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  1. farm3rb0b Well-Known Member

    Have to try to put this into my perspective. For me we go to Ranx and take down Lyssa Drak. There are two briefings on this map for us and I have both, neither of which is Rage 1. Are there two briefings for you in Mogo for that operation?
  2. Curse Bringer Well-Known Member


    all 4 rage war briefs can be found in strike team mission. 1 in mogo 2 in watchtower, 1 in jsa headquarters.

    the above mission is our first part, we go to mogo. that '1' is rage war 1

    so we go mogo kill killowog
    watchtower containment kill arrisa and some blue lantern
    then finish in JSA headquarters

    so we only have 1 in our mogo. we SHOULD have 2. that second one for us, should be tales of the sinestro corps #5 hank henshaw
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  3. light FX Well-Known Member

    um not sure how u think this is right? ive run this a buncha times on hero side and there is no rage of wasr1 briefing there, like I said in another post, me and my league m8s radar scanned EVERY map of the new content b4 and after the hotfix that soe said fixed this and that briefing is nowhere 2 b found, and wish mepps or some1 would at least address this and say wth is going on but as usual when they do a new dlc or update there is a ton of bugs, longing 4 the day they actually start fixing stuff in this game
  4. smetchik New Member

    ok, if that briefing not in the new content location, mb he somewhere on map of classic Metropolis?
  5. Deltaheat Active Member

    Would someone please post to Twitter ( I don't Twitter tweet)? Seems weird to me that there's no dev reply to this or other similar threads. Thx
  6. The Horn'd One Active Member

    I completed the Briefings set "Tales of the Green Lantern Corps" today. the Reward is a Green Lantern Exhibit Poster, like the ones you see in regular Metro.
  7. Mictlante New Member

    Thanks, but Sinestro Corps are the yellow lanterns, not the green ones...
  8. The Horn'd One Active Member

    Yes, but I was talking about the set "Tales of the GREEN LANTERN CORPS", which I had just finished before posting here. I currently (as of THIS posting) have only 3/5 on the "Tales of the Sinestro Corps" set. These show on the HEROES side was well as the Villians.

    The reward I described is the "Green Lantern Exhibit" ad one sees in the open-world Metropolis, when in Glenmorgan Square. Check one of the many bus-stand kiosks in that area.
  9. BigAl Well-Known Member

    Anyone have any good spots to locate the rare collections? :p
    Just out of curiosity.....;)
  10. Mictlante New Member

    Yes... Tesseract already linked screenies to those on the first page... and there's also video of how to get the avaible briefings and investigations... congratz on your reward, hope you enjoy it, but it's no news to anyone who read the thread.
  11. The Horn'd One Active Member

    Ok then.
  12. Borosa1971 New Member

    This however still does NOT Tell us where Rage of War Briefing #1 is......
  13. Curse Bringer Well-Known Member

    I stated before, Rage war 1 is only avaibe in the villain version of the strike team operation. i PM'd mepps about this and he said a hot fix is n the way because not only can heros not complete rage war, but villains cannot complete tales of the sinestro corps. any way after it is patched rage war 1 will most likely be found on ranx where you fight arkillo with guy gardner for the heros.
    i believe villains will find TOSC #5 within AnB at the start with kyle rayner.
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  14. Borosa1971 New Member

    Ahh ok thanks I missed that posting
  15. WeiTaiTan New Member

    Thank you Curse Bringer! That is great news.
  16. WeiTaiTan New Member

    Here's another couple vids from Balkan we can use to confirm what briefings and investigations are found in Strike Team and Mist Recovery:

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  17. Borosa1971 New Member

    Sooo Did they or didn't they fix Rage of War Briefing #1? I have checked out All the New content with Scanner and nothing
  18. WeiTaiTan New Member

    4 posts above yours Curse Bringer shows Mepps reply "working on a fix"
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  19. AgentX44 Well-Known Member

    CurseBringer, I see in the Jan 30 server hotfix they will fix the hero's Rage War #1... do you have any news if TOSC#5 will be affected by that fix as well?
  20. Burning_Baron Well-Known Member

    It will. The hotfix states there is a briefing that is stuck in a rock on Mogo.

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