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  1. farm3rb0b Committed Player

    The Sinestro Corps and Green Lantern Corps briefings are two entirely separate briefings. I have #5 in Sinestro Crops. I believe I am missing #1 in Rage War and #3 in Sinestro. As far as I know, no one has found these on Hero side. I'm 99% certain we didn't miss any in Alt. Metro because I popped a radar for collections and never found a node for anything other than collections. They've got to be in the ops and I'm just not hearing them.
  2. Curse Bringer Dedicated Player

    what is the name for the 5th, and do you have a location ?
  3. WeiTaiTan New Player

    According to Mepps (on the DCUO FB page) the first briefing for Rage of War was glitched and not showing, but was fixed in this mornings patch. So if anyone tracks down its location, let us know please. :)
  4. tukuan Loyal Player

    This what I have so far. I Radar scanned the city and have checked pretty closely the two 4 man ops so I think the missing ones are in the 8 man op. It is possible that one or 2 are still in the city map so I might check it again later.

    Also I know where Rage #3 is but am missing the map as I thought it was the Ranx Map that I captured but it was different so I will add that one later.

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  5. tukuan Loyal Player

    I don't usually add the names to the map but what I have so far are:

    Hope for the Hopeless
    2/ Mogo the Sentient Planet
    3/ Metropolis
    4/ Downtown Metropolis

    S.T.A.R. Labs Mist Project
    1/ S.T.A.R. Labs project E-M-9-8
    2/ S.T.A.R. Labs project E-M-9-Y
    3/ S.T.A.R. Labs project E-M-9-R
    4/ S.T.A.R. Labs project E-M-9-V
    5/ S.T.A.R. Labs project E-M-9-W

    Rage War
    2/ Atocitus’ Blood
    3/ Bleez’s Promise

    Tales of the GL Corp
    1/ Kyle Rayner’s Report
    2/ Jon Stewart’s Report
    3/ Hal Jordan’s Report
    4/ Guy Gardner’s Report

    Tales of the Sinestro Corp
    1/ Sinestro’s Recount
    2/ Sinestro’s Recount
    3/ Amon Sur’s Recount
  6. Mictlante New Player

    I don't remember which one it was, but there's a second brief or investigation in JSA [at least on villain side], in the center room in a small recess on the left.
  7. Curse Bringer Dedicated Player

    rage war 3 if im not mistaken
  8. Mictlante New Player

    I'm only missing the infamous sinestro corps nb 5
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  9. Curse Bringer Dedicated Player

    join the club lol
  10. Mictlante New Player

    I think I just did, lol
  11. Mictlante New Player

    It might be, it's easy to find on hero side and that it's missing on villain or something.
  12. farm3rb0b Committed Player

    I don't know a hero yet who has found Rage War 1. I know it's available on villain side, but cannot find it on hero.
  13. Mictlante New Player

    It would be nice if you'd finally told us there the #5 is...
  14. Curse Bringer Dedicated Player

    so i didnt realize starlabs area runs all the way to science spire...
  15. WeiTaiTan New Player

    As I mentioned, the only one I am missing is the first for Rage of War. I used your map tukuan to find all the briefings and investigations you had marked, then I ran the 2 alerts and the raid. I completed 2 briefings and 2 investigations, so whatever you are missing from the map is found within the alerts and raids. I wish I can remember where/which though.

    Name wise:

    Hope for the Hopeless #1 is Ranx the Sentient City
    Rage of War #4 is Bleez's Warning
    Tales of the GL Corp #5 is Mogo's Report
    Tales of the Sinestro Corp #4 is Lyssa Drak's Recount and #5 is Hank henshaw's Recount
  16. WeiTaiTan New Player

    PS - I do remember that there is a briefing in the middle of the maze for the raid, as well as an investigation beside Sinestro in the final boss room.
  17. Mictlante New Player

    Same for the villain side.
  18. farm3rb0b Committed Player

    You realize they're all white for me now? And I have no way to tell which is which? I'm sorry. If I have a leaguemate that collects any tonight, I'll have him tell me which they are. Otherwise, I have no way of recalling which one that is.
  19. tukuan Loyal Player

    Actually that has been a pain in my backside since launch. I've always hoped that they'd make it so you could still interact with already obtained briefings/investigations. It would certainly make mapping them alot easier.

    Also am I the only one that can't hover over the icons in the dialog to see the name anymore? For a while now I can't review the names of them, this is one of the reasons why I tend to just put up the numbers lately.
  20. Curse Bringer Dedicated Player

    you click the brief/investigation, use your arrow keys to select the one you wana listen to, then click. its stupid lol

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