be on after 6pm eastern looking forward to getting you guys into the league
  5. Ray Ell Level 30

    Bonus Rath Crowns weekend! we are going to be running all weekend who wants in? No alternate website for you to fill out an "application" (this is a game not a job interview) league is open to everyone no CR requirement no SP requirement just run content have fun and enjoy playing a game.

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