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  1. JustSome_Chick New Player

    No it was actually an all serious question. Just an odd place to post it I guess. That helps though - anything that does multiple numbers of damage probably can't be clipped then, only ones that have long animations but lay out one hit of damage?

  2. Magical Reset Committed Player

    Generally you can clip using support powers and damage consumables.
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  3. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    My concern with clipping comes from it's ability to make one power or Legends character superior to another. It does feel like an exploit, because it's not mentioned in the power trees and is not uniformly applied across the power sets or Legendary toons.

    Since the Devs are advocating clipping - they should own it and not just call it an "advanced technique". Clipping should be included it in the power tree notes. It's effectiveness applied equally across the power sets and Legendary toons.

    It's frustrating in Legends when you come up against someone who is a clipping master and you know that the toon you are playing can't keep up because it does not clip as well.

    In PvE, my gadgets toon's thermite mine does great damage but the cast time sucks and it can't be clipped....why?
    Fear gas can be clipped, but photon blast can't... why?

    The problem here is that Clipping locks you into powers that do more damage because they clip...

    I understand that clipping is considered advanced technique, but to me it seems like sloppy game development that creates imbalances. Using clipping feels sneaky and underhanded.

    I think that it's wrong that I want to know which the Legends Toons clip the best....

    All that said, I still use clipping when I can.... it's part of the game.
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  4. Dogico Loyal Player

    Yeah they would probably have to take the game down for a month or two were they ever to remove clipping, so from a money standpoint it wouldn't make sense.
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  5. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Its not going anywhere, either learn how to do it or you will fail miserably. Its easy to learn, not so difficult to master.
  6. Jamie New Player

    I still have much to learn about clipping. I clipp with my HL DPS (go figure) but am learning what I can clip on my fire tank. I don't spend much time with my celestial or electric so I haven't started working on clipping their powers.
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  7. myandria Item Storage

    Hmm.. clipping, huh? I thought clipping was only useful in PVP, which I dont play. Guess I'm still in the dark as well because I have never considered it for PVE...
  8. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    Is it really about skill though?

    The OP didn't say that they couldn't clip and you don't know their skill level.

    I think it more about knowing which toon can do what....and picking the one that clips the best.
    Legendary toons don't have a manual and they should have, as well as a place to practice.
  9. Zerefu New Player

    Once you play the game for as long as most people have, the animations bore you and basically you couldn't care less that the animation is gone. It's simply an effect for you to enjoy, if you enjoy it then go for it but you must always know that until you get with the program, you don't seem to understand that clipping is something that there are checks and balances to clipping. The new feature allowing you to see what combo your enemy is using will make it so that whatever they clip is but an illusion to you and you know what they're really doing. Other than that, clipping is what makes things happen. I don't know what you want, it isn't an exploit, it's in many different games, it isn't a secret, period. If you're a real gamer in general you'll have known about clipping before logging on to DCUO.

    The DEVs took a few necessary steps for people like you who hate clipping, being the icons which you can activate from the Settings menu in Options tab. That makes it so that whatever your opponent does, you'll know what weapon combos they're using.

    If you can't accept clipping, then I'm afraid to say that this isn't the game for you. You are fairly new and have yet to get strong and experienced within the game so your entire view is that you got your *** whopped and it's because of clipping animations. Clipping is an entire level to itself in all gaming. I don't play this game everyday to put out a soul well for a full 10 seconds of slowly moving my hand upward. Why don't you try to clip, you may learn to like it! I know I did, I found it incredible how I saw my strike whilst doing a power. That little concept baffled me into wonderment.

    If you like to axe kick or elbow drop whatever weapon of choice you use, then your place is in SOLOs DUOs and ALERTs. With all do respect, we don't want you in RAIDs or in organized PvP. If you refuse to clip, that's a personal choice but you must understand that it's a MUST. In PvE especially. PvP in DCUO is NOT turn based, it is NOT MEANT TO BE A VISUAL GAME IN ANY TERM and if that bothers you, then FF14 is waiting for you.

