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  1. AdrianM

    Also im glad you feel this way penguin
  2. EliteEskimo

    You're a piece of work because you literally don't know what a zergfit is, how Mattherson outfits operate, or have a clue what tactics they use, and you've got your head so full of rocks you're convinced Mattherson outfits which can field over a platoon just throw numbers at things. This means no significant tactics, no significant coordination, just throwing numbers at location. I hope you realize just how moronic that sounds when you make that claim.

    The thing is I originally wasn't part of the Black Widow Company when I first joined Mattherson the day it launched, I was a part of a small outfit of less than 2 squads called the Wolf Pack Company. I actually would join the 903rd public Platoons, AOD, and would follow along with BWC before I joined them. The way each outfit operates is significant in difference, I can say that from first hand experience being within their platoons and just seeing what they do being on Mattherson since day one it launched. Perhaps you should try rolling with the outfits on Mattherson before making these arrogant and completely false statements.

    You said Mattherson outfits were skilless scrubs, that was your plain statement which reflects how I initially responded. You also said DA doesn't drop a platoon on a base of lesser population, which doesn't need to be said. Of course DA won't drop a Platoon on 3 guys, they never had a platoon to begin with so how could they? Maybe you should learn Mattherson's outfits, before making statements that I should learn to read .:rolleyes:

    You're a lost soul when it comes to knowing about Mattherson outfits, and by your standards any outfit that can wield over a platoon is a zergfit. This means that AT, GOKU, SG, VCO, 903rd, BWC, VG, GOTR, would all represent zergfits which is blatantly false. Can you say you've been around each and everyone of these outfits, or been within their platoons to know how they make use of their numbers? Or are you as I thought, simply making crap up?

    I'm not going to 1v1 you because you don't know how to have a simple discussion or accept that you're wrong. I'd challenge you to an arm wrestling competition in real life or perhaps a weight lifting competition but that's out of the question. I'm in no state to verse anyone in game as SOE's patches have taken awaythe improvements from PU1 and I now deal with an average of 17 FPS until I upgrade this summer. :p
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  3. Malcmodnar

    Jaeger VS here.

    As someone who's been with Waterson for quite a long time, I can attest to the fact that things change. I remember when one couldn't set foot outside a spawn room without five HE Prowlers putting you on the respawn express. I remember when single squads routinely held bases against 48+ TR zergs. I remember the brief, terrifying tide of spandex that was the brief VS overpopulation of Waterson.

    Used to be that the TR where server-devouring nightmares, while the NC were laughably uncoordinated. Now the NC got their act together and the TR just can't keep up. Things change, and I agree that we're not what we used to be. Sure, we've got some talented groups, but they don't often coordinate... until recently.

    As of late, it seems some of the old outfits are starting to work together again. You can see it in the alerts; we've, as a faction, finally gotten out of the "alerts can't be won" mindset born of a crippling lack of population. I suspect that Waterson VS will be up to our old standards in a few months. Vanu help you all when we do.

    And for my spandex-clad comrades, Waterson will welcome you with open arms.
  4. Calisai

    I need to. I'm getting burnt out on my main... I end up trying too hard to participate in alerts, feel like I need to lead squads and find good fights... and it's becoming harder and harder....

    It's good to kick back once and awhile and just relax. My time on Waterson is pretty chill... just lonewolf my tank and go where the flow takes me, finding the good fights with no intention of actually accomplishing more than just killing stuff. :)

    One more play-session there and i'll have my PC aurax'd... Then I can start on the FPC. :D
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