"VS OP" Why?

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  1. 0V3RK1LL

    Vano is planetside 2 on easy mode. My account with vanu has always had much better ratio and I'll give you three major ones of the top of my head.

    1. color is harder to see. massive advantage
    2. Magrider hover tank is a big advantage
    3. guns are better. Have you ever seen a vanu that buys weapons? rare huh. I wouldn't either since they are better and they know it

    I would allow everyone to buy any weapons. Cross faction. If I want a vanu weapon and I am NC so be it. That would shut people up. Also it makes sense. Real world if a Russian has access to an M4 and he wants to use it so be it. If you don't want to make it cross faction because of aesthetics. Then make a weapon with same specs for each faction.
  2. pnkdth

    There lots of times where you will trade blows at close distance, the (pre-nerfed) NC MAX made a career of it and outperformed the other faction's MAX units.

    Q4 HSR: https://voidwell.com/ps2/oracle?sta...,1894&startDate=2020-10-11&endDate=2020-11-11

    Neither MSW-R and Anchor have any issue with keeping up with the BG. The Orion, despite having access to a grip, falls behind all of them. More importantly, it does not show any particular difficulty for (especially TR with the MSW-R) to nail them headshots. The BG is more consistent which I think suggest something else, like a unique trait the BG has which is not present on the Orion, for example.
  3. Bonemiser

    Have we figured out if VS is OP yet? It's been a while, lads.

    Personally I think it's pretty even, just that VS has the highest number of gimmicks. Things like NC Cyclone, despite being the best SMG in the game, are not all that flashy.
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  4. 0V3RK1LL

    when you see this topic pop up every single time even on steam it tells you something. people try vanu and they figure it out. This game is unbalanced.
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  5. Trebb

    Completely agree. The more Beetelgeuses I face, the more their tanks simply strafe sideways away from C4 or up mountains while jump 180ing to get behind our tanks, the more the cheese gets to me. But deVS don't want to admit the dev bias :p
  6. InexoraVC

    1. see my post above :)
    2. of course Magrider is OP because it kills you. It shouldn't move and shoot - that is the best Magrider
    3. "Have you ever seen a vanu that buys weapons? " All Vanus always buy every weapon. Now try to refute it. :)

    P.S. Selling or exchanging Betelgeuse for Gauss SAW. New, used only a few days, not scratched, stored in a dry and dark place. Reply in this thread if you are interested :))
    Selling or exchanging Orion for Promise.
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  7. JustGotSuspended

    No one says the magrider is OP. However, it is the only tank with the agility to overcome terrain obstacles, dodge shots/c4 far more easily than the other tanks and simply drive around without the worry of flipping over if it hits a small bump. It does have significant advantages over the other 2 tanks, which is why it's so feared. In a game where the vehicle that hits the first shot usually wins, having the ability to slap stealth on a magrider and climb mountains to flank at weird angles is a great way to win easy victories, while pissing off TR and NC tanks. There's no point in denying it, the magrider is currently the best mbt in the game.

    As for the weapons, it's a bit misformulated, but I assume he was referring to every VS vet maining with the betelgeuse. Sure, VS buy all the weapons, but the default model is just too good to pass up, and the betelgeuse (despite the nerfs) is still one of the best directive rewards out there, that everyone uses.

    I would definitely trade my godsaw for a betel, what a piece of trash! The promise is a bit awkward, and doesn't have much over the orion aside from 50 bullets and +10m/s velocity. Seriously, look at the stats, the orion is either identical or better than the promise in nearly every category. Which would kinda bring us to question if you play anything other than VS. :p
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  8. JustGotSuspended

    the correct term is betelgeese
  9. InexoraVC

    No. I play since 2013, I don't use BG or Orion at all.

    *** stats! They show "average patient temperature". I can kill 3 enemies with just 1 clip (Promise), or 6 enemies with 1 clip (SAW). I can't do the same with BG or Orion.
    After many years in game I know: only the raw damage and no recoil after 5 shots matter.
    BG is considered as some kind of easy mode gun, but it has nothing to offer against experienced vet with SAW or Anchor.
    You can't just shoot and shoot, you have to wait for your shield and overshield restore. This period can be used for LMG reload if you are using an "ordinary" LMG.
    From this perspective there is no significant advantage of BG over the other LMGs.
  10. JustGotSuspended

    OOF. I play since 2012, I use the betel everytime! 3 enemies with the promise? In one clip? Lul wut. It's got 150 rounds, you should be able to score a good dozen before reloading, and a lot more with the saw. Anchor has 50 shots and a long reload, so i'm not sure what it has do do in the arsenal.

    The thing with the betel is that it gives you the ability to kill 6-7 dudes in a mag, then switch to your pistol finish them off, and when you switch back your guns all cooled down and ready to shoot. Sure, it doesn't have the sustained potential of most 100 rounnd nc or tr lmgs. However asides from the infinite ammo advantage, it allows you to essentially "reload" your primary without actually having a downtime.

    If I'm TR and empty my mag, then switch to my repeater, I'm gonna be greeted with a 5 second reload when I switch to my carv again. That won't happen with my betel. Additionally, the betelgeuse is a more versatile weapon. It's got the cqc potential of the carv, while still remaining accurate and deadly at long ranges. Yeah, the gauss saw can be nice, and the 3 hk potential is nice. However in most situations, the betelgeuse will be the better option.

    With medkits, assimilate and adrenaline shield you can have insane uptime in the right situation, if you manage correctly. There's a reason every VS heavy gravitates towards the betelgeuse.

