Collections/Briefs/Investigations - Post Bad Locations Here

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Millbarge, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. GrumpyBigBee New Player

    Thanks. Ill check and see. Hopefully its there cause its only one I need on two good guys to have all done...
  2. Infamous Legacy New Player

    Unable to go through the doors and collect the briefings/investigations after beating the "throne of the dead" raid. It seems to be a USPS3 issue. On the ps4 you can get through the doors after the raid.
  3. jimmyjjohn New Player

    A collection east from Municipial Courthouse, on the northern building. It is too high to collect for non-fliers.

  4. sYn_Decco New Player

    Hi i was just going around collecting all investigations in gotham and i got to the twisting the titans investigation and i cannot find the last investigation, i have looked everywhere and think it maybe the one to the side of the lava, it's nightwing's unbound sorrow i need please fix asap eups4
  5. Xerosama New Player

    Fortress of solitude I briefing collection #5 "Lex Luthor I" is white and unable to be obtained but not showing as collected in the feat.
  6. Yautja Level 30

    Unreachable collection.

  7. God-ofDestruction New Player

    Can't find Cyborg's shattered humanity for the Twisting the titans investigation. Supposed to be on the pillars of hades but is no where to be found. Can anyone help with this?
  8. Safari_Plum New Player

    This issue is not one investigation or briefing. But an area. It happens on the Island of Arkham in Gotham.

    I know the locations of them as I have gotten them there is other characters. But when I get there, I don't here their sound or see them. So I sit an wait and wait and wait. One of them took about 5 minutes to appear. This happens in multiple characters. I don't know when it started.

    I thought maybe my internet was lagging, but I am not affected elsewhere in either Gotham or Metropolis. And usually if my internet is being slow and the game lags, I usually see what looks like a big beach ball where the investigation is sitting. In the case of this issue I am discussing there is nothing at all but the regular environment around it.

    I thought I should mention it as it is totally strange. I have no idea if anyone else might be affected.
  9. DJVriki New Player

    I have almost completed the investigations and briefings in the classical game.
    However there are one that is showing i still need it in the briefings list but when I stand before it, it shows white(already collected)
    Beginning of the episode 1: The End 1: Lex Luther.
    Only one I still need for the feat.

    i also need to have the one below but gives the same problem.
    Franchise Briefings - Star Labs: Alien Tech
  10. Bobburt Committed Player

    Hehe. Does this count for a "bad location" even though it isn't a collection/brief/investigation?



    Strange place for a thug with no victim...?
  11. Safari_Plum New Player

    One thing I noticed the couple of times when using online guide locations to get the last of a few sets, was that the locations seemed to be all shuffled and misnamed to what people had posted on fan sites. I over came that by just visiting each location the guide said for the entire set regardless if I thought I already had it, eventually the one I needed was in one of those locations, they were just all jumbled up and not named correctly according to the fan guides. My guess is that once upon a time before I started playing, they were all changed by the Dev's but never updated by the fan sites.

    I hope this helps you.
  12. OtherWorldly Active Player

    1.Can we get a Style of a soldier wearing a camouflage suit since you have munitions power?

    2.The Trollers Trinkets are always Vitalization but never any dominance. Can we get a trinket with Vit and Dominance.

    3.The fragment pieces that automatically goes into our inventory while doing alerts, raid, duo, challenges, or anything.. It may be a Mask of the Dreggs, or Torn Weapon Pieces . Those particular pieces should be utilized. Say if we get enough of those pieces, why couldn't we be able to mod something or some piece of gear or a weapon from that particular raid or alert or whatever instance we're in when we gather enough pieces of it. If not, then those pieces are useless and taking up space and doesn't need to go in anyone inventory.

    I know this may be asking too much. But the Central City trinket was the best trinket you guys have ever come up with. It was and is the Best ever created. I'm not sure if there will be another one similar. But Can we please, please get a Doomsday trinket like the guy we turn into during the Smallville instance. I never beg but I'm on my knees for this one...ready to receive.

    One last thing: Will there be an update for Ice. My ice armor does not activate at all.
  13. tinoman Dedicated Player

    i don't know if there's been a report of this but the briefing in the desecrated cathedral alert the room where you. Where the door is sealed going up stairs and you have to clear out adds on the first floor and basement floor before the door opens to go upstairs to fight jesse. The briefing is bugged you, can hear the briefing and hold circle on it. But you cannot see it. P.S. on usps4 server
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