Why be a NC?

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  1. Grimleyblack

    I'll take a duel fracture or Mercy max over ours any day.... also NC don't want to be POLAND!, face it no one wants to be poland
  2. SgtBreastroker

    That is a silly statement to make. If that is the case why don't TR have ownership of all three continents? Why don't they get dominating victories in alerts despite having +20% pop advantage over the other three factions? Why can't NC defend against their pushes?

    There is no superior faction on Briggs. All factions are equal more or less.

    TR will go back to the underdog faction of Briggs after the warpgates are rotated. I guarantee it.
  3. SgtBreastroker

    And that means nothing. NC had highest pop for a long time on Briggs.
  4. Grimleyblack

    IT does mean something, these stats are from the beginning of time not just recently, from the begining of time the overall result is that NC have been targeted by both factions.
  5. y3ivan

    you seriously believe warpgate rotation will encourage more players on that faction? Do you even play PS2 since NOV 2012, where TR had the north warpgate but still having pop of 25-28%.

    I have been playing long enough to know that it hardly influence anything in F2P, but once a faction is given "easy Mode" AKA "easy certs" this will gather more players on their side, typically the F2P players.
  6. Algernon

    This is a shot of Briggs from yesterday. On Briggs we NC had 40%+ pop for about 4 months, this recently changed over the past two weeks. 40% pop we were dominating and as a result many immature briggs NC players incessantly trolled and insulted our opposition, now that the pops are evened up is it any wonder our enemies choose us to punish? Also this is a screenshot of one point in time, 15 minutes later the TR pulled out to secure their western flank and the opposite concentration of fights was true. I could just as easily of taken a ss of that and made the argument for the opposite case.
  7. Adinatore

    Can I say that I defected from the TR and joined the NC because the weapons look cool and sound cool? Or is that too logical and not argumentative enough/not enough MAX hate/not enough population hate for an explanation?
  8. Grimleyblack

    I see where you going with this and I would agree if the stats of the top 50 players Daveske posted didn't support my picture that NC have been targeted since the game launched and now even more so since the TR got strikers, it just makes sense for Vanu to hit the faction that does't have superior air power and the same for the TR, the Reaver is not that great in comparison to the Mozzi or Sythe. which is why so often NC infantry are forced to duck and cover because the enemy owns the skies.

    NC on Briggs up until recently have been quite possibly the most uncooperative faction on the server, how many times have an NC push been steam rolled because TROL & VFD have tag teamed and decied to roast some blue bacon...
  9. Algernon

    The screenie of the 50 top players supports any number of theories, the simpliest of which is the majority of the time the server has been in existance NC has been the dominant pop and therefore would be in the greatest number of battles and would have the greater number of casaulties. Statistics can be used to prove many things, doesn't mean those things are right. Looking at my own breakdown of enemy empire kills it is about 60% Vanu 40% TR, I haven't targeted Vanu at all, it has happened simply because in the times i have been on in the last 6 months, Vanu have had the greater front coverage, have had a cont lock i wanted to break or were winning an alert i wanted us to win. All I am saying i guess is the simpliest explainations for me seem to be the more likely to be true. I guess I believe that the average player is going to log in and spend their time where the fights are and usually that will be against the over-pop faction not because of a conspiracy theory to bring down any faction in particular.

    I also agree with you in NC has been relying on force of numbers for too long and we have not got the core co-ordination that our opposition forces seem to have built up. I am hoping that this period of NC having to struggle will bring this level of co-operation to our ranks. (and secretly hoping we don't get the 4th faction back, suffered much less tk's in the last two weeks ;P )
  10. y3ivan

    Not really sure about current situation, i still getting support from allies and still have decent outfit from 41BN. I dont run in indar and mostly on platoon and outfit seems cooperative.

    Personally from my 4 months playing PS2 in briggs, NC seems to be the most cooperative faction. Engineers will immediately repair MAX rather than tubing spawnrooms. Vanguard damaged mid-battle, a squad of engineer will not hesitate to repair it. Screwed in a 2 to 1 dogfight, immediate reaver reinforcement rush to the aid (this no longer exist - hardly any major reavers up in the air).

    hardly to have any good support from the TR side typically with MAX and Prowler. Stealkilling is rampart amongst casual players.
  11. hansgrosse

    Why be NC? Because we have the coolest looking tech and awesomesauce generic rock music, of course!

