Why do aircraft get to be anti-everything?

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  1. Alarox

    I know that, but that was so long ago and has nothing to do with these numbers.

    Arguing on assertions is so annoying.

    Your assertion is that all the good crews switched to the Shredder. You've got no evidence for it, and my own experience says otherwise. There's literally no way this conversation can more anywhere.
  2. Schwak

    And you nit picking data to fit your needs isn't annoying? You're so adamant on not using in game experience to talk about balance that discussions can never progress past 2+2=4. As much as this you want to make every discussion rock, paper, data, there are more things to offer regardless if you think it is biased or not. I play the game for how it is and I explain it how it is.

    I regularly play with top Liberator crews and I play against many as well. Me logging on from day to day is usually just flying around in an ESF. I only know 2 people that still frequent the dalton but they are the type of gunners that make shots that are hackusation worthy.
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  3. Flag

    I mentioned it in case someone took your post and used it as evidence that nothing was -ever- done to it to limit it's AA.
    But true, nothing recent that was specifically aimed at the anti-ESF capabilities.

    Just before I went on the break, I listened in to some of the debate about the liberator.

    And from what I gathered, some use the Dalton because it's what they're used to, and because they're chronic solo-libbers.
    Based on the ones who go with crews the shredder is seeing a lot more use.
    Even took part in some testing (with a sky knight and another guy) of the various configurations at patch day (before I went on break), and our conclusion was that the shredder is amazing. We knew that from before, but the improvements to the angles, and the nerfs against non-ESF targets for the Dalton, we found the Shredder was (still) much better the moment you're more than just a pilot.
  4. Tcsisek

    No the dalton can fly and the ESF can't fly to a spot were the lib can't hit it.
  5. Tcsisek

    nnhind sight that may be a bit harsh, 3 vanguard rounds would be better.
  6. Flag

    Don't stand still, and don't fly in predictable straight lines.
    There, the ESF is now in possession of the advantage.
    To shoot down a Lib?
    There was nothing wrong with the old 2 AP rounds from Van and Mag to kill a Lib. Especially not the Mag one, considering the extra difficulties it has relative to the other tanks.
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  7. Shockwave44

    Try almost 100.


    If they stay above your vehicle, they will kill you eventually because you cannot defend yourself.
  8. Shiaari

    Mmm, my Heavy Assault is anti everything, for sure, LOL!
  9. FigM

    Why does Infantry get to be anti-everything?

    Infantry got 5 classes plus MAX. Infantry got lots of anti ground vehicle weapons, anti air weapons. Infantry is the only class that can actually capture bases. Why does infantry get to be anti-everything?
  10. Sebastien

    Because Infantry can't escape from anything that wants to kill them.
    Speed is King. That's what makes some things OP and others not.
    Nearly everything that has been labelled OP has been fast.
    ESF at launch, Libs at launch, ZOE MAXs, Harassers, and Libs once again.
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  11. FaLI3N

    I managed to solo a 3 person lib yesterday (I am a pretty bad pilot so I am assuming they were terrible) and they just landed to 3 person repair when they were set on fire. The ESF can have all the advantages it wants but unless it has something to kill the engi's as they pop in and out of the vehicle whilst outputting damage to the lib to stop them from taking off again then you are screwed.

    I flew my mossie into them at low speeds and then threw 3 AT mines under them and shot them. I won, still ridiculous that I had to do that though.
  12. FigM

    Infantry does not need to worry about escaping death - because they respawn instantly and with no resource cost. For infantry, death is merely a 10 second delay in action
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  13. Flag

    15-18 (I forget which), but that's just the finer details.
  14. Sebastien

    That's not the point. And the only way for that logic to be applicable is if Infantry only existed to be farmed.
  15. FigM

    That's the way it is now. If you want more meaningful gameplay with greater role separation between classes, SOE would need to redesign the whole game. Simply tweaking air and ground vehicles isn't going to work without also changing infantry
  16. Sebastien

    The faster you are, the less ability you should have to counter aspects of the game.
    The ability to move faster than whatever can hurt you means you can dictate the terms of engagement, you have the power to come and go as you please. That's why Infantry has the most flexibility, because they're at the mercy of everything else in the game.
  17. SNAFUS

    Not going to say that all the good gunners went shredder as there are a still some left daltoning but the numbers have shifted dramatically. Now mind you I can't offer you some spread sheet with server averages but I can offer my unhealthy amount of time spent in the air as experience, and from what I have scene lately is the shredder is becoming more numerous versus daltons. There are only a handful of Ace dalton gunners left in the game which can regularly hit ESF and those numbers are always shrinking, the rest are your medium to low skill level gunners that rely on luck more then anything when it comes to hitting another aircraft with a dalton.
  18. FigM

    You are forgetting such a thing as lock-on missile. Impossible to dodge, super fast, super long distance.

    If 5 infantry guys use them as a team, they can pretty much clear the skies in a minute

    Also, it's important to keep in mind that the games are meant to be fun. If you keep nerfing things to the lowest common denominator, it'll quickly devolve into tedious and pointless gamplay. We are already seeing that trend in PS2. Without significant redesign to concept of infantry, this game can't be fixed. The root of all problems is infantry.
  19. Alarox

  20. Sebastien

    Oh man, lock on missiles, what a disaster. Whatever will you do now.
    Just equip Flares. Like holy ****, you're literally given the tools to negate Lock-Ons for how ever many seconds, not to mention they show up on your minimap now when fired, so you can play Wild Weasel like it's Vietnam and you're pounding **** AA nests with ARMs.

    And if you get 5 ESFs you can kill all of them before they kill all of you. Sure they can respawn, but that doesn't erase their death and the Certs in your stack.

    1/3rds of the game alienating the other 2/3rds is what will kill the game. Challenge is great, but getting your **** pushed in by someone with all the cards is not.
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