"VS OP" Why?

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  1. MonnyMoony

    More triggering than banshee mossies?
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  2. brutes359

    so aside from vary clearly disagreeing with me on every point for the sake of purely disagreeing with me (and don't pretend you didn't because you literally argued very point, regardless of topic) lets get on with the proper retaliations shall we?

    Zoe might have been good at one point WAY back at the beginning of the game when no one remembers anymore. But over the past 5 relevant years, ZOE has been crap. Even if the statement of it being crap wasn't ALWAYS true, it is true now, and before you think of counter arguing that. No sane individual is going to pull a 450 nanite MAX and then make it take double damage and do double damage for anything other than surprise attacks on sunderers. Which is a rarity, since light assaults do it better anyway.

    whether a comment has already said or not on a thread does not mean I'm going to read every single comment in a thread just to avoid repeating it. It it bears repeating, it means its important. again, a point made purely for arguments sake.

    The Daimios and Pandora DO have longer range the their NC and TR counterparts do to a tighter pellet spread and better damage falloff compared to its competitors. The daimios in particular is infamous for its 1-shot kill range being out to at least 5-6 feet, compared to the bruiser which is three feet or less do to its incredibly wide spread. It has nothing to do with raw damage as much as it has to do with their range. A vary important stat where shotguns are concerned in video games.

    Yes, kindred and vanquisher do exist, and were vastly inferior to the vs counter parts when they came out. By no means is an argument invalid just because other guns exist, or because I specifically didn't mention them by name. The Kindred in particular, while having somewhat better damage than the usual TR carbine was nothing by comparison to the horizon, whose spread shot feature and tight spread of said shots allowed it to dominate close to mid range engagements in most infantry combat scenarios (go figure that an automatic shotgun carbine would be better in CQC battles, which is conveniently where most infantry fights take place in bases) The Vanquisher by comparison is a burst fire rifle, while good at medium to long range, it too is quickly out classed by its VS counterpart "The Lacerta" For the Lacerta's ability to get explosive ammo. Though admittedly, both guns are niche weapons anyway so no one cares all that much for them.

    And yes, sniper rifles used to have bullet drop. It was one of the reasons the railjack was one of the NC's most popular sniper rifles during the early days of planetside with its low drop and high muzzle velocity. VS sniper rifles by comparison had no drop, but their muzzle velocity was within normal parameters. Though admittedly it was removed around perhaps 2 years ago now, and at the time, it wasn't a massive change do to the affects of bullet drop only coming in at absolutely extreme ranges.

    Cosmetic or no, it was still a free item given to one of the three factions. its existence is easily able to to construed as faction favoritism. If the dev's release a custom granade for NC and TR tomorrow, then ill agree. Until then, its still a sign of favoritism.

    Lancer DOES have 750 meters per second of muzzle velocity. That stat is in the game itself and can be checked by any heavy assault player. you efforts to discredit my statement about it as having no data is more testament to your assumptions that haven't used it and read its stats.

    your efforts to disregard relevant grievances that have been complained about on numerous threads, including this one is also a testament to your own exaggerated attempts at a desperate attempt to disprove another's comments at all cost. I am vary amused by the fact you systematically attempted to section out, and disassemble every single argument without adding a single shred of counter data to your arguments.

    By that vary logic. If I must provide every shred of data to prove my arguments before I place them,. Then you must also be able to provide the relevant counter data. Failing to do so in your post. I give your response no more credence then you do mine.

    That said, these matters are of little importance anymore. Planetside is already on its last legs thanks to the devs poor decisions. The short term inflation of population from the addition of the armory and fleet carriers already drying up over here on console. regardless of which on of us is right on the matter. The devs wont change their course of action or likely even read these threads. They've never been know to do so in the past. they likely wont start now.
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  3. JustGotSuspended

    At first I was pretty pissed the VS got a cool nade effect, while TR and NC nade look identical when they blow up. It's a stupid point, but you're right, it does make a small difference, and reduces the immersion into the lore (granted almost all our vehicles and weapons are NS). Really they could've given NC a blue effect and TR a red one at the very least. I would've explored a bit further to see if we could make the NC nade look like a homemade explosive, with nails, magnets and random stuff during the explosion. Idk how feasible that would've been, but coloring them to look a bit more faction specific would have given the illusion that the devs focus on all factions somewhat equally.