    For anyone else who hates clipping here's the motto; Get with it, or get out. FF14 is waiting for you.
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  10. xB3ZeRK New Player

    If your to ignorant to learn the mechanic don't complain about it. There are a bunch of YouTube guides to point u into the right direction to learn your power and to clip. But
    instead of complaining about this on the forums why don't u go play the game u spend money on and learn it. Clipping is used to shorten not needed cast times. Btw in pvp if u clip a power u still have time to counter them. Noobs complain on the forums to much.
  11. Dogico Loyal Player

    Name one other game where clipping, not canceling, is a part of the combat. I can't think of a single fighting game, a single action game where clipping is the norm. People say "well clipping is in the game because some animations are too long." If one has trouble seeing the disconnect between those two ideas then I don't know if one's mind can be changed. If the devs would just design the animations to be shorter, would they need to be clipped? If clipping was meant to be in the game why can't everything be clipped (powers with cast times, certain strong range weapon attacks, etc)? And to say artists, programmers, designers and more all worked on powers they didn't really think you'd see/enjoy isn't true. Like I've said I don't mind clipping I understand its a part of the game and something I try to take advantage of as much as I can but thats the thing: I always feel its something I'm taking advantage of rather than using.
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  12. Zerefu New Player

    As soon as I learned how to clip in DC, I hopped on Skyrim and starting clipping my Dual wield chops with shouts and stuff started dropping like rain, don't know if you can still do it but it was awesome
  13. Red Ringlight Dedicated Player

    It is amazing how many folks have such poor reading comprehension.

    The OP never stated that he cannot learn how to clip. He made it pretty plain that he dislikes it because it cancels the animations -- and the animations are something that is one of the main draws to him in this game.

    I fully understand that there are plenty here who are of the 'MMO hardcore' mindset, where anything enjoyable is seen as a problem and the game should be a mechanical chore to be endured rather than an escapist fantasy; but are people really so locked into their 'stats and numbers at all costs' mindsets that they seriously cannot even comprehend the substance of the OP's complaint?
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  14. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    Wow. That's a little harsh.

    You've gotta admit though that clipping is not equally useful across the Legendary toons and power sets?
    I think that clipping in it's current state, creates imbalance and needs to be more openly acknowledged and addressed in the power trees, made similar to power interactions.

    I agree that clipping is a part of the game, but the devs don't treat it like it is. I think it's poorly handled - regardless of my using it
    'clip-ability' should not be a deciding factor for selecting and power or Legends toon.

    Clipping in it's current state is often over-powered. There should always be a damage nerf that is applied when a player clips.

    Clipping should not be the holy-grail of DCUO and unfortunately it is starting go that way.
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  15. H.. Committed Player

    This is how I felt too, if Clipping was really intended as a game tool - then why is not universal on all aspects?

    It would seem that Clipping was more necessary side effect do to programming workings or, limitation - maybe both?

    My point as well on the graphics just Clip the Animations - some are too long (at least for me) or, at least back loaded instead of front loading the animations portions and effects.
    With a community this size - the graphic animations (although nice) are interfering with game play and that's a NO NO - Not to mention that it's really Killing the PS3

    Functionality before Fancy !
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  16. HOLY FORCE New Player

    I knew this would happen where everyone dumps on me for being against clipping. I appreciate all the positive feedback and constructive Criticism but what I don't appreciate is blatant name calling or insults. Especially regarding my poor grammar. I see that people have argued the fact that in later game content its a must because you'll never be able to complete the mission's. Well if the Dev's fixed this problem from day one, later game content would not have been created to allow this format. Also why were people banned for clipping when the game was first released. Maybe because it was a exploit that they failed to fix. Also just because I was beaten in a PVP battle doesn't mean I'm crying or cant play. I can very well learn how to exploit this game and clip with the best of them but its my choice not to. Like I stated earlier I love seeing my power and weapon animation's.If that's wrong then I must be a fool. Anyone can go on youtube and learn to clip its not hard and takes little skill to do. To be honest the game's mouse button combo's are far more difficult to master but now that's pointless to learn because you can just clip clip away. So that being said I will leave this game when other MMO's that don't have clipping are released later this year.
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  17. Dogico Loyal Player

    It was a glitch, as was 75% of that game. No one would design clipping into their game, it cheapens the combat.
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  18. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    it's what i was thinking too.

    Meanwhile, how do I interrupt Soder usage by other players? There must be a counter. Is it.... screaming into headset "I'm a GM and I'm responding to your support ticket!" during any attack by enemies?? or merely Lunge them to have Soder cooldown initiated and no heals or power from Soder? [IMG]
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  19. LORD_SHOCKA New Player

    Lol i thought the same thing. We are on a roll for clipping threads this weekend.
  20. winter13 New Player

    I love the hardcore clippers that at its all about skill. Clipping has NOTHING to do with skill. It is an unintended byproduct of the game, which the Devs have no intention of removing. Is it ridiculous that someone can stand there and hit you with multiple attacks and not actually do any of them...yes it is. Unfortunately though, it is a part of the game.
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