87 LVL DPS Utility Belt

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by D4rkwond3r, May 21, 2013.

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  1. D4rkwond3r New Player

    Is there a specific reason for the 87 lvl DPS utility belt to have only 1 Trinket Spot? Who would ever use 3 consumables? Is this some kind of bug? The blue pve Utility belt has 3 spots for Trinkets and 1 for Consumable. Is there a specific reason for the 87 DPS one to have only 1 available spot for trinket? Is there going to be a change? Is it a bug or Not?
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  2. Zpred Dedicated Player

    Think there's 2 types 1 with 2 trinkets,1wildcard,1consumable.
    And 1 trinket 3 consumables... Annoying I know.
  3. Kordana New Player

    Seems like an oversight to me. Why give us a util belt we can't use?
  4. D4rkwond3r New Player

    Oh i havent seen any other type Yet. I find this new utility belt useless. Ok a bit of better stats from blue one but what the heck 1 trinket only?
  5. Shadow Vlad New Player

    I honestly don't understand why all utility belts aren't all wildcards.
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  6. D4rkwond3r New Player

    Me too. But i would like to see an answer from a dev on this.
  7. Sytenia Committed Player

    I picked up a controller belt with 3 consumables and 1 trinket or wildcard, the stats on it are soo much better but it's totally useless to me, I wont use it and I dont think anyone else finds use for it.
    It seems like a waste of an item.
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  8. D4rkwond3r New Player

    I get same feedback from all other league members that have it and from other friends. The item is sooo not usuable. I wonder why they made it like this.
  9. Dump Truck New Player

    The 87 utility belt is terrible, 3 consumables 1 trinket. WThell?
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  10. Zhiushod New Player

    Tank 87 Utility Belts is so so so much better, 1 Consumable and 3 Wildcard. Got it just the other day :D
  11. D4rkwond3r New Player

    So, the discrimination is on for DPS and Trolls what about healers? Any feedback from healer side?
  12. FrostCrescent Well-Known Player

    I won't say that trollers are discriminated as I got a lv87 troller belt from one of the mini bosses in T5A. It has 1 consumable/1 trinket/2 wildcard slots. However, I do agree that the lv87 DPS belt is pretty much useless because of the slots. :/
  13. uXix Committed Player

    I have seen great belts for ALL roles 87CR except DPS, the only one that currently drops from OPS for DPS is the crap 1trinket/3consumables which is completely useless.
  14. Quarknova New Player

    I think it was supposed to be 1 trinket 3 wildcards, they must have done something wrong and put consumables instead of wildcards.
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  15. cadaverhead Well-Known Player

    I'm holding on to my crappy 87 cr utility belt just in case they add a way to change the slots on them with x amount of marks one day.
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  16. Remander Steadfast Player

    Yeah, I also got a healer belt with 1 trinket and 3 consumables. Stats are great, but it's useless. No one carries 3 different consumables. Lame.
  17. Vexedbit Well-Known Player

    Here's a pic from another thread. I got this from a prowler in one of the ops.
  18. Zur-En-Arrh28 New Player

    I really do think this is true. Does anyone know (other then UP votes) how to get this on the DEV's Radar?

    Like I mentioned before I would suggest contacting them via Twitter. And spread the word. We might even see a fix in GU26!

  19. D4rkwond3r New Player

    Im glad you people contribute to this post. I hope we do get an answer sooner or late from devs and maybe who knows with the nextGU26 this to be fixed,.
  20. Zpred Dedicated Player

    I've just received the level 87 dps utility belt from captain nee in brothers in arms an I can say I'm very disappointed, 3 consumables 1 trinket? Wow straight to salvage, I mean what else could I possibly do with this?
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