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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by BuzzWerd, Oct 16, 2013.

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  1. comrade sonya Committed Player

    I agree as well, the new design is very muted and doesn't really draw attention to itself. It reminds me of something from like 2003, definitely not something I would expect to see in 2013 almost 2014.
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  2. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    The new logo is bland, boring and looks like someone who doesn't have any graphic design training (like me) would design. It is not very attractive or catchy at all to be perfectly honest.

    It would be much better to use the current lettering without the shooting star or integrate the new DC directly in place of the star. The new one quite honestly looks like someone took regular fonts and simply added colour. Not very impressive.
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  3. Hero of Justice New Player

    Thumbs up for me!
  4. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    Aside from what you did to the DC logo itself, I love this.

    I like the new logo, too, but I would have preferred it to use the official DC Comics logo so it feels part of the same franchise. It kind of feels as though it's more a fan-made or unofficially licensed DC product.
  5. Future Nostalgia New Player

    Yeah, not a big fan, though I don't know the restraints the brand team was working with. Given the enormous success and widespread brand recognition of the DC Comics logo (IMO, the 'bullet' logo was perfect, and the Jim Lee update was nice - the new one is terrible IMO), I don't know why you would go so innocuous and plain. The movies use the newer logos so there is some consistency with the comics, and so do the Batman Arkham games (at least on their packaging). I get that dealing with a new logo every few years could get annoying, but there isn't anything unique or catch about this one.
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  6. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Hello and finally welcome to the forums! :D Was wondering what name you went with! :)

    When it comes to branding and logo design, creating something that is your own is extremely difficult. I do love the effort that you put into it and I am absolutely glad you didn't go with the horrible reveal logo that dc has now.

    With that out of the way, I have to agree with Magician, the new logo doesn't feel like a branded design. I understand that DC Universe Online is part of SOE and not DC Comics, but the seperation between the two kind of breaks the connection. The logo design is good, but incorporating something that has DC feel to it could make a difference.

    Over the years, before the Nu52, DC has always involved a circle/ellipses. In the more notable past, it also included the star, which the game's previous version included. Adding this star or "orbit" might actually help unify the generic logo with DC and the game.
  7. Tikkun Loyal Player

    I don't understand the negativity over the logo. It's simple and elegant with a hint of futurism. When designing a logo, all aspects need to be taken into account in terms of branding and also creating a logo that can be used across the board against any backdrop. I feel like this logo does it. It sets DC Universe Online apart from the comics and other DC games while staying true to the brand.
  8. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    It doesn't have anything to it that anyone would want to remember. It is literally just generic letters with some colours.

    Here are some examples that have something unique to them found at the bottom of these forums.

    From left to right (PlayStation logo: unique positioning of the letters "P" and "S"; very memorable, PlayStation 3 logo: unique font commonly only found in PlayStation system logos and branding, PlayStation Network: globe that showcases the 4 buttons commonly branded with PlayStation products.


    DC Comics logo: showcases a book in the design. While some people may not like this compared to the old logo if I see the letters "D", "C" and a peeling page I am more likely to think of DC Comics before any other brand.


    Warner Brothers logo: shield with their signature brown/copper colouring


    Even the SOE logo has a memorable feature to it with its SOE sign and bulged "O"


    DC Comics old logo: has a star ring/shooting star. There are not many logos that I can think of that have this and seeing something like this would make me think of DC Comics.


    DC Universe Online current logo: incorporates DC Comics (the entity it polls from) and unique letting and colours. These same colours and general design is also used in the in-game UI (which is not changing at exactly the same time as the logo if I understood correctly). The current logo has 2 memorable things to it. It even has a black drop shadow giving it the ability to be placed on a bunch of backgrounds.

    When I see this:


    I see text and colours. The colours don't even match what has been used (and is being used) in-game. The logo overall is much darker and doesn't really have anything memorable to it.

    While this edit by Nightcrawler is simply placed without much integration it gives the logo something more memorable:

    Using the current colouring and font would go a long way in making it more catchy or at the very least use a customized font and match your colouring with the rest of the game.

    The new logo just doesn't have anything memorable about it. It really is just generic text and colour (that don't even match the game). In its current design the only way I would remember DCUO would be to know the name of the game. I can't just glance at the logo and describe the unique feature I saw like I could with the rest of the logos. All I can say is that it has blue, black, white and letters. I don't see how anyone would make that fast connection with just that description to be honest.
  9. Sore Steadfast Player

    I'll have to see more of it on actual marketing materials and more in-game to really see how it "fits in". Maybe it's not about the logo itself and more about that fit. It could really fit in nicely. The logo itself just comes off a lot like the header you'd see on a small business website. I don't mean to be overly negative. It's just hard not to share an opinion.
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  10. Tikkun Loyal Player

    I'm sorry you went through all that trouble, but you're really not going to change my opinion. I understand your reasoning, but I can't agree. DC Comics changes their logo like my kids change their clothes...all the time. What they did was secure an image that can be made iconic on its own. The old logo used the old DC Universe logo and see how quickly it became dated? Perhaps the current DC logo is in for another new change they are aware of and instead decided to go off on their own and create a unique icon. The cold, steely look and futuristic lettering are iconic to DCUO.
  11. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    When put side by side like that, you can definitely see that there isn't a whole lot of integration in the new logo (just as much as there is none in the fan made one. But I'm not gonna critique his.)