    Having auraxed the launchers, and the lancer in particular post-nerf, I would say VS get the worst of the 3. Striker, pheonix, lancer. Striker is realistically the only one you'd be excused for using instead of the deci, simply for its A2G potential. Rest are complete trash. Lancer in particular is a huge pain because you need to spend 3 seconds charging it up, and you can't hold your shot, which means you either launch it or switch to your pistol and have to charge the shot again if your target move. A lot can happen in 3 seconds. For example, you could get sniped. Or your target could move out of sight/range. And lol AI capabilities are even worst than the other 2. Considering all launchers are trash, it's a topic I feel you could've avoided, and one where VS were hit as hard as the other factions.

    I won't really dive into the rest, I can agree with most of the other stuff you said.

    While I understand that VS could require a bit more work from a lore perspective, that doesn't mean NC and TR can't have "special" gimmicks, or that VS should get all the attention. Creativity doesn't have to be contained to the VS arsenal. NC can have magnet guns, TR whatever fast first gattling guns possible. VS aren't the only ones with lore and faction traits, which is something I find the devs forget far too often when working on TR/NC additions. TR in particular seem to get the most boring, cookie cutter additions.
  4. That_One_Kane_Guy

    I disagreed with you because you are either 1. Misinformed, 2. In Error, or 3. Stupid. Either way you are wrong and it needs to be illustrated if not for your sake for the sake of the uninformed who might stumble into this thread and take your words as truth without knowing any better.
    You made a definitive statement about something that was absolutely false and got called on it. Taken by itself it might not mean much but at this point your MO seems to be to spout crap and see how much you can get away with.
    If you cannot be bothered to read a thread you have no business participating in it. I am not in the business of pandering to the lazy. More importantly for you, repeating misconceptions that have already been addressed earlier in the same thread makes you look foolish.
    Let's see what Mr. API has to say then, shall we?
    Hmm, their spread is the same, 3.5. Pellet count is the same, 11. Damage profile is 50-125 for all three...my goodness the range profile is 8-18! They're all the same too!

    Looks like Mr. API says you're full of ****, and I'm inclined to agree.
    Your argument is invalid because it's invalid. You moan and groan about how much better all the new VS guns are while ignoring the fact that the Kindred and the Vanquisher are the best weapons in their respective classes by miles.

    If by "somewhat better damage" you mean "kills faster than any of its peers on either faction in CQB", then yes. Better still it also has a much longer effective range than anything that comes close to it because it's mechanic encourages good weapon control and accuracy while focusing on front-loading as much damage onto a target as possible. It's a monster with a ludicrously high skill ceiling. The Horizon is good for clubbing seals that don't know how to aim for the head.

    The Vanquisher is similarly ridiculous since it can one-burst a target to the head at any range (or two-burst to the body up close), has almost zero recoil, a fast refire time, decent reload speed and decent mag size. It's equally as competitive up close as it is from far away and its killing potential per magazine is obscene.

    Again, you spout nonsense about things which you demonstrably lack knowledge of.

    All snipers have bullet drop. The only exceptions to this are the Spectre, the Phantom and the Phaseshift. Of which only the Phaseshift can OHK on a headshot. Every other sniper rifle in the game has bullet drop.

    You have a burr up your *** about absolutely nothing at all.
    Again, backpedaling when it's proven that you don't know what you're talking about. By this logic any differences at all between the three factions is valid evidence that the Devs are biased against said factions.
    I questioned your statement because you stated in your own post that you
    did not have all of the relevant information concerning the device about which you were ********.
    The fact that after this you have the gall to try and lecture anyone about how easy it is to check the data concerning an item is simply mind-boggling.
    Your arguments defeat themselves, at this point I'm only here to compose a highlight reel of your unlogic for future generations to point and laugh at.
    Burden of Proof, Sweet Cheeks.

