8th Precinct Challenge

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  1. Fightingbudha New Player

    Same with me it wasn't loot locked at all
  2. ElderX New Player

    The solo challenge 8th Precinct is currently having the following problems:
    • There is no loot and mark drops
    • No weekly reward box is awarded
    • Scorecard is not displayed at the end of the instance signifying end of instance
    • The On-duty menu show the challenge is not loot locked
    This issue is from EU PS3, have checked it twice and also some other friends reported it to be broken.
  3. Mantato New Player

    Same issue on USPC, can not complete any feats associated with the mission either.
  4. winter13 New Player

    The Tier 1 Solo Challenge 8th Precinct is not dropping any loot nor counting towards the completed solos feat. I ran it 3 different times, logged off in between, and nothing. It doesn't show that I have completed it either when you select the instance, or when you check the solo feats (count is the same). Please fix this
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  5. winter13 New Player

    Just to make sure it wasn't all tier1 challenges, I checked Gotham Warehouse, and that one is working as intended
  6. EG_Karlos New Player

    Same here, please fix this!!
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  7. Ebon Angel New Player

    I agree with OP. Ran this challenge on 2 toons: no loot, not counting toward feat.

    However you can endlessly play it since it also never locks lol
  8. Teophrastus New Player

    Can we atleast get an answer? Some of us spend a lot of time trying to do feats in order to get skills but how can we achieve that if this has been going on for a while and we still dont get nothing?

    Wow.. this was posted 10 days ago and you guys cant even let us know you're doing something :/?
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  9. Curvy Scurvy New Player

    I did the whole damn thing and I didn't get a single mark of triumph, nor did it lock me from the weekly award. I'd like my 5+ measly marks of triumph, please :p
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  10. Curvy Scurvy New Player

    Oh, and the loot was tank / controller greens for my healer. Which is nothing new with this terrible loot system -_- Write in an algorithm that gives us a 25-50% greater chance of getting role relevant gear. That'd make our chances of getting gear we can use 25-50%, by the way.
  11. 139 Masks Dedicated Player

    USPC - I couldn't even get to the end ::

    Whenever my character went to try to get into Raven's soul-self, my character was thrown out of synch with the map into some crazy psychedelic mode for a couple of minutes and then end up at the end of the dead-end hall past the room with Raven. Went back and tried multiple times to go into Raven's soul-self and the same thing happened. Very bizarre, but unable to complete the mission. I had to walk the character out the portal that they came in.
  12. Gorbo New Player

    When I did it on the my villain (PS4), I didn't get any loot at all.
  13. Raptor8108 New Player

    I ran 8th precinct 4 times and got the same result every time. Makes it impossible to get the feats if we're not credited for it.
  14. ShadowCyborg92 Loyal Player

    Spytle had this problem on the livestream tonight. He will look into it
  15. Artillery Zero Well-Known Player

    Currently I've done the Metro University and the 8th Precinct solo challenges and met the requirements for the Power Girl and Raven hard knock feats, but I have yet to receive said feats. Even retrying them has yielded the same results. I just wanted to know if this is a current known issue or has it been changed in some way and I'm not meeting the new requirements for the feats.
  16. Pantagruel New Player

    I tried this challenge mission again last night and it is still not giving rewards or completion credit towards the associated feats.

    Villain, USPC.
  17. mistersting New Player

    I got this a few days ago with one of my villains.
  18. NorthernLad New Player

    Yep, same here.
  19. Autopsyrotica Well-Known Player

    the same thing happened to me on USPS3, the developers have refused to correspond with me regarding numerous bugs/errors for going on 2 weeks straight now, I don't think they are investing any more time/effort into DCUO outside of the PS4
  20. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    This wasn't fixed when they fixed the fall through the floor issue?

    I've also noticed a number of GU31 bugs have gone unanswered and unresolved despite Mepps saying they are aware of them and Support representatives telling me they have been passed to their developers.

    1. Khandaq Novice and Expert raids are still on the old need/greed/pass loot system.
    2. Fortress of Solitude: The Chasm Novice and Expert raids have a camera bug at the beginning
    3. Fortress of Solitude: Sunstone Matrix Novice raid only drops one item instead of three at the end.
    4. Targeting reticules disappear after cut scenes seemingly at random.
    5. Highlighting broker/r&d table items turns them white regardless of whether items belong to me/I have the materials to make the r&d part.
    6. This thread...