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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Millbarge, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. Herx Active Player

    I found another bad spot 2 blocks east of the one reported by Twist & Little Sister above. It's at or near ground level, and sounds like a briefing/investigation or collection (not exobit). I've found it every day for the past week:
  2. Motive New Player

    This is not about specific locations but generally any of the Briefings that are near animated water fountains, on platforms near the sea (with lots of tide animations) or in areas heavily shaded by trees would not work for me until I lowered my games graphics right down.

    Devs should consider this when placing briefings! (Or I should buy a better laptop?)
  3. Little Sister New Player

    Millbarge, is it okay to post bad Exobit locations here as well? If so, I have a couple.
  4. 666GODZ666 Active Player




    Little Bohemia. USPC. PvE Phase.

    the green icon is busted. infinite inspect animation loop :/

    Off Topic: if by any chance anyone is reading these post... and well i know this not the right place to ask and maybe it been answered before, but... these new forums are confusing. i don't get the drop down no the main website to select either PC or PS3. and i see some PS3 threads down there. so like is this a combined forums for both PS3 and PC?

    i do not see anything about having to mention what server in the rules of either this topics or the topic

    i am quite confused about this and hope someone can clear it up for me.
  5. MercPony Devoted Player

    Yes, these new forums combine both PS3 and PC.
  6. twist New Player

    I put my server in my sig box since the merge. Saves a lot of trouble.
  7. TawneeStone New Player

    Collection near Knights Dome. It appears 90% inside the second building East of dome. It is on the West side of the building. The building itself is "L" shaped and the briefing is inside the corner of the "L". It is visible, but just barely. Sorry I don't hqve a pic, in line at the dmv.
  8. Millbarge Developer

    Sure - please include at minimum a screenshot of the map UI - this is the single, most important piece of information. If you post that, they can be fixed relatively quickly.

  9. Little Sister New Player

    Ok, here is one (it's the one on the right (Northwest))

  10. Millbarge Developer

    That specific node is either:
    • on the ground - to the left of the center pillar between that pillar and the large machinery down there.
    • Or it could have been above you on the crane.
    I checked and both of those locations can be collected.

  11. Little Sister New Player

    Ok thanks. I looked all over and couldn't find it. I didn't think to check above on the crane though. Sorry about that!
  12. Sw33t Well-Known Player

    There is a blue/green or yellow marker inside a rock formation that cannot be reached (or seen) - only heard in Metropolis. Do this:

    Go to Union Station in Metropolis.
    Face north - towards the little pier/landfilling stretching out in the ocean (with the large golden statue at the end).
    When you enter that pier, you have a little patio on your left side where 4 trees grow.
    Directly below (still facing north), there is a rock formation, and if you go there you will hear the humm of a blue/green or yellow sphere inside that rock formation.

    It requires a tiny fix so we can see it. Pull it out of the rock formation - so to speak...:)
  13. philrox7 New Player

    Collection: pegmatite compound in volcanic upheaval collection
    Area: gorilla island
    Exact location : spwans under a rock in north west edge of map
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  14. andArctic Pixie New Player

    The Investigation on top of the Main Hall has been broken for nearly 16 months. If you log on and off, sometimes you can get it. It is one the devs obviously do not care about at all. I have put in over 100 tickets over that time frame and it has never been fixed. It is very frustrating and most of us that have been around that long have just accepted it as one of the few poor design flaws in this otherwise amazing game! Keep trying, you will eventually get them!
  15. Coleman New Player

    Just had an issue with a green investigation located in the northernmost section of Gotham inside the Monarch Playing Card Company. The first investigation marker inside the building, literally turn a couple of corners from the entrance and there it is, was white when I found it. I had not discovered it yet, because I had just arrived in the building. It won't let me discover it now and I am unable to finish the investigation without it.
  16. Drift Hazard Dedicated Player

    Found an exobit inside the floor again, although I don't really have problems collecting it:

  17. HellxxFury Level 30

    Anything new on the LexCorp Genome Database? Still lacking GDSC1. Gets frustrating trying to collect it every few days just to walk away unsuccessfully.
  18. surge914 New Player

    In these two spots are were two collections spawn and if you stand there you can here them but can't see them and its not one of those invisible collections where you can still hold circle and get them its literally inside the building. As you can see I was using a scanner so that's how I knew they were there.

    [IMG] [IMG]

    [IMG] [IMG]
  19. Millbarge Developer

    It is likely you already found the same item, just at a different location. A lot of times there are multiple locations for Greens.

  20. Millbarge Developer

    This location has been fixed internally and will go Live once it has made it through QA.


    *Disclaimer*: We can not guarantee the above changes will be pushed to the Live Servers any sooner than soon™.
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