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Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by KiddParK, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Assist

    I'll have to remember that the next time I mow over some allies trying to jump on buildings :D Not sure it will help with the rage tells though :\
  2. Primalfears

    Reporting for duty!
  3. shinjorai

    There is no problem that cannot be solved by the use of high explosives.
    - Bumper Sticker
  4. Spudty

    Not sure if I need to post on here, been with you guys since beta. I hope to see more people join up.
  5. Khordel

    Khordel reporting in. Thanks for the invite.
  6. Khordel

    EOD techs have known this to be true since WWII.
  7. guitarxe

    So what server are you on again?
  8. KiddParK

    waterson east. the main Secondary Eastern server after matherson.
  9. Lueyja2

    Bump for justice
  10. WheezeHeart

    What's it like, looking through the window?
  11. Ttilt

    I visited the sentinels website but the server information listed there (only in the "mission statement" thread and not in the "how to apply" thread) is "Server: Currently West but final destination has not been chosen yet".

    The first post of this thread here in the official ps2 forum also doesn't have server information.

    What is the server the sentinels are playing on? I suggest updating the 1st post here and also the sentinels forums for new members who are considering joining.
  12. Brock_Sampson

    Reporting for Duty! The Sentinels are a great organization and I am proud to be a member. All loyal sons and daughters of Vanu should check out their website and consider applying. http://sents.enjin.com/

    @ Ttilt : The Sentinels server is Waterson [East].
  13. Inviso

    So we missed it on a single post stickied on our forums. Big whoop.

    It's at the top of the main image on the first page of this thread. It's on the front page of our website, it is stated multiple times on the few pages here. If people can't figure out what server we are on, they obviously are not really our type of people anyways.
  14. Voodooace

    Reporting for duty!
    If you want to be a real PS soldiers, Join the Sentinals Now.
  15. KiddParK

    actually the first line in the first post says Sentinels East Waterson Ranks list. it's in the image. SOE will not allow us to edit the first posts.. or ANY post older than 30 minutes, go on, try to edit the above one, you can't so lucky for us i put an image at the top of the page where i can at least alter it to tell people we're on waterson. The recruitment post has been edited as well, thanks for pointing that out. It gets busy round here sometimes.

    Love the Viso!
  16. WheezeHeart

    So uhh... reading mandatory? Damn.
  17. shinjorai

    Hope you guys are around saturday. We ran into a few of you on indar at a tower earlier. Good push guys. Hope yall are enjoying waterson so far. Been a lot of fun on our end.

    If youre reading this and you havent heard of the Sentinelts and youre on waterson you soon will. They are a great group and are always willing to work with others to achieve their goals. Theyre kicking *** on a daily basis and making a name for themselves. Stop by their website http://sents.enjin.com/ and read up about them. Not really sure what else to say except they all are really laid back and keep it about having fun. So do yourself a favor and save time looking for an outfit and sign up today! Your search for a great outfit ends here.
  18. KiddParK

    Shin's one of the ONLY outfit leaders as cool as me.. Add to that List Dullard, Naz and Platinum. When we're not running our separate allied outfits we fight crime in the name of Vanu... Here's the opening to our old TV show... oh Shin was afraid of flying, Naz was the crazy one... Dullard got all the ladies... i love it when a plan comes together...

    In 2003 a crack Vanu commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit.
    These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the auraxis underground.
    Today, still wanted by the terran republic , they survive as soldiers of fortune.

    If you have a problem,
    if no one else can help,
    and if you can find them,
    maybe you can hire....


  19. Argg

    VA Team... Kidd does the best cheeseball stuff. But seriously... ops were so much fun last night.
  20. WheezeHeart

    That's all part of the Sentinels bundle package. Available for a limited time only!

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