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  1. Coltorl

    Only difference between the two servers as I see it is that Connery has more population. And Mattherson houses AOD, I'm sure you guys are proud to call them your mates I've heard a lot of good stuff about them.
  2. bubbacon

    Never ...Ever...attack good farming. Why in seven hells did you attack that Sunderer?[/quote]
  3. LibertyRevolution

    ↑ This.

    Mattherson outfits just throw huge numbers at bases to win them.. This is their awesome "skill" and "tactics"..
    It is no different than say Waterson POTP.. They see a 1-12 and drop 24-48 on it, then talk about how good they are in platoon chat...

    Yesterday I attacking Sungray Amp, Me plus 2 random VS, versus like 4-5 NC (it was 60/40 them).
    We took the base from them, it was a good fight, about 30mins of back and forth, it was fun, fair, challenging fight.

    So we start repping gens, getting everything back up, expecting for those 4-5 to take it back and have more fun..
    What happens? NC drops 3 gals on us, 3 vs 24-48 with a 97%/3% pop.
    They dropped 3 maxes on each point with medic engineer support, they locked the place down.
    So what did we do? Redeployed.. there is no fun in fighting that.. I'm not even going to try to fight that..

    There is absolutely no skill, and no strategy in completely overwhelming a base like that.
    That is not the sign of a good outfit or tactics.. to throw 36 guys at 3 guys is a waste of men.

    Hope all your l33t outfit mates there enjoyed the time wasted and 0 kills they got at that base.
    I know I enjoyed the fact that a platoon worth of NC was sitting at sungray in max suits for no reason, waiting on 4 certs of XP..
    I made 18,000XP at sungray doing the 3vs5 before they showed up and zerged the base with their awesome outfit skills.
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  4. Corporate Thug

    Once again, Shooting is overrated in this game. The only FPS game that will allow you to level up with out any of the F P S'ing.
  5. Calisai

    Damnit, That's why my playtime has dropped so much.... I'm doing it wrong.

    Reading these forums and playing the game sober is what is killing me.

    Need to rectify that.
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  6. EliteEskimo

    Mattherson has way more outfits that are actually organized and can hold off forces much larger than themselves, they do Gal drops and AV nests on a regular basis, have hundreds of people from multiple different outfits redeploy to bases within seconds, the coordination we have over command chat is not common . Yes Mattherson houses AOD, we also have BWC,903rd, and VG. That's like saying to Mattherson VS I heard you houses Dapp while completely ignoring they hold outfits like DA which are the most competitive infantry outfit in the game and even beat FCRW. Grasping at straws already? Pathetic:rolleyes:

    Lol, Mattherson outfits don't throw numbers at bases they are a large force that works in unison and you being a single player are outnumbered. If there is an outfit with 2 platoons at its disposal do you expect it to send a platoon or a squad? Sounds like QQing of a lone wolf. Outfits move together as a team, and if they have to push a lane to open up another it happens. Your concept of fun being 6-8 man fight isn't even what Planetside 2 is all about. You expect people to cater to your small battle expectations in a massive MMO? Get real, and that same NC outfit would have also have done the exact same procedure against a platoon. I think your issue is you like to lone wolf and like small battles in a MMO FPS on a server with outfits that work more like tactical armies and not a few guys playing a COD Match.
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  7. LibertyRevolution

    Wow.. you are truly a server of terribad tryhards... :golf clap:

    A skilled tactical outfit would send 1 squad to take a base with 3 guys in it, and send the other 3 squads elsewhere..
    It is not skill to just set a platoon waypoint and zerg it with your entire outfit no matter the amount of enemy resistance there..

    So, you just proved my point, Mattherson outfits are zerging skillless scrubs..
    Even terrible players like you can win bases if you have 97% pop in the base..
    I bet you pat yourselves on the back for such and awesome win too!

    This is the l33t skill of mattherson outfits.. set a platoon waypoint and zerg that base with a crap ton of guys in skillsuits.
    See, you can't get this type of experience on any other server, except for .. well.. ALL OF THEM.

    What I expect is for them to not use the same procedure whether there is a platoon defending or half a squad.
    Overwhelming your enemy with numbers is zerging. Zerging is bad. Zerging is the sign that your outfit is bad.

    When I am fighting at a small battle and the fight is 40/60 them, they should not drop 36 more guys on to make the pop 3%/97% them.
    That is not skill. That is zerging..
    I don't care how tacticool they think their drop was, that is totally uncalled for waste of manpower and resources.
    You took a fun fight and wrecked it, turning it into a nothing but a 7min wait staring at an empty spawn room.. :golf clap:
  8. TheShrapnelKing

    Then be surprised.
  9. EliteEskimo

    Unless the other battles available were only massive size battles that a few squads would get annihilated in, or it made more sense to take the base together quick and then move out as a whole unit to the next battle which was heavily contested. Your assumptions are laughable and childish, but feel free to call NNG, GOKU, DA, AC, GOTR, V, and AT on Mattherson Vanu zerging skilless scrubs. It has opened my eyes that even after BR 60 on Mattherson you literally don't have a clue of how outfits work on Mattherson, then again your play style of playing off peak hours and finding small little battles means you really aren't taking part in what makes Mattherson special so you make assumption and hilarious exaggerations. You fail to analyze your own logic that because one outfit took one base you were at at and outnumbered you then applies to all scenarios, all the time, and for all outfits. You chose to play on Mattherson, particularly Mattherson Vanu which has the most skilled and coordinated outfits, and yet choose to not take part with them and then have the nerve to talk about them like you actually have experience playing with them.
  10. LIKE A BOSS!