    We're also a sort of mash-up of Starcraft Terran and Firefly Browncoat flavors, if that does it for you.
  12. Grimleyblack

    Its not just the small things im referring to its the larger picture, Im talking about outfits actually talking to each other organizing assaults and talking outside of game. not just on Cmd channel, the Vanu already have this setup, at the mo the NC is like a group of shy kids in a room each taking up a corner not wanting to talk to each other.

    We need to get out of the mindframe that your outfit is better then the guy next door and actully talk to them, be like "Hey we can actully defeat this zerg if we pool our resources"
  13. y3ivan

    are there any major outfits left in NC Briggs besides 41BN?

    as far as i can tell most of the NC outfit has been dissolved

    AUNC = active medium
    TTWC = active size?
    OC = small
    IB = ?
    KARP = dead
  14. BundyMcBeefy

    IB 's Still here... a few Basterds have gone inactive and still actively recruiting.
    http://basterds.net - There's a Basterd in everyone.

    SO, Back to the Original post.
    Why be a NC?
    1. Gaus Saw (If you use it - Hell, I don't)
    2. Dad's Rock Guitar music Intro (if you swing that way)
    3. Close Range (under 10m) ownage Max ()
    4. Tank with Shield (if you own a Tech Plant)
    5. Weaker Rocket that can shoot around tree's
    6. Recoil that turns you into "hard mode" player (not my words... I don't agree)
    7. Flying Box with wings that handles like one.

    Am I still missing the "Striker", "UberWeapon firereate", "Straight Bullets", "SpeedDiscoSlideExtraDPS Max" signature weapon that can clear the Room or Skies?
  15. Choppy89

    I don't know what the big deal is though. Those people who run to dominating factions for certs are a bunch of *******. The more there is to shoot at, the less you will miss.

    People need to quit crying poor and actually get down to killing each other. There is no such thing as a 360 degree player. I am good with some classes and vehicles and not others. I am good in some bases and not others. When I find myself in a foreign situation I rely on my squad mates to help me out and when they are in trouble I will help them. I don't care how the enemies weapons are on paper or the kill stats behind them, I only care about learning to use the weapons I have available to me and how I can be a better squad leader/member.

    Crying OP means your a female dog(*****) who shouldn't play the game. Yes we now have a crappy warp gate, yes size of fourth factionors has grown and NC numbers have begun to dwindle, but at the end of the day this doesnt mean one faction OP or UP. If you disagree with me then feel free to go play another game(chess or checkers if your looking for balance). You don't "need" to play PS2. Your constant female dogging(********)is just waisting everyone's time and oxygen.

    This isn't directed at anyone in general, but is directed at everyone generally.

    See you on PS2
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  16. Algernon

  17. Rasp

    There are a lot of conspiracy nuts in NC Briggs. No one targets your faction you have just had the dominant population for the longest period of time. How do I know this? I have been playing since the server started and also command the TROL army.

    Since people clearly have no idea what targeting looks like and because of some ***** from IB posting nonsense on this forum for the next week I will be targeting IB every time I am on except for alerts. Since your outfit is hardly ever noticeable anyway I will just have to target your faction.
  18. NinjaTurtle

    It's not that bad, although it is **** for taking our air it is good for ground vehicles. Even if you don't get the kill you will get some good amount of experience when it eventually goes down.

    I love using it against engineers in their turrets because it is a OHK on them whilst they are in it. If ever you have people gunning you down from a ridge or hill the Phoenix is great. I only last night had 12 turret kills in only a couple minutes whilst fighting at Camp Connery, not to mention all the other infantry I was able to pick off because they were slightly injured already.

    I had a 30+ kill streak in less than 10 minutes using just the Phoenix.
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  19. KenDelta

    I play NC cuz of the MBT model.
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  20. SgtBreastroker

    Accumulated stats don't mean much. You really need to get more specific. Look at how much factions get targeted at specific warp gate positions.