Why do aircraft get to be anti-everything?

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  1. FaLI3N

    That is what my utility belt engineer is used for. Kill them with cheese and then hunt them down specifically as soon as they spawn another one ;) I seriously love my stealth mossie
  2. Flag

    That doesn't negate the fact that there is a problem with the game balance, and only serves as a distraction.

    Cynical and bitter. Yep, I got both covered.
  3. PKfire

    It's amazing how toxic Forumside can be
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  4. Flag

    At least this section of it isn't as bad as General Discussion.

    Which is nice, I guess...
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  5. PKfire

    When you replace common terms like 'overconfidence' with something holding a more negative connotation such as 'arrogance', you're definitely adding to the problem. I'm not really helping right now, either, but it needs to be said.
  6. Flag

    But it's true.

    If the situation was balanced (which it isn't) then it can be called over-confidence.
    But seeing how the encounter is bound to be extremely 1-sided if the Lib chooses to make use of that advantage, but isn't... that's not being confident. That's being arrogant.
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  7. PKfire

    Rarely are balanced situations brought up on these forums, you should know this, and I would hope that someone who spends as much time here as you would be able to retain a higher level of reserve when discussing these topics (as imbalanced as they are). But making it seem like dedicated Liberator crews pushed for or actively desire to keep and abuse changes from the Liberator update, and spinning it into a negative light whenever you do so, creates conflict where there doesn't need to be and only invites further hostility from both sides when this needs to be discussed and not thrown at each others faces.

    What happened with Liberator resistance to not only tank rounds, but dumbfire and Dalton rounds as well was unneeded, unasked for, and frankly for the 2-3 days it was up on PTS, untested. I really feel for you tankers (though you don't play right now) but we need to discuss what is happening and not berate each party into the ground whenever it comes up. And as a career Liberator pilot I can tell you with confidence my crew and most other crews feel the same.
  8. Flag

    I've tried. Do you remember how they went?
    I got shouted at, telling me to flat out accept the situation, that the lack of proper balance is here to stay so I might as well get on with things.

    Tell me then, how will things improve if so many (not pointing fingers at anyone in particular, although several names comes to mind) seems to be content with the situation? Some even flat out refuse that there is a problem, and some don't seem to even understand that there could even be one.

    I've tried being nice. And I'm tired of being told to just live with it instead of debating how to change things so the problem can be solved.

    To clarify, I'm well aware that no sensible lib crew asked for the buff they got. Yet my point that a lib which wilfully enters into the line of fire of an MBT is either arrogant or 'inexperienced' remains. You may call it overconfidence, but that implies a more even playing field.
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  9. Shockwave44

    Not when they carry 400 rockets.
  10. z1967

    But they don't carry 400 rockets. They carry maybe ~72 tops.
  11. Tcsisek

    But the rockets aren't really that effective, very good A-I but the nose gun is better against all other targets. ESFs do good damage but are fragile. I've never had to much of a problem (except for when I fly) look at my stats to, I play every play stile (more or less) my 5 favorites being ESF pilot (even though I suck), LA, smg infiltrator, vanguard driver, and last sniper. So don't accuse me of being unfamiliar with AtG attacks.
  12. Mxiter

    The maxxed rocketpod capacity is 6 mags.

    Enouth to destroy 6 tanks from the rear with perfect aim or 6 harassers with perfect aim , 6-20 infantries (depending of the pilot aim).
    i think that a kobalt/fury flash carries more potential damages.

    But ESFs are quite weak against any form of AA and event few infantries shooting at it with small arms can deal quickly enouth damages to deter it. (it takes around 150X143 damages bullet tier at 50-60m to destroy a non-composite ESF)
  13. Schwak

    Dalton was nerfed quite hard since then. While it can still 1 shot ESFs the numbers pulled are substantially less since they nerfed it against infantry and liberators. Almost all the successful lib teams I know have since switched to the shredder. ESF deaths to the Dalton I can confidently assume are down since the data you posted was compiled.

    Dalton: 18857 kills
    MBT cannons (excluding HE): 28912 (Vanguard: 13749, Prowler: 6704, Magrider: 5500)
    Again, no they don't.
    I guess since we are on a nerf path based on data sheets Vanguard needs a nerf against ESFs pronto don't ya think?
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  14. Tcsisek

    If any plane gets hit by a tank primary it deserves a swift death, even libs that get hit by one prowler round.
  15. Schwak

    And any plane that gets hit by a Dalton deserves it.
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  16. Alarox

    In what way has the Dalton been nerfed against ESFs?

    The whole point of what he was saying is simple. Daltons kill ESFs more than they kill most other vehicles. And the numbers support this. And, since then, there haven't been any Dalton changes that make it harder to kill ESFs.

    I'm genuinely confused here. What are you trying to show with these numbers?
  17. Schwak

    It hasn't. But the fact that it was nerfed to every other important target means less people use it which means if the death list was compiled again I'm pretty confident that the numbers will be substantially less. I don't know why this conversation is happening anyways, Dalton libs are free xp as far as most pilots are concerned.
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  18. Alarox

    If less Daltons are being used then, proportionally, they will get less kills. So as an example with arbitrary numbers:

    Dalton kills pre-changes:

    Dalton kills pre-changes, assuming 50% less Dalton usage:

    Less Dalton usage means less kills overall, it shouldn't change what it is that they kill.
  19. Flag

    Actually, the changes to the gravity modifier for the dalton was to make it harder to use against air targets. Not a recent change, but it was targeted at the Anti-ESF capabilities of the Dalton.
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  20. Schwak

    Considering that killing ESFs take substantially more skill to kill with a Dalton and anyone with a brain has moved on then in turn less ESFs are being Daltoned compared to other vehicles.
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