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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by BuzzWerd, Oct 16, 2013.

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  1. BuzzWerd Developer

    Hey, everyone. I'm Eric, the Brand Manager for DC Universe Online. This is my first time posting on the DCUO forums so, for those who don't know me - hi, nice to meet you. A long time ago on Friday Night Legends I made a promise to the viewers that I would let the community choose my forum handle. I have kept my word and my handle, BuzzWerd, comes from our pal Sore. Congrats, Sore. You don't win anything except for my very short-lived gratitude.

    Ok, on to why I'm here. Do you all remember a while back when DC Comics changed its logo to this?


    With the introduction of that logo came the demise of the old DC Comics logo and the DC Universe brand and logo, which makes up the majority of the DC Universe Online logo.


    I’m not going to bore you with corporate jibber jabber about re-branding and whatnot. Plus, we don’t work for DC Entertainment or DC Comics, so it’s not our place to speak about their business. DC is a great partner though, and they have been very supportive of us continuing to use the old DC Comics and DC Universe logo as part of the DC Universe Online name and logo. But the time has come for us to make a change. And what better time to do it than as we prepare to launch DCUO on the PlayStation®4 system? Please allow me to introduce the new DC Universe Online logo:


    I’ll just go ahead and soak in the imaginary applause. We hope you like this slick, new look as you’ll be seeing it quite a bit soon. We expect to transition to the new logo fully by the middle of November.

    So what does this mean for the game, for you, for us? Nothing. It’s just a new logo. We like it, and we hope you do, too. Let us know what you think. Thanks!
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  2. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    Thanks for the explanation! A lot of us have already seen that logo (in a .dat mining thread somewhere on these forums) and the consensus seems to be pretty positive.

    Nice to meet you, Buzz ... we hope you survive the forums. ;)
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  3. Remander Steadfast Player

    Personally, I like it, but I do have a question. Why not just go with the "folded over" DC?
  4. Owl Devoted Player

    The current loading screens in game utilize the old logo.

    Are the in game loading screens changing with the logo change?
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  5. Will Power Loyal Player

    Can't you make the DC Comics Logo part of your Logo a unified DC like the DC Comics Logo and go with the rest of your style?
  6. Donovon Lavey New Player

    Yeah, the fold over DC looks good, why not integrate?
  7. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Yes, they will be changed to the new logo in the future.
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  8. Tikkun Loyal Player

    Never had a tattoo, but I think the new logo may change that.
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  9. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say that the designer decided to go with something neutral just in case DC decides to change their logo yet again in the next year or two.
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  10. BuzzWerd Developer

    Thanks for the feedback. For those asking, we did look at different designs that used the new DC Comics reveal logo. For one reason or another those designs just didn't work out. We tried.
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  11. Nightcrawler Well-Known Player

    I couldn't resist trying to see how that might look like - [IMG]
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  12. Zuse Loyal Player



    [IMG] [IMG]


    Love it- classy and good and nice
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  13. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    I say "meh" to corporate silliness; I still prefer the original one.
    In your example, did the left side of "online" get cut off? It's missing a border and isn't adjusted with the D.
  14. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    I like the new logo personally. Well done:).
  15. Magnificent Loyal Player

    I like it! About the only thing I would change would be (at least on the ingame version) to have a lightshine effect run across it then back. Or maybe a moving glow that passes quickly along "DC UNIVERSE" but only along the letter outlines, then passes back along the entire "ONLINE" banner underneath.
  16. Pingvinozavr Committed Player

    Will there be new loading screens?
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  17. Azrael New Player

    why is it so hard to get new loading screens? The wallpaper for loading screens are right there on the website. we have been asking for this for almost 3 years now. I think new loading screens along with GU 31 will make the game feel fresh and new for everyone.
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  18. Sore Steadfast Player

    I'm well aware that gratitude is easily kindled with shots.

    Here were some of the options presented.

    I'm surprised he didn't go with Pert_Buttocks. I thought that was a good one.
  19. Caligulus Committed Player

    Can we get a less Jpegy version?
  20. Magician Dedicated Player

    Honestly, it looks "generic" without the official DC Comics seal on it. This logo is really not heroic or eye-catching to say the least. I would definitely like something with a heroic feel to it. What is the artist trying to say with this? is there a reason for the bar being the way it is? I would love to see something where we can view the submitted ideas and vote on our favorite.

    Thumbs down on this new logo design
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