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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Millbarge, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. Millbarge Developer

    Bringing this thread over to the new forums!
    I believe I resolved all of the issues that were posted in the previous thread – however, if there is a location that was not resolved, please re-post and I will take a look.


    Do you have a Collection/Brief/Investigation/Exobit Node you are unable to reach? Post that information here and we will get them moved.

    The more descriptive you are, the faster the turn-around time on getting the issue resolved.
    Please include the following:
    • What it is: Gold/Blue/Green (if known)
    • Approximate Location (Landmarks and Cardinal Directions (N, E, S, W) are great.
    • Any Additional Information: Inside of a Building, Underground, Floating, etc.
    • Screenshots of the world map when you are at the location are great!
    I will check this thread often for new entries and will spend ~1 hour/day tracking down and resolving these issues (restriction apply, see below for details).


    *Disclaimer*: Days mentioned above do not include weekends, holidays and vacation days. The hour spent on fixing collection locations is approximate. Millbarge can not be held accountable for days where a full hour of time is not spent on said issues. All fixes to reported issues are not guaranteed to be pushed to Live Servers any sooner than soon™.
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  2. Echephyle New Player

    Lexcorp genome database by metropolis university. Pretty much all locations are broken. When i try to collect, my toon just keep looking around on the green sphere and nothing happens. I need this collection series for skill points and it's very frustrating knowing that a bug is hindering my progress.
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  3. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    A collection east from Municipial Courthouse, on the northern building. It is too high to collect for non-fliers.
  4. Echephyle New Player

    Hi Devs,

    Have you been able to look at the lexcorp genone database investigation? I believe it has been broken for some time. I cannot get the feat for completing all investigations if this one investigation is not working.

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  5. Echephyle New Player

    Devs, please respond.
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  6. SlayingDaimon New Player

    I believe you are talking about the one on top of metropolis university as the most common and the one left of the university entrance between a bush and the street, not the one near the statue.
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  7. Echephyle New Player

    Yes, those. Are the devs trying to fux or not?
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  8. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    They have tried in the past, looks like the fix didn't work for everyone though..... Remember some of them have two locations. I just kept trying and phasing and eventually my toon finally picked it up....
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  9. Black-Zero New Player

    Feb23/13 ..(LEXCORP GENOME DATABASE) Invesigation .... HACT1 and the GDSC1 are still bugged. they start the collecting animation and I get stuck in it and have to punch to end it, with nothing collected. Tried the logout and, the stitch to PVP phase did nothing.
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  10. Aiden Warren New Player

    Investigation: Lexcorp Genome Database
    Which Investigation: HACT1 Metagene
    Location Area:[IMG]
    Location Map: [IMG]

    How do you make the images appear?
  11. Echephyle New Player

    Is there a known trick to this devs? I need that skill point.
  12. twist New Player

    There's are actually 2 collections in the corners of this building that I see when using the radar. I can hear them as well, just can't get to them. They seem to be close to the ground and in the corners of the building.
    The building itself is just North of the North Steelworks sign. One collection is in the NW corner, the other in the SW corner.
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  13. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    Thanks for saving me the trouble of posting those two today.... Just found them last night. LOL
  14. Charged Chaos New Player

    I have been trying to get the green investigation on top of the Metropolis University for 2 days with no luck. My toon just looks around fro an extended period of time and no completion.
  15. WorldsDown New Player

    Yeah, the same workaround got it collected for my toon as well.
  16. Little Sister New Player

    twist made a great post, but there are a few more in that area. Here are the exact spots, notice the three gold question marks:


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  17. Millbarge Developer

    Twist's and Little Sister's posted locations have been fixed internally. Once they get through QA they will be pushed to the Live Servers.
    We are currently investigating the Genome Investigation.

    *Disclaimer*: We can not guarantee the above changes will be pushed to the Live Servers any sooner than soon™.
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  18. twist New Player

    Thanks for the feedback.
  19. Agent Ahri Well-Known Player

    Found a bad collection. It may look like you can get on the broken platform but it is not a solid object. Located in Bludhaven and it should be the building on the right after the second boss.

  20. Rennji New Player

    Coast City:

    Blue Brief in Entrance Zone

    This is one of the briefing's in the Gardner-style Briefing. In the coast city T3A the briefing is in its physical location, but it is un able to to be discovered.

    Please fix this problem. its the last one in the collection that I need! I want my jacket XD
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