87 LVL DPS Utility Belt

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by D4rkwond3r, May 21, 2013.

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  1. amazonianmale Well-Known Player

    Any word on this? Kinda unfair our 87 utility belt sucks compared to the support roles.
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  2. Tenacious Blue New Player

    Kind of sucks that any utility belt gets stuck with consumables, support or otherwise. They should just make it so slot one and three are consumable, slots two and four are trinkets, and then it costs increasing MoT to turn them into Wildcard slots. That way it's still a MoT sink, to get trinkets in all four slots would cost exactly the same, but we eliminate all these dodgy belts that are stat upgrades but slot downgrades.
    Also makes it way more consistent on your bar. I hate ending up with a PvP belt that has a consumable in slot 1, then a PvE belt that has a consumable in slot 2. You end up having to swap your items around for no real reason.
  3. Zur-En-Arrh28 New Player

    Agreed. I mean the bottom line is the other role belts (of the same Item Level) are not 3 consumable and the DPS is!!!

    Not sure what else to do here. Mepps said he would update the thread when they had new information... that was QUITE a while ago.

    I guess just keep UP VOTING and commenting. Not sure what else we can do.
  4. Joykiller Dedicated Player

    What? This utility belt is perfect for my new Duffman themed chraracter....

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  5. Whiteroom New Player

    Have these guys gotten back to you yet? It seems like something that would have a quick answer...
  6. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    Yea its been along time that this issue has been going on .
  7. thesteelshadow1 New Player

    just hang in there guys 1 day will get a belt that wont collect dust or sodas.....
  8. A34CUS New Player

    Really Devs?Really!So your telling me once i get to t5+ ill have crap gear.Ive had to deal with crashes and glitching tho the map,getting screwed out of the plasmic aura and much more.Wtf is wrong with you Devs aka Mepps if this keeps up.The game will die and ive been with this game for 2 months and i can predict this!!!
  9. SHUSHHH Well-Known Player

    whats taking so long to fix this belt it's been a really long time and we got nothing
  10. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    I guess we need to try and keep this on the front page to get an answer
  11. Couzintony New Player

    Not sure if this was answered yet... But the healer one is dope.. lolz I wanna say it 3 trinkets n a wildcard
  12. SHUSHHH Well-Known Player

    keep it up
  13. Angus Krozz New Player

    What is the point of consumables in the pouches. I can get it if you waist that many sodas 1 hard mission in the game. All slots should be wildcard. I remember SOE bragging about having utility pouches for anything the player wants. I got excited about the idea until it came out.
  14. Angus Krozz New Player

    The only way to get a better dev teams is to replace everyone that works there including management. Then find real game techs plus developers.
  15. SHUSHHH Well-Known Player

    fix this already got damnit this utility belt been like this since launch of t5 and mepps did say it wasn't right so fix it
  16. Ala Rebelde New Player

    Come on devs, fix the DPS Belt plz.
  17. FullMetalTitan Committed Player

    I remember when I got my 87 one... I was like hell yea lv87 a split second later I look down. 3 consumables.. I rage quit the game lol
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  18. Whiteroom New Player

    I don't know how many times people were "Oh Yeah! I'm needing on that!". They get so happy when they win and then notice the slots. So happy to so let down. Definitely a sadistic move by the devs, its cruel. They could at least make a few of the consumables worth while... but they are so useless.

    Just looked at Arkhams thread count. Total threads 2818, resolved 91.
  19. UltraElite Dedicated Player


    seriously every role has a non consumable 87cr belt

    is the BELT giving u guys THIS MUCH TROUBLE TO FIX?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    seriously its BEEEN TOOOOOOO LONG

    I have to say im really disappointed on the amount of attention this thread has gotten from the DEVELOPMENT TEAM
  20. Spike New Player

    Here is the truth why we cannot have useful belt, becasue we need spend 250 dollars for it.
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