8th Precinct Challenge

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  1. Liko Well-Known Player

    Still not dropping loot. Voted up.
  2. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    Just noticed that this thread does not mention the level 9 mission as having the same problem. I will up-vote your thread for you, too. I will also do my best to let others know about both threads going forward to help the moderators of this forum spot it. :-}

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  3. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    Please also up-vote for the Level 9 mission having the same problem on the villain side:

  4. Liko Well-Known Player

    Oh, well the level 9 Raven isn't dropping loot either. It seems anything doing with 8 Precinct is broken.
  5. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We are still working on a fix for this.
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  6. Jeff Bond Committed Player


    Scoreboard doesn't come up after completing the Raven's soul self challenge. Feat list does not show credit for completing challenge either.
  7. 139 Masks Dedicated Player

    I ran this tonight and completed it. But the related mission for completing it the first time auto-completed without giving the rewards - 50 marks! What?! Nothing! Yes, nothing. And the mission just vanished, I don't know if this is one that I'm supposed to actively "complete" with the "complete" button or not.
  8. Will Power Loyal Player

    After I beat Raven's 2nd evil version its time to fight the 3rd however the 3rd Raven is out of line of sight do to a console in the way of her seeing me. Can you reduce the consoles size. Not the one in the pic that is closest to me but the one farther away from me in the pic below. I feel it a slight unfair advantage to get the drop on her.


    I even got closer look at this.

  9. Zedd007 New Player

    Please fix ravens destiny it's bugged you get stuck in a loop after finishing quest rescue raven and don't get credit for it so quest is unfinishable ps4 version
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  10. KenmeiMK2 New Player

    I've been having this issue since last night. You complete the quest, see the cutscene, but when you try to leave the area, the quest just resets itself. I've completed the thing 4 times now doing different things to try and see if I could get around it but I've had no such luck.
  11. Voltage Man New Player

    I think it has to do with the recent hotfix and it probably still has bugs in it.
  12. Lantern Flash Committed Player

    On the Level 8 Raven mission, where you have to go into fight her soul-self, it doesn't complete. I did the mission twice but my journal doesn't update. It still says I have to go into the 8th Precink (sp?) and fight her again. This is really putting my leveling on hold because without this updating, I don't get the next set of missions. My toons name is WonderWarrior2099 and I am reporting this from USPS3, PvE. Please don't take months to fix this.
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  13. Miahztwin Committed Player

    I can testify to that. Also the challenge aspect of it, is glitched as well.
  14. Soulless Tormentor New Player

    New Player,

    Ran this 2 times last night. Everything is working fine until the END. Look works, got the deed/achi(s) and even got the ingame email from Raven with the wings!

    The issue is the Quest does not register that she gets Free... so when you Exit it kicks you to the Entrance in metropolis where you can zone in again.
    If you enter the mobs are dead and you have free roam of the place... Zata is there, Raven is there... just no way to Update the quest!...

    Also, since this is my first toon on DCUO... how do I continue to lvl? Someone said to get a new mentor.. How do I do that?

    Thank you all!
  15. mistersting New Player

    You only get one mentor. Just complete each quest. Unfortunately, as a villain, looks like this quest won't register as complete, so you can't progress. Yay...

    Might as well try a hero character out until they fix this.
  16. Lantern Flash Committed Player

    Ran this yesterday twice on hero side USPS3. Toons name is WonderWarrior2099.

    I got all my feats, I got the loot .... but the quest won't complete. Without completing the quest, I'm not getting the next questline. HURRY AND FIX THIS!!!!
  17. Lantern Flash Committed Player

    The level 9 quest doesn't complete on the heroside USPS3. I did it twice last night and my journal won't update. Without my journal updating, I'm not getting the next questline. There goes leveling my new alt that I was actually enjoying. Guess they don't care too much about the PS3 anymore.
  18. Rhys Myrrdyn New Player

    I know this has been posted a couple of times on the tech support section as well as the PS section, but I wanted to post it here as well in the event that no one has looked into it yet. I would consider it to be a bug, but others might not. Anyway, the issue is that the Raven's Destiny instance mission won't complete. The final mission of that small series seems to be bugged in such a way that you can't finish it.

    I tried several times to run through it in the hopes of getting it to trigger to the final step that sends you back to the Chinatown police station, but nothing seems to work. The hero I've been trying to level can't advance any further because of this issue. I've tried everything from logging off and back on to restarting the game entirely without success. In past runs through the mission, the exit was marked as exit Raven's Soul self, but now, it's labelled as Return to Last Location instead. This might be what is causing the issue if the label is associated with the trigger in the game code.

    The other thing that I noticed with this is that there weren't any issues with the mission completing, at least for me, prior to the hotfix that was just done. Maybe, something that got changed in the fix inadvertently messed up the exit for that part of the mission?
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  19. mistersting New Player

    Ah. Scratch that idea then.

    The quest change is one of the things I'm not too fond of, and this shows the downside to it. If a quest is bugged, you used to able to do another one. Not now. Now you're SOOL until it gets fixed.
  20. Black_Justice1 New Player

    Same problem. Really irritating... MAKES ME WANT TO RAGE QUIT DCUO