    I wouldn't call DA zerglings and skilless scrubs.
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  11. LibertyRevolution

    There where 2 other lanes with 12-24 going on, and they choose to drop 36 on a fight with 3 guys.. So don't give me that line of crap.
    They just wanted to steamroll which ever base would be easiest.
    Mattherson is a camping simulator at primetime.. one spawn camp after the next.
    They pick the lanes with the least resistance and just steamroll.

    Mattherson "skill" lies in overwhelming bases with vastly superior numbers to ensure the win.
    That is not skill... that is a scrub tactic for people that suck at FPS.
    It is no different than guys that team stack on battlefield..

    My point is that Mattherson players vs Waterson players, Skill for Skill, Player for Player, Waterson has a much higher skill level.
    Mattherson has more large active outfits steamrolling bases with "tactics", but that does NOT make it a better server!

    By the way, "Mattherson Vanu which has the most skilled and coordinated outfits" which are you talking about??
    I agree DA is skilled and coordinated.
    But others like NTMR, DaPP, GOKU, GOTR, V, AT are all just zergfits...
    They would all get pwned by waterson outfits with half their numbers such as: [SET] [WGD] [RCN6] [UN1T] and so on...

    DA wouldn't drop a platoon on 3 enemies.. so they are NOT part of the Mattherson outfits that eskimo and I are discussing.
  12. LIKE A BOSS!

    But you literally just generalized all Matherson outfits as skilless zerglings so they must be included in this.
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  13. EliteEskimo

    You're a piece of work, DA typically only plays with 1-2 squads tops. They don't even have the capacity to field a platoon outside of competitions. You're a stranger on the server you play on, and further embarrass yourself by making these blatant exaggerations. Literally the ONLY outfit I know of that would regularly drop multiple platoons on 3 enemies would be AOD, and they heard pubs more than they are a coordinated attack force like 903rd/BWC.
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  14. LibertyRevolution

    How am I a piece of work??
    I didn't say DA zergs.. I said DA wouldn't drop a platoon on 3 guys.. maybe you should learn to read!?

    All the large outfits work exactly like AOD.. you seem to be too blind to notice...
    If your outfit can field more than 1 platoon, you are a zergfit, plain and simple.

    You wanna 1v1 me bro?
    Class setup: HA, NMG, Nano, NS-15m, irons and no attachments, primaries only, no nades.
    When you want to do this?

    DA should not be considered into anything when we are Mattherson outfits...
    On waterson, when talking about outfits, NUC or ZAPS or TIW are expressly left out of the discussion..
    They were so high above the rest of the server, they get cut from the curve.. DA fills that role on Mattherson..
  15. doombro

    You're all being a bit silly here.

    Tactics have their value, but so does proper resource allocation. As a member of a smaller tactical outfit, I say with pride that we go where we're needed when we're around. If there's a 50/50 and a 35/65 fight in the enemy's favor, we will always go to the 35/65 fight. If we are in a defensive meatgrinder with even pops, we will swoop in with a single galaxy, kill their AMSs with heavy drops, and leave unless a situation comes up. I can't speak for my outfit, but, I define winning as being on the offensive, not controlling X portion of the map. So, when we run as an outfit, our goal is to make sure TR is the one kicking in the doors wherever they are. Nothing more, nothing less.

    However, I've played with the "large tactical outfits" on waterson. It's less than pleasant. They can parade their wonderful tactics and galaxy drops all they like, but when they all go back to the warpgate, take 20+ minutes to load up a full platoon or two into galaxies, and send them all to a 12-24 when we already have a population advantage, I'm already beyond the point of containing my disgust. I'll just leave at that point. And that's why I more or less hate waterson right now, because it's all they ever do here. I've seen maybe one public squad in the past month that was putting their manpower to the best use. And even then, they didn't maintain it.
  16. LibertyRevolution

    You are right...
    I'm going to put eskimo and epic high five on ignore so I can leave this thread and stop the contest about who's server is better.

    Both waterson and mattherson are in bad shape.. the only good server left is connery anyways.
  17. Verviedi

    Thank you. This thread is getting derailed.
  18. dstock

    Come back to Waterson sometime and let me PPA for you, lol.
  19. Trudriban

    obligatory Planetside gaming gear:
    1) 7.1 surround sound headset
    2) God-tier mouse
    3) Friends in-game
    4) More Jack than common sense will allow

    Also thank you mister Weary (how do people usually shorten your name anyway?) for revigorating my interest in Mattherson. If ever my outfit goes the way of the dodo I will be looking at GOON next
  20. AdrianM

    Checkout VREV on Waterson Server
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