    I think when you look at it at first glance, you don't get a big feel for DC comics, which was the biggest sell for the game. It's a comic book world that you can immerse yourself in and have fun with iconic characters. People come for a lot of different reasons, some don't even know 90% of the characters in the game. But it does let them know the roots and if they are curious, allow them to go find out.

    Integration of DC comics can't be simplified and disconnected with the current logo, but I guess I will just wait and see if I like it later. I can say though, I still hate the new logo.
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  12. Neph Dedicated Player

    I like the fan made one, yes change the superman S in it, but it fits better than the generic one made by the DCUO staff


    They probably don't have the rights to alter or use the current DC logo...
  13. SuperiorMouse New Player

    my first reaction was that this reminded me of Yahoo's recent rebrand. it's was non-news.

    links here for more info.

    the new logo is fine but it's not very compelling and it doesn't relate back to the IP very well. it looks like it's not a licensed product based on the logo. having a pretty good idea of what the creative teams over at DCUO are capable of; i suspect that SOE's branding team is just as creative. i think that they could take this logo further and still hit all the necessary marks.

    taking a look at the competition we see that Marvel Heroes' logo actually includes their logo the way DCUO's did. i don't see a problem with having this game's logo incorporate DC's logo though, since it's unlikely that DC will re-brand again within the lifespan of this game.

    i'm not sure what sort of feedback this thread is intended to provide though -- the purpose isn't to open the design of the logo up to the community obviously.
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  14. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    Which is fine but why did you post, "I don't understand the negativity over the logo." When you post something like that it gives the impression that you want to understand why others, like me, don't like the new logo that much. Your opinion is as relevant as mine but please don't imply that you want an answer when you really don't and are trying to assert your opinion.

    As for other feedback I don't think SOE should necessarily use the DC Comics logo but that they should have something more than just letters and colours. They should do something to the logo that they can actually call their own. For example, like I mentioned previously, use similar font and styling as the old logo but make it different enough to launch as a new brand. Heck using "DCUO" and styling the lettering like the PlayStation 3 logo or the Warner Brothers logo.

    When a lot of people talk about DCUO (like me right now) they don't usually use the full "DC Universe Online" it is usually just "DCUO" just like the PS3 is "PS3" and not "PlayStation 3" (it was like that but PlayStation change the branding to suit how their product was being referred). Maybe SOE should do something like this too?
  15. BadJade New Player

    Eh this is fine.

    Its not every day the playstation gets a revamp and complete system overhaul to next Gen games, prolly won't see the ps5 until 2020 and makes this 3 year oldish game have a second launch. As I suspect that's exactly why it was done.

    If we can't have green auras. No Lobo legends toon and a swag of other things iconic to that brand then changing the logo to reflect is fine.
  16. Tikkun Loyal Player

    Okay, let me clarify. I do not understand why people are openly crying over the logo and I personally find it to be childish and flat out rude. Be upset over the loot tables (which are awesome now, thanks) or Paradox being too hard (it isn't), but I think it is highly disrespectful to address such things in a thread where we should be celebrating the future of DCUO! Save the negativity for PMs to the devs if it's that concerning.

    I was just trying to put it nicely, but if you really want my opinion, there it is.

    That being said, game on and good work dev team!
  17. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    They created a public thread to ask for public feedback. If they wanted my private opinion they have messaged me directly. They did not. It is not childish to give feedback and opinions publicly in a public thread. I'm going to leave it at that.
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  18. BuzzWerd Developer

    Thanks, everyone. Enjoying the conversation here. Let me just clarify one thing in regard to Nighcrawler's Photoshop. We tried a few very similar designs. When DC looked at those design options, they informed us that the reveal logo can NEVER be used without the words "DC Comics" underneath it. At that point we went back to the drawing board and decided that wasn't going to work for us. All we could see in that design was "DC Comics Universe Online," which is not the name of our game.
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  19. Lightful New Player

    Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed with this logo. Definitely not eye catching to say the least.
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  20. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    That makes sense, as the first rule of graphic design is if you have a logo, you can't alter it. Lawsuit waiting to happen. (So much so some companies have pdfs listing what pantones can only be used on it. lol)

    Then your hands are tied with the new logo. The only way you can make your own to connect to a DC theme is to use the old logo, but you want something more modern too. I would say, can you use iterations of the logo you already have?
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