Would you remove shotguns from NC max?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bape, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. Bape

    How many NC would prefer 200 dmg low rof gauss weaponry on the NC max instead of shotguns? How many VS/TR would prefer this idea as well?

    Would like to see how forumside feel about this from all 3 faction point of view.

    To the dude with the sig with all the NC shotguns auraxiamed PLEASE **** OFF lol.
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  2. ElCreepo

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  3. Xasapis

    Oh my, yes please remove the shotguns :)
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  4. Celenor

    Absolutely. Right now, you can kill infantry up close in .001 seconds instead of .005 seconds like any other MAX (numbers dramatized for effect), but then you have to reload. Give us a cycler/quasar equivalent and it will be a lot more combat stable, and remove the ability of other factions to cite shotgun maxes in their balance complaints.
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  5. Bape

  6. zombielores

    Shotguns are nice and all but they lack range/sustainability, they actually tie into each other as your often firing 1/3 of your magazine into your opponent when he's across the room from you forcing you to reload often, then you tack on a insanely long reload speed compared to the other MAXes.

    Also the fact that I cannot kill KA5 MAXes even with my max extended mag grinders just makes stuff more frustrating, because all you have to do to beat a NC MAX in a VS/TR MAX is hold S and left mouse.
  7. -Synapse-

    I would like to see the shotguns switched out for something more versatile, that way they'd get to be competitive at range, but at the cost of not being able to instagib other MAXes close up. That or they could have the ranged AI weapons added to their arsenal, along with close ranged stuff for TR and VS.
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  8. Luminiouscow

    Yeah, I would. I'd prefer the NC max to have guass railguns instead of shotguns.
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  9. Flag

    I remember back in beta when the scattercannons were awful (it's true, I swear) and the flametrowers were still in the game... I never did ask what those TR and VS at the time were thinking when the NC MAX actually killed them.
    Because after one of the harsh nerfes to the NC MAX during beta the only viable weapons for CQC were the flametrowers. :cool:
  10. Colt556

    I've always hated the stupid mentality that NC is the shotgun faction. NC is suppose to be the slow, hard hitting faction which is more than just ******* shotguns. I would GLADLY take a slow, hard hitting heavy machine gun over shotguns any day of the weak, no matter the situation.

    I think you'd be hard pressed to find many NC who would actually want shotguns over a big HMG or railgun or something.
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  11. Xasapis

    It's more of a dice roll when VS & TR equivalent in everything MAXes duel. Who gets the chance to do a bit more headshots wins.

    That is, when they are in range somewhat. If they are up close, the rapid firing weapons win (Nebulas in the case of VS).
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  12. Devrailis

    I'd like to see the shotguns replaced with paddles.

    This way I can spank those Vanu buns properly.
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  13. zombielores

    That is between TR and VS though and it should be like that with who gets the drop or who's more accurate or who's using the right weapon.

    Lets face it, most NC don't like a jotting marshmallows after 15m and most TR and VS don't like getting shredded up close, giving the NC 2 Gauss Saw strapped onto their hands would be a somewhat happy medium.
  14. Colt556

    Two gauss saw? **** that. ONE gauss saw.

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  15. andy_m

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  16. zombielores

    Yup, would love one big f*****g Gauss Saw, similar to W40K or Starcraft space marines.
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  17. Serialkillerwhale

    Why isn't this already happening?
  18. Shatara

    Given how slow TR and VS MAX guns fire already, a MAX-Gauss would be ridiculously slow...almost to the point where you'd be better off just spamming slugs...
  19. Posse

    I'd remove shotguns from the game directly
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  20. _itg

    I do like using the shotguns, but I'd be fine with this. Never going to happen, though, what with the SC refunds it would require and all.
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