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  1. Verviedi

    I am extremely sorry I have set my main account to Waterson VS. The Waterson VS are quite possibly the most incompetent scrubs I have seen on a server. The NC are organized enough to set up complex strategies to wipe out our air, and the TR have sheer weight of numbers.
    What do we do? I made a list.
    •Ignore the glowing blue magrider with a Saron and FPC when the driver is screaming for a gunner.
    •Do massed infantry charges against the ever present NC tank Zerg.
    •Completely ignore the 56 billion PREY ground pounder reavers in the sky to shoot at a random lib at render range.
    •Attack a TR infantry rush with AP Magriders.
    •Put up 2 unescorted stock libs to counter a tank Zerg.
    •Ignore the constant ghostcapping from TR and NC to pile into a spawncamp fest 48+, then find out half the territory is gone.
    •Completely ignore the 8 stationary AP prowlers on a hill in favor of a stock sunderer.

    And that was all today. We seriously need to step up our game. I have a few questions to ask Waterson VS players.
    -Why can't we put up any organized aircraft?
    -Why do we lack good pilots?
    -Why do we ignore ghostcapping?
    -Why. The. HELL. do you refuse to leave the spawnroom?
    Yes. I'm guilty of all those things as well. I am not perfect.

    Waterson VS, we need to start playing well. We are the lowest popped faction, and the sheer incompetence I see from people is staggering. Sure, we have 6 or so good outfits and a couple high level players, but generally what I see is apathy. We just want to camp spawns, and shoot infantry than do important things like hunt tanks or Skyguard.
    I don't want to leave Waterson VS, but we seriously need to get better. Post your Waterson VS stories below, and suggestions for what we can do to stop being terribad.
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  2. DramaticExit

    I was playing on Waterson just now as VS, and yes the NC were totally outplaying the VS.

    I'm considering making myself part of the solution and joining a useful waterson VS outfit. Generally speaking it's outfits who just think a little who sort out issues like this, and while one player won't make a huge difference, 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 and so on, would make all the difference in the world.

    Since I'm not a waterson native (hell, the server is on the opposite side of the atlantic from me), I don't really know what outfits are the sort of thing that'd suit... I'm no MLGpr0 type, so I'd rather not join one of those self proclaimed "elite" outfits, nor do I expect they'd have me... But just an outfit that coordinates well. Any suggestions?
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  3. Verviedi

    Nope. Just about every outfit is 18+ and BR 50+, and I meet neither of those, so I singularly want to attach a rocket to a railroad spike and [DATA EDITED OUT BECAUSE OF EXTREME VIOLENCE]. Try Quantum Dawn.
    EDIT: Purplesaurus Rex is also good.
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  4. Paragon Exile

    Join the Mattherson VS.

    All your concerns will be assuaged.

    When fighting against the Waterson VS, I find them to be the most determined defenders and very dedicated. If nothing else, they try they hardest. What else can I ask of them?
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  5. Corporate Thug

    Join Connery NC then go back and play VS on Waterson, you will probably change your tune and laugh at how well organized they are in comparison.
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  6. Verviedi

    I have a Mattherson character (VerviediPrime), but I generally don't use him because my main character on Waterson has over a hundred hours (3 months of computer time) invested in him. I don't like playing on other servers because I lose all my attachments and the timers are so looonnnggf.
  7. Trudriban

    Not that I'm saying anything is wrong with the Mattherson VS, in fact quite the opposite: Mattherson VS is too damn effective for the good of the server. What you deal with against the NC as VS on Waterson, I deal with it against the VS as NC. Insane amounts of people that need to google "l2p", no leadership other than a screaming headless chicken in box format, and to top it off almost 50% of all BR100s of the server are in spandex.

    Personally, I'd either try for Connery VS (because from what I understand Connery is the most fun server for all 3 sides) if you'd miss your Orion more than a lower ping, or Mattherson TR if you want teamwork while not being the ub3r h4x r0flst0mp3r
  8. Paragon Exile

    While the Mattherson VS are technically 'dominant', admittedly by every standard (lol), you seem to think the TR and NC on the server are hapless idiots. They're not, they regularly faceroll us in alerts and in general gameplay. Recently, the NC and TR have been stepping it up in the co-ordination department as well.

    I don't think the situations are comparable in the sense that you are sing them.

    Believe it or not, according to PS2 Alerts, the Connery Vanu are actually dominant on Connery by a very wide margin. I think Connery's sheer weight of numbers balances things out more from a player perspective.
  9. Trudriban

    I certainly wish I was online at the same times as you, I have been seeing nothing but VS alert wins since 2013 and never see the NC even try to counter whatever the VS pulled whether it's air or tanks (it actually got so bad for me that my first forumside post was venting out about my frustrations to DA). For me it's gotten to the point where I see a 50/50 fight, expect the NC to fail epicly, and 90% of the time I only prove myself correct. I will give the TR credit on their improvement though, they're doing a great job recovering from the post-PU02 "Black Zerg" days where they had 20% during prime time
  10. IamnotAmazing

    because all of waterson lacks pilots, the few left including myself and a lot of prey have been playing a lot of infantry
  11. Paragon Exile

    During prime time, I think the NC win 25-29% of alerts, alongside the TR. The VS wins nearly 50% I believe. I understand that can seem disheartening, but I have every confidence that by working as a team and devoting yourselves to that team, you can beat us easily.

    I frequently see fights where the NC or TR repel us or drive us back, and you guys can hold a line with the best of them. Don't count yourselves out before you try!
  12. Verviedi

    PREY is as spammy as ever. I killed 4 of them today, and encountered at least 16 over a 4-hour period. I actually prefer engaging them 1 on 1 to attacking the swarm of BR 40 mossy pilots present over every TR base. TR also has very skilled lib gunners (I actually got daltoned today)
  13. Tommyp2006

    ya, I could tell, I was pretty shocked to see rguitar on the ground last night.
  14. z1967

    The short answer is late night VS.

    The long answer is that the chances of an alert happening during peak times is far less than an alert happening in the off times. VS get an obscene amount of players at that time (usually, I think it has been tapering off to be less VS players now actually :confused:). Large VS zergs steamroll the NC and TR because they have lesser pop (NC got down to 10% at one point IIRC) so that the CS basically dominate every night time alert. VS during prime time is literally piggy backing on the success of FCRW, SEX1(it was sex drugs lazers, don't remeber the tag), and some T42. The rest of them are just zerging or farming, making fights against the VS either complete dominations or free certs on legs/wheels.

    So yeah, you kinda have to be there to understand all of it but Connery is a fun server to play on. Assuming you are okay with Lib zergs by EXE, XPIV, JENK, ADK, DPSO, and any/every other uncoordinated zergfit there is on the server.
  15. Verviedi

    I ocassionally play infantry. I rotate Scythe, Magrider (If tanks), Lightning (If infantry), repeat. It's always good to develop all of your skills.
  16. GaBeRock

    I too play waterson vs. I don't know about teamwork, but I always seem to get higher session k/ds then on mattherson. I know it's confirmation bias... but if you don't mattherson, you don't matter, son. :cool:
  17. Vostogon


  18. DJPenguin

    Player for player, VS is the best on Waterson. Don't let these pockets of bad moments convince you NC and TR are superior.
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  19. GaBeRock

    (Am I doing it right?)
  20. Vostogon


    Or, Alternatively....

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