Why be a NC?

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  1. Nobalification

    cry moar NC omg. . . ´´TR HAVE STRIKER´´ and? its useless. . .
  2. Quite Spiffing

    Strikers of the TR should have all 5 rockets miss if a flare pops, I'm pretty sure it is a bug that the other 4 hit.
    VS has ZOE MAXes, this is true, they are awesome, but they also light up real fast, just aim all you've got at them.
    VS Magriders have been an argument against them since the dawn of ******* time... quit it already. it isn't that good. It has mediocre armor, it's strafing ability is mostly there to be able to keep moving while keeping the turret on the target, as it is fixed to the front. Their main gun projectiles have a slight bullet drop, but also fly real slow, even the slow as heck Vanguard can dodge that...

    You should appreciate your faction more, you whine about what you do not have, but do not give credit to what you do have. Overshield for your Vanguard, while short in duration negates LOTS of damage. the riot shield for your MAX is basically cover for infantry, or for the MAX pilot itself, while reloading it's guns. Striker requires lock on, Phoenix pisses on that as it doesn't need it. Ignores flares and flies straight at the facing target, and the silly screen flash is not even a valid argument.

    Every faction is different, if you want the stuff of the other factions then play the other factions.

    NC: High armor, heavy hitting.
    TR: Speed, lots of bullets.
    VS: maneuverability, accuracy.

    People still don't seem to grasp the idea that every advantage has a disadvantage in this game, it is starting to piss me off.
  3. CupBoy

    Yet it's the most popular non-default rocket launcher in the game.
  4. Nobalification

    cuz is broken. Every man who know bugs use it. Its true.
  5. Quite Spiffing

    It is not useless, just saying. It's a handy tool to deny air, to shoo them away, and though it isn't all mighty powerful "lolftwbbq urdead" it is still a good support.
  6. Greyfrog

    Rofl. I look forward to this TROL targeting.
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  7. NietCheese

    Cut the crap. Ths Striker is the 2nd most effective anti-air tool in the game and only the TR have it.

    How often do you see an NC Liberator? I see one, once in a blue moon. NC don't even bother flying them anymore because Lockdown Maxes and Strikers dominate them in seconds. Hell, most good Reaver pilots that we had have switched to Vanu to fly Scythes or they have left the game in frustration.

    The TR are handed two extremely powerful anti-air tools which means the NC can never obtain air domination against the TR unless they have vastly superior numbers. So the NC armor are constantly dealing with skies filled with Scythes and Mosquitos.

    Not only that, the armor has to deal with extremely high DPS Lockdown Fracmaxes and Strikers on the ground.

    We have the weakest ESF, the weakest armor, and now, the weakest Max.

    But we have the joke weapons -
    - A 300 meter rocket that you have to stand still while guiding to the target.
    - A Max shield that erm.. well what's it good for exactly?
    - Very slow firing, slow projectile speed Ravens that the Max has to stay exposed to guide to target. While exposed he is copping tank shells... Great weapon that one also.

    It is very obvious why the NC is struggling, we keep getting gimmick weapons that are very situational while the other factions are handed powerful and versatile additions for their arsenals.
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  8. BundyMcBeefy

    TROL targeting: Zergfit incoming, disco Max's & Sliding tanks everywhere.

    Be Afraid.... Notice I didn't talk about air? I just assumed they passed by a TR hex and got shot down.
  9. daveske

    I welcome your attack on NC because in my experience as a long term reaver pilot, TROL do not possess any scythe pilots who are even remotely capable of taking out our flying bricks. I do however expect you to hold true to TROL form and bring a swarm of 14 year old AA maxes to even the fight.
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  10. Craig1287

    I'm sad that my group went with the NC. We hate their ESF, we hate the Phoenix, we hate their weapons (overall), we hate the Maxes guns as well as the Maxes ability, and while we don't hate the Vanguard, we would much rather have the Magrider. Also, a minor thing, the VS have a slight advantage at night. Then there is the yellow camo that people will use to try and blend into the NC players and just run through there with a suppressed SMG till someone finally Q spots them on accident, and then they cloak, rinse and repeat.

    If we had a choice, we would go with the TR for sure. Their Mosquito and overall infantry guns (plus the Striker and new Max ability) are so much better than everything the NC have.
  11. AzureKnight

    Ya know, I made an NC on one server that had mostly NC for the sole purpose of my wanting to have 'easier' fights with strength in numbers. I have Vanu and TR on other servers where the pop was lower at the time for those factions specifically because I wanted to fight uphill battles on those servers. What I've found is that on the NC server, despite having 10% more pop, and in a few cases 20%-30% on continents, NC still gets stomped. As VS and TR, I end up with groups who steam roll everything in their path despite number disadvantages.

    Since I like sniping, I like the NC's starter rifle best which is why I predominately play as NC. I'll probably continue to play as NC though.
  12. 9Fingers

    I don't really understand how on Briggs NC have gone from being ridiculously over populated to being under pop? Is it really the weapons or warpgate? As a TR player I find the northern warpgate tedious. Sure I can see that it has some strategic advantages but it's just not as interesting to me. I actually enjoyed the SW warpgate the most when we had it. If I were an NC player the main reason I would have swapped is because I don't like being on an over-populated team - there's zero challenge. I was enjoying being the underdog as TR there for a while - maybe that's just me.

    As for the guns etc. I enjoy playing as NC the most out of all 3 factions. I have only stayed TR because that's what I picked first, they were underpop and I like the guys on my outfit. I even like the Reaver. Sounds good and I love the vertical thrust it offers (and the airhammer is great fun). To me the LMG's offer better variety and most are better than our TMG50. NC also remind me of the browncoats from Firefly for some reason.
  13. Alarox

    Completely superior to 7 launchers.
    Every AA specific launcher in the game, and every AV specific lock-on in the game, plus the Annihilator, ALL AT ONCE.

    But hey, Striker useless.

    By your logic, the ONLY useful launchers are:

  14. Usomadbrah

    Agreed. Since the new update with TR lockdown burster/fracture maxes. TR has consistently wiped the floor on all alerts and large battles, every night on Briggs.
    NC are fun as the underdogs, but sometimes it gets a bit ridiculous.
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  15. 9Fingers

    I tend to think that's because we've gone from being under populated to often having the highest pop. Would players really swap to TR so they can shoot down a few more aircraft with strikers and bursters? Sounds like a boring reason to swap factions.
  16. SgtBreastroker

    Wait, what? No way. Striker is the superior ESRL out of the three.
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  17. WV17

    SE wargate.... how is this topic still going on!!!! Once the line is pushed back to the circle including Feldspar, Rashnu and Tawrich rec (not difficult for either VS or TR zergs) NC is rooted... With basically no resources and only bastard narrow canyons to push out through. Not to mention when (any faction) has all three major bases in that bottom right-hand corner they are still cramped... The area that Rashnu, Tawrich and Zurvan cover is TINY compared to the other 2 sets.

    Hence the question is NOT about faction balance but map balance WHICH I MIGHT ADD has been the case since beta. The lattice system only making it even more obvious! Anybody of any faction talking about faction strength is merely making an attempt to whip out their ****** and suggest that they play for the UP faction. This topic has become redundant due to said ****** circle-jerking.
  18. BundyMcBeefy

    This was not the topic, hell we all know how that one works.
  19. Wulfen109

    why am i not surprised? lol
  20. Greyfrog