8th Precinct Challenge

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Projects51, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Paracaller New Player

    Experiencing the same here on EU PVE.
    Kind of interrupts levelling, here's hoping it clears soon.
  2. Paracaller New Player

    Don't worry, it's not PS3...
    Experiencing the same issue on the PC Hero side.
  3. TeenWuulf Well-Known Player

    I got a co-worker to try the game out and he hit this glitch. He told me he went through it three times before he put the controller down and walked away. Pretty sure he hasn't played again since.
  4. BEWShadowWolf New Player

    it still is broken, go into ravens soul-self and dave raven, see the cut seen, leave ravens soul self, then it tells you to go into raven soul self again.
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  5. Ragnarok Well-Known Player

    Just hit this glitch with my new hero toon. Not impressed. And its been like this for days, it sounds like. Pretty terrible bug for new players to hit, especially one as prohibitive as this where you cannot progress to further story missions.

    Edit: USPS4, btw. I'll update again if the reset fixes it, but I don't have my hopes up.
  6. Paracaller New Player

    Same here, it's frustrating as a new player!
    hopefully it gets sorted soon as it stops any new magic chars at level 10
  7. Ragnarok Well-Known Player

    Same issue. Already reported it in another thread that seems to have disappeared. o_O

    *Tinfoil hat on!
  8. Lantern Flash Committed Player

    Actually, I didn't realise it when I posted it, but there is a thread going back to the launch of the PS4 saying they are not getting credit for this as the T1 solo challenge! So it's been almost a month, and it is STILL not fixed. Teenwulf's post is a perfect example on why this needs to be fixed ASAP. I have other high level toons I can play, but new players just coming in on the PS4 .... (yea, the PS4, the "future" of this game,) playing for about an hour, hitting this, and then leaving never to return? NOT GOOD!

    Get it together devs!! FIX THIS ALREADY!!
  9. Lantern Flash Committed Player

    BTW .... tried it again last night. Same thing. Got the outside side quest, went in, got to Raven, beat her, got the loot ...... but nothing else. Went outside. Journal didn't update. C'MON!!!!
  10. BEWShadowWolf New Player

    the bug is on pc as well
  11. Zedd007 New Player

    This is very frustrating be nice if the debs or a spokesperson from them would acknowledge the existence of the bug.
  12. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    There are many other threads on the issue where it has been acknowledged.

    This is fixed internally and we'll get it live as soon as possible.
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  13. Ragnarok Well-Known Player

    I found the thread that you were referring to, checked the date (mid-November) and its a bit ridiculous that this has been going on for almost a month now. A game-crippling bug that prevents progress that the dev team - admittedly - has fixed. Just hotfix the bloody thing and be done with it. People would be less cranky about frequent updates to fix crippling bugs than they are at having their game completely hobbled for progression. What's worse is the way that you've now daisy-chained all the quests so that if an essential link (like Raven's Mission) breaks, you can't move forward at all. Before you could go to different cities or areas and start the other Mentor's quests, if I recall. Right now, any and every Wonder Woman mentored hero hits a wall. And has been doing so for weeks. I've had two days of this and its already turned me off the game.

    If your concept of "as soon as possible" encompasses a period of time spanning weeks (mid-November) than there is a definite concern from the people who are experiencing this bug. Define as soon as possible. Will I be able to play this weekend? Probably not. So Monday, Tuesday... What? I've paid for a sub to fly around Metro and Gotham and harvest collections and exobytes. Does that sound fun? Its not. Its about as entertaining as watching paint dry and it only reminds me why I should not be paying for a sub and I should be doing other activities.
  14. ZergBlake New Player

    yeah, im new in the gae and stuck in this quest :(
  15. BEWShadowWolf New Player

    you could always play a different toon. I have different toons that are not effected by this bug, since I chose either batman, or superman since they don't do that mission chain
  16. Zalestus New Player

    On my level 9 I used my exp plus booster and then went in to complete the quest only for my only quest to be uncompletable. Me and my league have tried everything from relogging, to being run though someone else as leader, to also restarting my whole computer. My characters name is Zalestus, please fix and possibly compensate me for the xp booster :(
  17. Monsoon New Player

    The solo challenge on the villain side, USPC, seems to be working now for the most part. Rewards are given and locked out, but the
    scorecard does not popup like it should.
  18. Fightingbudha New Player

    After completion of mission I exit ravens soul self and the mission is still asking me to "free raven's soul-self". Anyone else having this issue?
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  19. Max Dragonard Well-Known Player

    Yes. I'm having the same issue.
  20. Desert Rose New Player

    When ever I play this mission I complete and it says I still haven't completed it this been going for 2 days now and my character is stuck now at level 10 can u help me and probably other people
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