87 LVL DPS Utility Belt

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by D4rkwond3r, May 21, 2013.

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  1. Zur-En-Arrh28 New Player

    I just contacted Mepps again, Respectfully asking for an Update!

    Will update if I get a response.

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  2. Ala Rebelde New Player

    Plz Devs fix the 87 DPS belt!!!
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  3. fireburstspam New Player

    still not useful? did it at least get bumped up to an 88cr?
  4. Zur-En-Arrh28 New Player

    I'll check later one.. but really does it even matter? Still not useful. :(
  5. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

  6. Zpred Dedicated Player

    24th of August an still no update? Come on mepps :D... My next quote will probably be 25th December :D
  7. Snix Dedicated Player

    Yes please I'd like to see this issue addressed.
  8. Spike New Player

    Dont expect miracles, they are just lazzy ;)
  9. H.. Committed Player

    A Wild Card in Every Slot !!

    Please, Developers I know this has been said before but - These Are Utility Belts - All slots Should be Wild Cards! (By the definition of "Utility" they really should all be "Wild Cards")

    Or, have some way of modifying the "Belts" thru R&D / Salvage etc..

    The amount of Gear in this Game is staggering enough already - why add so much more Gear (with their variations in slots) that people don't really want or, use?

    Unless this is this just to cause a handicap for players ?.
  10. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    I got it in bia the other day and I hope they change it soon its messed up that its gone on this long without being fixed .
  11. Ala Rebelde New Player

    Come on Devs! fix this useless Belt!!
  12. OGM_Madness New Player

    Devs, please, make belt mods:

    Cost of 3000 MoT to convert a slot to Consumable
    Cost of 5000 MoT to convert a slot to Trinket
    Cost of 8000 MoT to convert a slot to Wildcard

    1-time upgrade only, but you still need to pay the monthly fee to unlock them.
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  13. Dagg212121 New Player

    Was this fixed in the update?
  14. El El Committed Player

    No we deserve 4 wildcard slots for free,dont give them ideas.
    Not everyone has time to gather all those Mot,come on dude.
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  15. Ala Rebelde New Player

    Still waiting for the fix Dev's.
    Have a Nice Day.
  16. Zpred Dedicated Player

    September now... Nom nom lol, come on devs lets make it to December :D
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  17. Chelzoraan Active Player

    got this crap belt the other day and salvaged my Utility Belt of Invasion in haste because i saw 1 item lvl increase and PURPLEZ!
    then i realized it was 1trinket3consumables... what a crock of ****!
  18. The Hornet New Player

    Got two now. Sitting in my vault collecting dust where glorious, glorious trinkets should be. Killing me, devs.
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  19. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    This needs to be fixed soon the stuff that takes priority to be fixed in this game are insane I can never in all the time I've played the game seen one person ask about the animation for drinking a soda be changed but this is an important game issue that needs to be adressed.
  20. Crimson Corvino New Player

    I believe the only reason behind not having a utility belt with wildcard slots at hand of fate launch, was because using of pets trinkets was not restricted on PVP matches, and its was also because sodas and trinkets in general did not share same cool down time.
    Now that both those issue are resolved, i cant see why there's still no utility belt with all 4 wildcard slots :S. I mean come on devs, there's no room for being overpowered here anymore after the updates you did :S
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