[VS] Sentinels

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by KiddParK, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Inviso

    Pretty sure they followed us on purpose..
  2. Pie108

    Always love some organized ops with fun sprinkled in the mix. Having an organized squad to join 24/7 is pretty great too.
  3. WheezeHeart

    Yeah, it's nice to be in an outfit that can take our combat seriously, but can also completely unwind with unbridled shenanigans.
  4. Gred

    Gredik reporting for duty
  5. Matzimazing

    I decided to try out Planetside 2 a few days ago. I had trouble understanding everything and I think joining a clan would be the easiest way for me to learn how to play the game better.

    In-game name is Matzimazing.
  6. Inviso

    Bump for purple glory.
  7. shinjorai

    Join the Sentinels today!! Kiddpark buys all new members a trip to chucky cheese and a new car!!!!!

    All offers subject to approval pending selling of your soul, a kidney, your first born children and goat sacrifice. Offer only valid under the full moon and participating chuckey cheese. Remember to save your coupon. Thank you and we hope youre enjoying your planetside experience.
  8. KiddParK

    it's true... and when then start allowing me to spend station cash on my boys to give them shiny giraffe armor like me and my sundy it will happen.

    kudo's on Indar being purple btw.
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  9. overk1ll

    Is this outfit exclusive to a server? I play on Jaeger.

    Edit: Nevermind, just saw on the website that it's Waterson... a shame.
  10. Inviso

    Must kill more things... need moar certs.
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  11. WheezeHeart

    Mo certs mo problems.
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  12. cmerrell51

    I would like to join. cmerrell51 on waterson.
  13. Inviso

    Apparently I pissed off enough NC in Ikanam earlier that they started sending me tells about how I cheat/hack and they're reporting me...

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  14. Exodus5139

    Where's my clusters!? Sentinels FTW!

  15. Wheelsoff

    Looking forward to a possible alliance with you guys! Look forward to killing the NC and TR scum with you!
  16. Gavjack

    Just hooked into this outfit and having a BLAST!
  17. Brentonious

    Great group of skilled individuals, having too much fun atm
  18. Inviso

    More Blood for the Blood God!

  19. KiddParK

    page four? wow the recruiting forums are active as hell these days.
  20. mwise11

    what server are you guys on?

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