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  1. TheShrapnelKing

    It's impossible to know if you are or not.
  2. Epic High Five

    Mattherson is, first and foremost, the most sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek server.
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  3. Paragon Exile

    Well, now you know, and knowledge is power!

    Mattherson is still objectively better though, but don't fret my poor benighted ShrapnelKing.
  4. TheShrapnelKing

    And that is why I still say you're wrong. I do not buy the notion that better outfits = better server, that is only true if that is the kind of dynamic you're looking for.
  5. TheShrapnelKing

    Funny, most of the gloating didn't seem very sarcastic in the past, it felt very much like you were all trying to prove your server was better because... I don't know it makes you feel better than everyone else and that strokes your egos I guess.
  6. Epic High Five

    Honestly we've been trying to downplay it lately because we're sick of it getting dragged out in every other thread. It's a joke to us but jokes wear thin
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  7. Paragon Exile

    Of course, if you're looking for happy fun time and mowing down hapless idiots, then don't play Mattherson, play on Connery. Mattherson and Miller are the most skilled overall and organized, and they cater to people who RP more often than not.
  8. TheShrapnelKing

    Well judging by how everyone who isn't from Mattherson reacts, either no one clued in that you were telling jokes, or you really were trying to prove superiority. Forgive me if I find the former explanation absurd.

    You yourself may be a jokester but trust me, people like Eskimo aren't kidding. I think he really does believe I'm playing on an inferior server and, even if it's not conscious, unconsciously that makes people like that feel good.

    Psychology, sir, it explains much.
  9. Paragon Exile

    I can't help it if my server is better than every other one, the ego boost is more-or-less incidental

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  10. TheShrapnelKing

    If you know that then why do you people keep trying to prove everyone else's server is inferior?
  11. TheShrapnelKing

    It's not better, it's better for you.
  12. Epic High Five

    We were cloned-in-tanks this way, we didn't have a choice.
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  13. dstock

    +1 for making me stop and figure out how to pronounce that. I lol'd.
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  14. Paragon Exile

    Because they are. At least in the scope of what I mentioned.

    I'm sorry, it's just the truth; Mattherson is the top server when it comes to skill and organization. There's really no debating this.
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  15. TheShrapnelKing

    Miller will probably want a word with you, but my point is you're reaching a false conclusion.

    Your server is not better because of it and even after having joined it I still don't think it is. What it offers is a different play experience, but I don't particularly enjoy it any more than I do playing on Waterson. It's just different.
  16. Paragon Exile

    So you admit what I'm saying is correct, then you say I'm incorrect.

    I don't understand that.
  17. TheShrapnelKing

    Mattherson has better outfit play and better organization and is generally more competitive than other servers.

    Yes. Fine. I know that. That doesn't make it a superior server.

    I for one didn't go to Mattherson and say to myself "WOW I can't believe what I've been missing this is so much better than other servers why would I ever want to play anywhere else?!". I thought to myself "Well they certainly know what they're doing."

    I feel no more enjoyment out of Mattherson than I do Waterson. I do not feel that by playing on Waterson I am missing something. I do not feel like I'm choosing something inferior, that is clearly worse than other options - if I did, there wouldn't be any reason for me to play there.
  18. Paragon Exile

    Except in the scope of what I was saying. In that respect, it is leagues better. That's all I was saying.

    That's your right.

    You seem to be taking this personally. Don't.
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  19. Coltorl

    Jesus **** man, you're hard of for Mattherson is showing and it's time you chop that dick off and see the world through the eyes of someone who isn't blinded by hormones and testosterone. I truly believe that there is no 'good server' and you saying that all the PS1 outfits moved to Mattherson and Miller is a complete lie. Hostile Takeover, Future Crew, 666, TRG, SMF, PcP all picked Connery as their home. And all those outfits were considered one of the best, if not the best outfits of the original Planetside. So please, just **** or ptfo and stop with your Napoleon complex on forumside.
  20. EliteEskimo

    Play on Friday Night during prime time from 5-11 P.M play in an outfit, preferably VCO. That should give you the Ultimate

    Mattherson experience.
    Nope I wasn't kidding as far as what I was saying about Mattherson is the best US server hands down. During primetime Mattherson literally has the most epic Planetside 2 experience one could hope for on an American Sever. In Mattherson zergs don't last long because the outfits eat them, this leaves more time for all out Brawls between outfits.Zerg Vs Zerg gets boring after awhile, but outfit verse outfit can get very interesting. I've played on Waterson, and other than the Tankers on TIW, CSWIC in his Galaxy, and Prey if you're a fly boy I don't see what interests you outside of a laid back atmosphere. But the thing is I play planetside to have fun and get excited and get my gameface on waiting for challenging enemies at every battle.

    Why not have constant Spartan moments at bases on a regular basis, Why not have constant Galaxy drops to secure facilities at the last second, why not have epic tank battles which involve flanking, tactics, battle formations over the common tank blob? Why not fight against outfits that will force you to actually think how to use strategy to break through their defenses? Why not be a part of massive coordinated manuevers both within bases and out in the open field? Why not be a part of a server where the Vanu are the best in World and even when they are under populated are a major force to be reckoned with? Why not be a part of a server where outfit's are named after DBZ characters and players from different factions have alts on the same server with different outfits to go with it? *a long time why not's later..* At the end of the day, you can try to come up with answers to all of those reasons to not be on Mattherson, but personally I think people miss out when they don't play on the server. The server is really fun to be on, the people are really fun to be killed by and to kill, and rivalries are great. Now if you don't care about any of those cool things, well call me surprised.

    Blinded by hormones and testosterone? Lol I have pride for my server and the people on it, sorry that you don't. If you don't believe there is no good server and that there aren't differences between them then I think you are the one in need of visual clarity. If you can't understand the difference in competition between Connery and Mattherson, which outside of my own opinion also I've heard from numerous players who have characters on both servers of the clear skill gap, then that's a personal issue of yours. I've obviously hit a nerve as you're the one who's getting upset lol
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