    If you want to sit at the Grown-Ups Table you're going to have to do things the right way.
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  5. sadharm0nica

    1. Bullet drop doesn't matter
    - It's inexistent on short range
    - If you're sniping, you use Sweeper HUD
    - But even if it was a huge factor, only Phaseshift and Parsec (didn't unlock it yet, wrapping up Master Sniper directive) don't have bullet drop. Phaseshift is garbage, its low damage guarantees OHK only under 200m. Its slow bullet speed makes it difficult to use on moving targets. Its only redeeming feature is infinite ammo, but you don't really need implants other than HUD and AP - a good sniper dies from headshots.
    2. Magrider is situational
    - Climbing hills and turbo allow you to take an excellent "siege" position, but horizontally-fixed turret is horrible for skirmishes.
    3. VS has worst MAXes. NC do best pushes with their shield and shotties, and TR can deny an area by continuously raining bullets.
    4. Sometimes tank shells explode in proximity. Air duels are close quarters. Scythe shape doesn't matter UNLESS we're talking about pulling stunts under bridges and in the forest. Scythe has also worst rockets.
    5. We do have best camo though. I instinctively pop a boner every time sun sets down

    That being said, I don't really get all the complaining. No faction is OP. You just have to know your weaknesses and compensate for them. Your TR tricks won't work for NC or VS player and vice versa.
  6. Nikushimi

    No, from launch only the Spectre and Phantom had no drop up until the phaseshift was added (not counting things in beta). All the BASR's had drop from the getgo. As for the phaseshift, i still prefer the parsec/parallax over it even after it was changed.

    Going on to scouts/battle rifles ya the Eidolon and Nyx have had no drop from launch. but honestly i would rather use a Vandal over them. The Obelisk's is in a odd spot for me, and only because of the heat mechanic.

    Ultimately though i never understood the fuss over no drop anyways. its not hard to compensate within the weapons max optimum range. What matter's more is velocity and leading distance over just aiming one scope pip up.
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  7. InexoraVC

    +1 ! Same for me
  8. Nikushimi

    I dont know where you got that idea but the Parsec has drop, sorry. it is literally just a parallax with slightly more velocity and tweaked damage min/max range. It has no special mechanics or features.
  9. Anantidaephobia

    I played TR for some time and just loved the guns, even the starting ones. You can just pull the trigger and follow your target, as if handling one of those pointer lasers on something that ridiculously tries to escape. I never found it easier to kill enemies than when playing TR. Zigzaging (is that a word ?) and hopping will be useless as there are so many ammo being spilled on your head you'll eventually get hit often. For each ammo that's missing its target, 10 ones will follow to correct that. And the big magazines will just make this even more easy (yes, in this case, size does matter).
    When playing VS you have some *&@§?! COF that makes you shoot slowly or you'll just miss, a lot. But with lower ROF and small magazines, EACH shot is counting.
    NCs don't have this issue as they might have as low ROF and mag size as VS, but when one of their shot is landing, you DO feel it.

    But, yeah, sure, VS are OP ...
  10. Demigan

    Funny, on a per-damagepoint basis the VS, NC and TR weapons are virtually identical when you put each in their short/medium/long range categories. By your idea of how accuracy works the NC should actually be the worst of the 3 factions (which is kind of true as misses are more punishing).
  11. f0p5

    Bcuz of magrider, most OP tank in the game by far margin
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  12. Liewec123

    you have probably the best sniper rifle in the game and you call it garbage.

    infinite ammo, no bullet drop, 2 shots per "reload" instead of 1 (unlike every other sniper rifle [i won't count Daimyo as a sniperrifle.])
    and the velocity isn't even that bad, its similar to most others.

    also you say no bullet drop is only good on two weapons, have you never tried Obelisk?
    that thing is CRAZY and you can use it on any class.
    3 body shot kill, infinite ammo, no reloads, no bullet drop.
    and it even has an attachment that lets you use it like a 167dmg smg in CQC incase someone gets the drop on you.

    for the sake of all of our sanity, lets pretend that you didn't say this...
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