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  1. KiddParK


    Name: Sentinels
    Clan: Planetside Two (and star citizen whenever that actually happens)
    Faction: Vanu
    Location: North American WATERSON EMERALD SERVER
    Play-style: Serious-Fun (yes it's possible)
    Members: in flux
    Recruiting: Yes



    Here is the big 3 reasons you willl enjoy playing with us.. read on of course but here it is..

    We Don't Yell at You.. Ever. We don't tell you what class to play.
    We don't order you to stay with us if you want a night off and do your own thing.
    We want you to have fun first, everything else second.

    The Sentinels are not just another PS2 outfit. We are a community of players who love to play PS2 and do so more than is good for our health or sanity. The roots of this outfit stretch back over a decade to a group of Vanu soldiers in Planetside 1. They started playing together under the Warrior Nation banner on Markov, but eventually split off and started the Sentinels and they form the core around which this community has formed since they moved to Waterson to play PS2. We play to have fun, and we are always open to having another mature and slightly insane player join us.

    Our nightly operations are infantry centric. Everyone is expected to stick with their squad and use voice to communicate. Every Sentinel learns our fast moving but highly coordinated style of infantry play, (10 Point PDF Read HERE) though nobody is forced into any role and our infantry is almost always supported by air and/or armor. Players are encouraged to hone their skills and specialize - join the Reapers (air), Slammers (armor) or Shadows (infiltrators). Knowledge is power, and through science and by playing smarter than our enemy we will keep getting better and better at crushing the Terran Republic and the New Conglomerate.

    We are a close-knit community of players. We use Teamspeak to organize our highly effective organized and adaptive gameplay. We don't force players into roles, but we do expect everyone to follow our basic rules and treat friends and foes alike with a high level of maturity. Check your sanity and your ego at the door, and be ready to embrace a higher level of gameplay. You're not a number, you're not alone, you are a member of the team here to help you as much as you're here to help them.

    Look for an open SENT squad during prime time. Check out the simple 10 point SOP on our website and hang with us in our Teamspeak channel to get a better feel for how we roll. We're scary, but only if you're TR or NC If you like what you experience, you can find out how to apply to the outfit on our website.



    Sentinels Inviso and John Doe With the VANU KING T-Ray at SOE LIVE at Vegas.


    Sents are a great ally to have, love these guys. Can't go wrong joining Kidd and his crew.
    (Robo, Commander of Ghost of the Revolution)

    My server, much like my heart, is empty without the Sentinels in it.
    (Dullard, commander of Xen of Onslaught, retired)

    I recently joined up. So far, nothing but a positive experience, they make sure new guys feel right at home right off the bat. Solid group of people.

    Had a chance to run with the Sentinels a couple nights ago on a proper op. Top notch crew that gets the job done. Real teamwork, real leadership, real results. I had a blast and I joined up.

    Recently ran an ops with the Sentinel and I must say it was a blast. Night and day difference between running solo and with a well organize group. The leaders knew what they were doing, orders were given and executed with precision. I look forward to fighting alongside the Sentinels in future battles

    Hey, recently joined. I'm really impressed with this outfit, you can really tell the commanders aren't doing the leadership position for the first time, majority of these guys have been in command for a while and know what to ask for, not to mention be reasonable about it. Everyone is very friendly, and willing to help you, just need to ask. If you're out there looking for an outfit on VS side of Waterson, this is the place to stop.

    Played last night in your open group. Well organized. Enjoyed it. Was exactly what the doc ordered (Stringz)


    We've just introduced our 10 Point Plan in PDF form for our members to print out and help get everyone on the same page. Things like very specific ways to target enemy, move around, positioning, cover and a few other basic, but essential things that every member does to help everyone else. Have a looksee if you're interested. It's only 2 printed pages for ease of read.



    We are a founding member of the Vanu Alliance of Waterson (formerly Leda)

    VA Bylaws

    1. that every outfit should be autonomous. There is no commander of the VA.

    2. that all egos should be checked at the door. This is a team effort. Everyone is equal.

    3. every voice in the room has volume. (everyone's opinion is important and worthy of listening to)

    4. no single member represents his/her outfit. Example: Every outfit has members of varying play-styles, attitudes and opinions. Nothing one single member does or says will be held as official position of that outfit. Members that have problems or opinions that differ with the other outfits will remember this and act accordingly. This goes into point 5

    5. every outfit must respect every other one, in the game, on the forums, in RL at the Vanu Company Picnic I'd like to see happen one day. The fact that the vanu outfits have gotten together like this shows it right from the start. IF our respect for each other trickles down to the respective members of our outfits then it will do likewise in the battlefield.

    6. that the outfits are there to support each other when possible, but not EXPECTED to. If outfit A wants to head west, and Outfit B wants to head East... and outfit C want's to leave the continent. We all wish each other well and go our separate ways for the evening. Each one can put forth ideas why their idea is the best and why we should do it, but in the end, the first point applies that every outfit is autonomous and can do anything they choose without repercussion.”


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  2. Miztress

    Sentinels are back and better than ever!
  3. Sploosh

    Goodluck and enjoy the free bumps xD
  4. Miztress

    Hi there Sploosh! Nice to see you here. :)
  5. Inviso

    Come join in on the madness. We have drunken antics at times, but you can always count on running knee deep through rivers of TR and NC blood.

    We have some of the most skilled players I've ever had the honor to play with, and we push ourselves to new levels.

    You won't have an experience like this anywhere else.
  6. Sploosh

    Trying to keep the ally's bumped.
    10-10 beta tomorrow, better stock up on food :D
  7. Argg

    So Kidd got the word out on the grapevine that he was getting the old gang back together back in April. A lot of us were still in touch with a few each, and it echoed out like lightning. Within a couple weeks about 50 were back. With a good mix of our PS1 vets and new friends we're up in the 90s now.

    Its going to rock. Solid squads, real teamwork.
  8. Sploosh

    I'm glad you're with the VS, Argg :D
  9. Reizod

    Yes, very happy to know that the Sentinels are on our side!
  10. Sploosh

    Yeah, I mean without the Sentinels, there would be no VS outfit 100% completely dedicated to homosexual gaming.
  11. KiddParK

    well... besides toxin you mean...
  12. Sploosh


    So how's recruitment going? We've picked up a handful of lads off here, nothing too note-worthy -_-
  13. shinjorai

    Friendly bump from Quantum Dawn, great bunch of people in Sentinels. Best of luck to all of yall.
  14. KiddParK

    we just hit...


    members, which is nothing to the bigger outfits i know, but it's a milestone for us and I'm very happy about it....

    now to just get them all to post in HERE, and it may become more than a conversation between 5 people, sheesh.

    see you in game.
  15. Kujo

    I love the Sentinels.

    That said....I joined this outfit and I never got the cookies that I was promised! Bait and switch, I tell you! KP says they have cookies, but once you get in there he's like "HA! THE COOKIES ARE A LIE! YOU FOOL!"

    I wanted chocolate chip or oatmeal....and some milk.:(
  16. KiddParK

    Holy Hell, hold on, we have some around here somewhere...


  17. Sploosh

    How're you doing Kidd? Stop by Teamspeak once in awhile dude ;-;
  18. Klaatu

    Which server ya'll play on?
  19. Sploosh

    West 02, I believe.
    When release comes we're going where ever Azure doesn't go xD
  20. Inviso

    For Beta we are playing on the west server, as east was broken.

    But yes, I'm all for rolling opposite of the Azure Zerg outfit.