8th Precinct Challenge

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  1. Garlic Brother New Player

    3 days in a row, I've tried to finish The Demon Inside [level 8 main story mission, WW Mentor]. When I get to the end of Ravens Destiny, I beat her and leave the station. Instead of turning in my mission at Chinatown Safe house, the mission stays in a loop saying I need to fight Raven all over again
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  2. Marvel1960s New Player

    Yeah... It won't update past Raven's soul-thingy at the 8th cop-shop. Further and after, I get lag and then the icons in my hotkeys on the PS3 version change to diffrent icons like cookies nad skeletons and yellow fists, blue ones too...this is on the PVE server.
  3. Rhys Myrrdyn New Player

    I posted this on another thread, but I thought it might help to post it here too. There is cause to hope or to be more irritated for those of us that have stuck toons thanks to this mission not completing the way it should. I just ran through the whole mission series on test with a hero that was essentially a clone of the one I have stuck. The only difference is that the one on test was level 30 with all the fun stuff you can get on test. However, the point of the post is this. Everything worked just fine on the test server. The cut scene played the way it's supposed to play, and the mission completed with the next step appearing to go talk to Zatanna. The exit was marked Return to Last Location like it is on the live server, but that didn't cause any issue. The mission worked just fine on the test server. If it works fine there, why can't they get it to work on the live servers?
  4. Skyfairy New Player

    I've had the problem with the lvl30 version. I beat Raven but the instance never registers as finished, no scorecard pop up and no acknowledged addition to the "complete xxx number of challenges" feat. I just don't run it at the moment but I could see that being problematic for the levelling version
  5. Rhys Myrrdyn New Player

    This is actually a problem that a lot of us are having with the mission in general. I started a thread about it in this section, and there are a number of other threads about it in other sections of the forums. Some have been in contact with customer service with the response being that they are aware of the problem and trying to figure why it's happening.
    I've run through it several times since they did the hotfix with the same result. It was working fine as far as I could tell until the hotfix on the 11th. Just to satisfy my own curiousity, I loaded up the test server and ran a duplicate character to the one that's currently stuck through the instance version and had no problems. It's working fine on the test server. This could mean that they should be able to fix it soon, or it could mean that with the focus on GU31, it could be a while before it's fixed. I might try running the same character on test through the challenge version later today and see what happens. Hopefully, they will fix it soon.
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  6. Larg sigh New Player

    I'm stuck in that mission too :(
  7. Larg sigh New Player

    I can't " finish" this mission, i already try it 5 times and when i beat raven, the journal says that i " exit the raven soul self " but the exit says Return to Last Location instead, i think thal would be the problem , i don't know. I just want to keep playing :/
  8. Dcon34DCUO Loyal Player

    The exit should say that. it teleports you to open world again.
  9. Ragnarok Well-Known Player

    The quest is broken, its a known bug that the dev team have a fix for yet haven't released - for whatever arcane reason we can only guess at. After the Raven battle, exiting via the intended exit does nothing and just loops the quest again.
  10. Rhys Myrrdyn New Player

    This has been the topic of several threads so far. It's working on the test server, but it hasn't been fixed on the regular servers yet. The only advantage to it right now is that you have lots of opportunities to get the purple drop if you want to keep going through it.
  11. Rhys Myrrdyn New Player

    I did run through the level 30 challenge version on test, and it's working fine for that as well. I'm not all that computer savvy these days as far as game code and such goes, but shouldn't it be easy to compare that section of the game code between the two versions and see where the problem is? All I really want is a fix for it so I can continue to advance my magic hero.
  12. Savetime New Player

    Ability: nature
    this mission is bug i completed the mission when i get out it sees i did not complet it but i did 10 time even i made a new character same abilitys and i still got bug i try to finich it 5 on that one but it whont let me complet it

    my in game name is lhelperl

    Help its doin it to all or for some ps4 players . what can i do to fix it
  13. Atomic Icemaker New Player

    Yes I am also having issues with ravens soul self 5 days ago I created a alt. Charector and been stuck at lv 10 sence can not lv any more please fix I am a legendary member who spends good money in game but I am really considering not spending any more,
  14. Atomic Icemaker New Player

    Ok if its fixed internally then make it LIVE NOW!!! Please?
  15. Atomic Icemaker New Player

    Yea but we shouldnt habe to the game should work, and come on wheres the seasonal stuff christmas is just around the corner
  16. thaboyace New Player

    Yea I'm having the same issue. Just wondering does this stop my progress with getting any future wonder women mission or no?
  17. SpaceHound New Player

    I am experiencing this issue as well. Any kind of work around available?
  18. Rhys Myrrdyn New Player

    Unfortunately, it will stop the progress of any hero that has Wonder Woman as a mentor. You can still do things like exploration and such, but you won't be able to get the missions that follow this one until this one is fixed. This means that you're hero is pretty much stuck in his/her progression for now. You can still gain xp by doing other things like collections or fighting or whatever, but the missions after this one won't show up.
  19. Rhys Myrrdyn New Player

    There's no work around that I've found. It used to be that missions would show up in your journal based on your level rather than in a sequence, but that seems to have changed. Apparently, you now have to do them in order at least for the lower levels.
  20. SilentTrollerMan New Player

    The devs are aware and there is supposed to be a fix in the next update.