Why do aircraft get to be anti-everything?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Thpthpthp, May 19, 2014.

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    What do you prefer, that or an art gallery?

    Then change ESF resistances to their own guns to compensate.
  2. Volccis

    As long as its not tentacle ****, I'm fine.

    Yep, there is many solutions to compensate.
    All these balance issues we have in PS2 are getting me tired. The chance they would make another ESF update in 1 year is probably less than 1%. There is still Hossin and MBT updates coming and dont tell me how long those have been underway :p
  3. nightbird

    Back to the topic, aircraft isn't anti-everything, it's because it's flying is that hardest thing in this game and only people with no life learn how. People with no life in games=god.
  4. RaidsRUs

    *cough* Galaxy update *cough cough*
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    At this point, I don't think I'd want an MBT update.
  6. Volccis

    From absolute start it propably takes 25-50 hours to be good at flying and then +50 hours to good at aiming. Depends how much you focus on getting better. In FPS games you dont get better after certain point. After certain point you can just maintain your maximum possible skill level you have achieved. To get better in FPS games requires something physical, hand-eye coordinate and good focus. Healthy lifestyle helps :)

    So your biased opinion is very biased or you want to be good at flying but you cannot even after 200 hours. Or maybe you are trolling and you succeed.

    Oh yeah, I forgot it. But I think it will be same like Liberator update, stealthy and quick changes and then they forget it.

    Whats wrong with updates? ;( Well, sure balance issues would be nice to be fixed but hey, thats at least something new to try out for a while.
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    At the moment I have 0 faith in that they will do something good for the tanks.
    They listen even less to us tankers than they do to the sky knights and whales.
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    Why do heavy assaults get to be anti everything, and with zero resource cost....

    This thread is ********.
  11. Kunavi

    I agree that generally speaking there's too much versatility but that the main culprits are Libs and ESFs... And C4 on EVERY CLASS FFS!