    I'm not sure you know what you're talking about, because on the contrary, the betelgeuse has everything to offer for experienced vets, which is why they use it!!
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  11. thed1rt

    as a Vanu player it seems like all my weapons need 6-8 shots to kill and takes 2 or 3 seconds of good firing on a target to kill it. Meanwhile NC and TR kill me in half a second flat with supper accurate shots to my head at medium to close distance. I dunno how many times I got the drop on someone with the Thanatos Shotgun and blast 2 shots into them only for them to turn around and insta kill me.
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  12. thed1rt

    Get back at me when NC rifles stop killing vanu in 2 dakka dakka's. And TR buzzgun stops firing pinpoint headshots for 1 minute straight before having to reload.
  13. thed1rt

    Most magrider drivers cant solo Vanguards or Prowlers. Its actually pretty hard and takes skill and manuevering behind your opponent to get the first shots in and even then I still die to MBT's with good gunners.
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  14. thed1rt

    If you are killing 6 or 7 dudes in 1 reload that means that none of them shot at you..... I use the Pulsar LSW with 150 shots and its not that easy to get multi-kills with it. A medic that headshots you will kill you before you kill him. Also people are complaining about a directive weapon that almost noone has. The average player isnt gonna farm 5,000 kills on different LMGs. Plus that TR buzzgun needs to be nerfed before anything on vanu it gets pinpoint accurate headshots from medium distance wayyyyyy too much.
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  15. Trebb

    I really respect when people are honest about their OP toys. Switching to pistol and back to a freshly reloaded BG is HUGE. And people forget that most of the big fights have a lot of chaos on points. VS gets ressed, BG is good to go and can kill many mans! EVERY other faction likely has to reload after the res. *HUGE* advantage in a super common scenario.

    Not asking for a nerf, I love the mechanic. It's fun on my NSO max, and the Ectoblaster (sadly limited time only). Give it to the other factions in the name of balance!!!!!
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  16. JustGotSuspended

    seeing your replies I'm beginning to question if you play the game, and your abilities while playing.
  17. JustGotSuspended

    The betelgeuse isn't OP, as mentioned earlier it's practically a worse orion. That said, I play all factions, and it's easy to see that VS do get more love from the devs, and their directive weapons do feel a bit more like rewards, and have some actual use.

    And yes, I do enjoy these cool mechanics and they shouldn't be removed, but like you say, NC and TR should get some unique useful benefits too!
  18. JustGotSuspended

    Most VS weapons will kill in 4 headshots (the same as with TR), and fire at rates either identical or near identical to TR weapons, with better accuracy. What this means essentially is that the VS weapons will generally have the advantage in 1v1 scenarios, unless the dude you're facing is lucky or has managed the art of controlling the incredible recoil patterns associated with their weapon.

    The NC 3hk is deadly, but again it's something that most players won't be able to benefit from, and has little advantages in cqc compared to the accurate, faster firing TR and Vs equivalents.

    And from your example, the semi auto shotgun is random. Unless you're ADS there's a great chance half your pellets miss. And with the chamber time, it's quite possible for you to be outkilled by someone who lands a few headshots on you while you're still trying to vomit a few more rounds.

    This really sounds like more of a gitgud issue than VS weaponry. As for saying few people will ever have the betel....check the directive tracker I linked if you don't believe me, it's literally the easiest and most unlocked directive. Nearly 26k players have the directive LMGs. Granted, a good portion of the playerbase left, but that doesn't change the fact everyone has a betelgeuse. Even the trash players unlock it eventually. After all, every weapons directive (asides for the launchers which is now practically impossible) takes maximum a week to complete. The LMGs are the easiest and can be unlocked in under 5 days if your server still has some pop.

  19. InexoraVC

    OMG, real PRO is here! Dozen kills per 1 mag of Promise ! 6-7 dudes per 1 mag of Betelgeuse !!
    That is fakeing PRO!
    Please write down your in-game name, I want to see your stats. Sure there is a K/D above 6 !!

  20. JustGotSuspended

    I'm an average player, not concerned with KDR. I stay back to fight the zergs, I charge headfirst into the action and usually try doing the more "challenging tasks" such as C4ing that vehicle camping from miles away, decimating that silly esf, kill and V5 that one player who's holding my teamates back...and then quickly rush to the next fight! In fact, I used to redeploy using /suicide back in the days cuz it was quicker. And I did pistols directives as heavy/light assault, and the kraken grind, and I even tried to aurax a flare gun, which basically threw my KDR out the window.

    That said, there's nothing incredible in getting 6-7 enemies in one mag, especially with the high capacity mags like the promise or the saw. Even there, you can tell I'm not the best because mathematically you should be able to score more. I'm sorry I'm not the pro player you're expecting, but if a mag of the promise nets you 3 kills (which would amount to around 50 shots to kill a person) when it takes 4 headshots or 8-9 body shots to kill....I'm sorry dude, that's not normal. Especially on a gun as accurate and user-friendly as the promise, you should be dropping dudes like no tomorrow.

    3 dudes per mag would be much closer to what a carbine or an ar nets you, not a high capacity LMG. Unless you're only facing maxes or your opponents are medkit chugging gods, you're either not using the gun right, and/or your aim sucks. I've gotten more multi-kills from my C4 arx directive from back to back kills with my primaries than with nades or c4.

    If it amuses you, I'll link my frequently used characters. I revived them or created them this year or 2019. My average in session KDR hovers around 2. Link yours I'm curious to see your playstyle...?