87 LVL DPS Utility Belt

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by D4rkwond3r, May 21, 2013.

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  1. Senshirou Committed Player

    A clarification from the devs would be nice
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  2. Dump Truck New Player

    Will this every be fixed? Or is it intended to have 3 consumable slots? A developer response would be nice.
  3. D3athStrik3 Well-Known Player

    The 87 dps belt should be buffed to be even more op by making it 4 consumable slots, so I can use all my pi consumables at once.
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  4. Zim New Player

    I have seen the 87 DPS belt fall in the OPs and in Nexus and they both had 3 consumable slots.
  5. D4rkwond3r New Player

    And still here we go with no news on this.
  6. ASH New Player

    consumable slots are worthless for each role...still using my cr75 belts with 4 wildcards
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  7. Dump Truck New Player

    I'm still trying to rationalize the usefulness of this belt. But hear me out. If you are running Paradox you can put a trinket/HT mod of yoru choice on the first slot, sports drink on the second, a buff soda (to pop when revived) on the third, and a damage consumable on the fourth... And maybe, maybe it is sort of useful.

    But not really because only two parts benefit from sports sodas and the damage consumables are expensive and split damage badly on multiple targets.
  8. Dogico Loyal Player

    Yeah I was bummed when it first dropped for me, multiple trinkets (hell I'd be fine with just two) would have been better. I got flashbacks of a belt I got way back when, mid cr 50ish, that was four consumables. Straight wildcards is the best option.
  9. Whiteroom New Player

    I was wondering if some of the Expert consumable plans would make these worth while, any word on if any of them do enough damage to make this thing useful. Had one for a bit, but kept my lvl75 one until an lvl85 dropped for me.
  10. D4rkwond3r New Player

    I prefer having 4 wildcards so i can use Fos 1 trinket, CC trinket, SUpply Drop, Orbital strike. Then press inventory and after press orbital use Henchment or accomplice. Make 4 wild cards Please lets see it withing the next GU. You will get some love back.
  11. Dagg212121 New Player

    Much like the useless rings they are fixing in gu28 this should be included as well. I use the 86 DPS since the 87 is hot garbage. Devs please aknowledge and let us know the anticipated date of correction.
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  12. amazonianmale Well-Known Player

    Honestly all the best utlility belts should have 4 wildcards.
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  13. Clutch_GT New Player

    Pretty sure the Devs are just trolling us with this "cup holder", or better yet T5 in general.
    1.) garbage drop rates
    2.) cup holder
    GG devs ... GG
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  14. D4rkwond3r New Player

    Week after week passes and yet again no answer on this. No information posted in the Game Note prior GU28. Nobody cares? Really.....Give us something.about this issue. Treat your customers as they deserve and atleast give us a descent answer.
  15. Volaron New Player

    All utility belts should be wildcard. It doesn't even make sense to have wc/soda/wc/wc
  16. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    This has been submitted to the team. We'll update when we have further information.
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  17. Zur-En-Arrh28 New Player

    Hold on to those belts folks... this could be good news!!!

    C'mon Mepps.. make us happy :)
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  18. Ge0F0rce Well-Known Player

    Yea I have an item level 87 belt with 3 consumables and 1 trinket lol too bad I have 3 other trinkets I wanna use xD
  19. edenoftheeast New Player

    As I recall, I got a belt that is 3 trinkets and 1 wildcard for a healer role from BIA. Haven't seen one from there, family, and Nexus.
  20. Dump Truck New Player

    That is great news. Thank you!
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