[VIDEO] Angry Tankbuster

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by WycliffSlim, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. WycliffSlim

    My first attempt at being all clever with FX and stuff even though it was mostly just me playing with sliders.

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  2. lawn gnome

    a perfect illustration of the plethora of reasons why the tank buster could use a good hard nerfing.
  3. isaidhi3

    Tankbuster doesn't need nerfing at all... any half competent pilot can easily dodge tankbuster rounds due to it's sluggish velocity
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  4. WycliffSlim

    A perfect illustration of the fact that you've clearly never used the Tankbuster. Most anyone who actually flies will tell you that if anything the tankbuster needs some buffs.
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  5. Mrasap

    Im sorry, I normally love your videos but those flames made me stop watching.

    Ditch the flames and I would absolutely watch, like and subscribe.
  6. Aesir

    The "special" effects were a bit odd and the flame effect really was, I think to much/distracting. I get it angry CAS30 spreading some lead ... but I think you better tune down on those.

    As for the gameplay itself, if I wouldn't know about the crazy fall off range on the CAS30 and the super ultra heavy, with extra weight added high gravity rounds with more mass than a 150mm round ... one might would get the impression that the thing is a bit to powerful.

    Good job on getting close ...

    One could argue the Tank Buster would need more range in exchange for some of that firepower ... but that's another topic ...
  7. Foxirus

    The tank buster is fine, The problem I am seeing here is that a gunship can nearly out maneuver an ESF. It is clearly performing outside of its intended roles as a bomber class ship. My suggestion would be to instead nerf the liberators mobility. It is not intended to be a fighter for air.
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  8. IamnotAmazing

    nah man, he's right, anything that has a theoretical possibility of doing damage to an esf other than a nosegun is op and we all know it
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  9. Justicia

    ^ Tank Buster is a nosegun :)
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  10. WycliffSlim

    Yeah, I knew the FX were going to be hit or miss about 75% of the people I was showing it to liked them. If enough people want I can upload a non-FX one with just the music?

    It really can't outmanuever an ESF. It can barely keep up with them sometimes. These are highlights. You don't see all the times an ESF flies circles around me and I hit them with one or two shots before I die.

    To Aesir, I would like more range... it's just got absurd damage dropoff.
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  11. Gundem

    50 meters starting, to be exact.

    Ending at 300 meters.

    Reducing it's damage by 40%.

    Only weapon with equally harsh drop off is the Shredder, which could use a drop off reduction as well.
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  12. Mrasap

    I would absolutely love this!
  13. WycliffSlim

    Your will be done.
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  14. lawn gnome

    wooo! you managed to outnumber me with people who abuse the tankbuster BS on this thread.

    killing full MBTs in 3.3 seconds isn't enough? dropping an ESF in roughly 2 seconds with a BOMBER doesn't do it for you?

    yes it has a somewhat slow shot velocity (75% of the skyguard shot velocity) BUT it also fire 10 shots per second (substantially higher rate of fire than my skyguard), if you can't find the lead with that rate of fire then you are full of concentrated fail and don't forget it is the highest DPS weapon in the game by leaps and bounds.

    screw it. lets crank the shot velocity up to 600 and give it a 60 round clip. make it the ultimate farming device for newbs. let em plow through those first few certs to get the gear they want. who gives a crap about any of the tanks on the ground.
  15. WycliffSlim

    I see you have 80 kills with the Liberator in 8 hours played and not a single weapon with more than 50 kills on it. You'll have to forgive me if I take your balance input with a grain of salt. Do you know how often my MBT dies to Tankbuster? Maybe... once or twice a month.
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  16. Brahma2

    Oh, please, please, please god.
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  17. Saber15

    I generally don't die to the tankbuster itself (except when I'm in my "PLEASE SHOOT MY STATIONARY TANK" anchored prowler on a cliff or something), but the old "empty tankbuster into tank, lift nose and hit once with dalton" trick has killed my (mobile) tank frequently, and it's one of the most aggravating ways to die in the game - especially because even with my anchored AP Prowler, I can't out-dps a Tankbuster due to the recent Liberator armor changes. And of course, that's in a situation where I can actually hit them. Most Liberator pilots come in higher than my tank's max pitch unless I'm humping a hill or something.

    I'd say the TB is mostly balanced against ESFs and other Liberators, but that thing does absolutely stupid amounts of damage to tanks and Galaxies, especially considering the Liberator can just flee at ~200 (iirc) kph when the flak/AV gets too heavy. (and lol at it being cheaper than a MBT by 100 resources)
  18. lawn gnome

    do you know how many tanks i have seen butchered by the tank buster. my skyguard is designed for fighting off aircraft and in most cases i think i do a decent job, but i have died several times to a tankbuster sneak attack. even against a full AV MBT my lightning can at least turn to fire or find cover if he catches me by surprise, but if the tank buster starts firing you are done. if you are real quick with the skyguard you can turn the turret and put 2-3 shots into his cockpit, EXCEPT that doesn't matter because it takes about 2 full clips to drop one. we shouldn't have situations where one vehicle type will ALWAYS win the fight and right now the tankbuster does exactly that. if a tankbuster gets behind you and starts firing you lose, end of story.

    ok the libs on your server are either totally incompetent or they just haven't realized they can aim down yet. there is a reason any tank column on connery usually maintains 2 to 3 skyguards.

    then there is the A2A aspect. do you know what happens on connery when either side starts collecting too many ESF or liberators in the area? the other side spawns 3 to 4 liberators sweeps through and murders them all. maybe an ESF joins in to help clean up in the blind spots, but the fact is that on connery using liberators for A2A combat is a standard reliable tactic. the majority of pilots on connery are barely competent in the air, but yet they still murder maneuvering ESF or other liberators when they pop a tank buster.

    i have no problem with liberators being sturdy. it is a 3 man bomber and should be able to take a few hits. what i do have a problem with is it having a forward gun that has the ROF needed to be competitive in dog fights and the highest DPS in the game, far beyond the DPS of the dedicated belly guns.
  19. WycliffSlim

    It is called a TANKbuster. I do agree though that Comp Armor is too strong at the moment and that realistically Liberators should have a resource cost increase.
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  20. WycliffSlim

    So, you're upset because if a weapon called the tankbuster sneaks up on you to within about 50m and unloads into the rear of your tank you die?

    Well, Connery in the air is a kinda bad example. Competent ESF pilots don't die to Tankbuster in a straight up fight. Sure, if you surprise them you can gib them but you could also do that with a Dalton... or Shredder... Or ramming them. Competent pilots that I know don't fear the Tankbuster in general. They're wary of it, if you mess up it'll get you. But it's easy to counter.