Collections/Briefs/Investigations - Post Bad Locations Here

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Millbarge, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. Millbarge Developer

    Good news -
    The LexCorp Genome Database investigation has been fixed internally. Once QA passes it we will push it out to the Live Servers.

    After patch, if you are experiencing any issues with collecting it, please let me know.


    *Disclaimer*: We can not guarantee the above changes will be pushed to the Live Servers any sooner than soon™.
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  2. Mark Wilson New Player

    Thank you. Now i've got my "Master Detective" feat.
  3. Millbarge Developer

    Glad to hear it.
    This should be the last investigation that anyone has issues collecting. However, if you run across any, please let me know.

  4. CAm New Player

    Same token is giving me a problem, but only one one of my (currently) 3 characters. The other two have not run into a single bad token.

    It was originally every green token in the Met U campus area. Blues and yellows presented zero issues. I logged a few times and was able to get all green tokens except this one. Infinite inspection loop. Not too worried, just annoying.
  5. Millbarge Developer

    I'm not seeing the screenshots you posted. Which investigation node is it?
    Can you try it today and let me know what happens?

  6. CAm New Player

    My apologies. I was referencing the exact same node that I had quoted. I will attempt to access this node in a few hours when I get home and report accordingly. If not functional, I will attach accompanying screenshots. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.
  7. CAm New Player

    Confirmed working now. Was able to log in and finally close out that particular token set.

    Much appreciated.
  8. Cirocband New Player

    Where are the briefings for Gotham's Gang War? It's the first two episode briefings. It's just 2 , Gotham's Gang War Episode 1 and I am assuming the secong one is episode 2. I've searched the web and I couldn't find anything. And I had the same problem with the Punchline briefings. It's 2 as well Punchline: Episode 1 and I am assuming the 2nd one is 2. Can someone please help me if you know the locations?
  9. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    There is a collection I cannot reach in Gotham. I believe it is a collection based on the sound, but it may be an investigation or briefing; I cannot always tell the difference. It is located north of the area where Solomon Grundy appears. It seems to be inside the building or a part of the building... Attached is an image of the location. [IMG]
  10. Millbarge Developer

    Good find!
    I moved this one to a different location on the same rooftop. It was stuck inside the A/C unit.


    *Disclaimer*: We can not guarantee the above change will be pushed out to the Live Servers any sooner than soon.
  11. Abstrakt Loyal Player

    Area 51 ill post a pic later investigation on the right side of the map past the drills shows collected even though it hasnt been.
  12. Singlemalt04 New Player

    I came back to HIVE moon base to finish up the briefings and investigations (after starting years ago), and got all the investigations done. I have been to all 6 of the briefing spots, and all show collected, but I'm still stuck at 5/6. Would really like to get this feat over with, spent a lot of time on it...
  13. Singlemalt04 New Player

    It was the Lex Luthor briefing that I couldn't collect btw.
  14. Aenthin Level 30

    A node that can only be collected by Flight users? IT'S DISCRIMINATION, I TELL YOU! DISCRIMINATION!

  15. farm3rb0b Committed Player

    Another flight only collection.
  16. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    There are a fair number of buried exobytes that can't be reached. A couple near the Flash bounty in Gotham spring immediately to mind, among many others stuck unreachably in the ground here and there, particularly where the ground isn't level.
  17. Aenthin Level 30

    I've always heard an exobit node here but it has always eluded me. Now just a clarification, there IS another exobit node nearby but even after getting that one, the sound in this particular area still persists.

  18. Magnificent Loyal Player

    This one has been doing this for a while. :(
  19. Millbarge Developer

    I moved this one to a different area.


    *Disclaimer*: This fix was internal only and may take a few weeks before it makes it to the Live Servers.
  20. Millbarge Developer

    I moved this one to a different area.


    *Disclaimer*: This fix was internal only and may take a few weeks before it makes it to the Live Servers.
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