Update Minimum specs as of 12/01/14

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  1. SexyButtt

    Thank you so much. i'll try that tonight when i get back home. :) . i really wanna get back to playing this game :(
  2. SexyButtt

  3. stefanstele

    Freind tells me that this game very cool and i try it on his pc and i like it very much,but i dont want to download it if i cant play it even on low with decent FPS.

    CPU APU A4-5300 Dual-Core
    GC Radeon HD 6670
    8gb ram

    Ty for answers!
  4. simoncowel

  5. simoncowel

    Flying in the beta was a good idea but nobody uses them because they feel like one side is heavier than the over and you cant invert the controls to make its so much easier for players
    please sort it
  6. Lord_Mogul

    The issue would be your CPU. It's performance is around entry-mid level Core 2 Duos or SandyBridge Celerons. And since the game is pretty CPU bound it won't give you a great experience. (For comparison: on my i5-3570K @ 4,3 GHZ with medium-high settings, shadows on low I usually see around 60-80% load)
    Your graphics card won't allow to play on max settings but will suffice with a low-medium config.
    RAM is alright.

    I would try to lower everything down (i.e. 800x600, everything on low/off, render distance on the lowest you can tolarate (note that infantry doesn't render after 300m at all) and render quality down to 50%. I was able to play with 85% render quality with my old Q6600 that I had before and that chip is not only a full quad qore but offers around 20-30% more performance is less threaded applications and games)
    But even then don't expect full fluid 60 FPS. I you're lucky you may sustain around 25-30 FPS.


    A fair comparsion of mobile hardware equivalent to the specs in the OP post
    For the CPU it would be around an i5-2540M/i7-2760MQ or newer on the Intel side and around the fastest recent APU for AMD

    Memory is Memory, nothing to change there.

    A mobile Video card with similar performance to the mentioned ones would be around a GTX 570M/670M/760M respectively HD 7870M/8870M/R9 M270
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  7. Spartan67

    So, can I assume my specs are not good enough? What am I short on? Is it just my Memory or is it more? Currently I am having issues with the graphics when I enter the game. Played the game since beta back in the day, but am returning after a long absence. Please help! Thanks.

    Operating System: Windows 7
    CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Processor 2.80 GHz
    Memory: 4 GB RAM (64-bit)
    Hard Drive: 362 GB free
    Video Memory: 1024 MB
    Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 5800
  8. Pfundi

    What kind of problem exactly? It may be related to bad drivers or whatever else. Just install the latest ones via Steam or via CatalystControlCenter. You might as well try validating the game files. Click on the little options button in the PS2 launcher and then press "Validate Game Files".
    Regarding your hardware, thats not too bad actually. I did play on worse hardware a long time.

    Your Graphics card should be okay for Low-Medium Settings I suppose (maybe even higher).
    But your Processor.. well its a little aged as of now. Again it should work on Low-Medium Settings.
    And 8GB is necessary at this time for a good PC.
    Your PC could use an overall facelift (esp the CPU), but you can get 4 additional GBs of RAM for only 25 bucks (read what you already built in and try to get the same one, or at least same speed and manufacturer, maybe you'll find a used one for 10$ or so), so that would be a place to start. This upgrade alone can give you a boost in both stability and FPS.
    You could overclock your Graphics Card a little as well. Just google "overclock HD 5800" and read some guides to avoid damaging your system. That should give you a more steady FPS, especially when there's smoke around.
  9. Lord_Mogul

    I would agree that a RAM upgrade is the most needed.
    The CPU could use a bit more clock, but is still a nice thing. Nothing in comparison to recent Intel Chips, but still in range of the AMD FX CPUs.

    The GPU would either be a HD 6830, HD 5850 or HD 5870 Espacially the last two are still good cards. Again not in the range of recent high-end parts but around a GTX 750 or R7 260X. So similar to recent medium cards. Would be enough for medium settings, some even on high.
  10. HerbertKnivez

    I've been playing on an A10-7870k :p, have to run it on the lowest settings, but atleast it works!

    When I first started playing I was able to run it with an E4700 (2x2.6ghz) and a gt610!
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  11. titto2011

    sorry for my bad English! among so many problems! relating to PC! there are a number of reports! during the game that are always ignored! oh tera made a movie! It will be assembled and placed on various forums that talk about you! the bad lvora you do! Control anti hacks and cheats etc ..... one of the many and when a LV 3 and immortal! under the pressure that was not uciso MAX! ... the question and why! ? finally I have been banned for violation of the server! 2 years ago! because I was using a mode by pressing (Q) and these players are never ban? Why?????
  12. Quicksoapy

    i have a pretty good laptop (intel core i7 4550U, Nvidia not gtx 820m, 4gb RAM) but my brother, that has almost the same laptop, (intel core i5, Nvidia not gtx 720m, 8 gb RAM) can get much higher graphics at alot of games. I think its because of my 4gb of RAM. Is this true? At the moment i play planetside 2 lowest settings possible with 30fps. So i maybe want to upgrade to 8gb of RAM.
  13. Pfundi

    Yeah, buy a fitting 4 GB Stick. This should help just about everywhere.
  14. Quicksoapy

    ok thx. Then this is gonna be on top of my wishlist :). lol im 12 doh i dont even have 10 euro's and a 8gb RAM stick (i have a laptop with just 1 slot) costs 50 euros xD. Well now i know what i should ask as christmas and sinterklaas(dutch event) present.
  15. Quicksoapy

    ehm i have a laptop is that gonna change a thing?? And 2, on what settings can i play the game then?
  16. Pfundi

    A laptop is a computer as well. Do research on what kind of RAM stick you need and make sure it has the fitting size.
    I dont know.
  17. Quicksoapy

    its DDR3. is that enough or is there more?
  18. Pfundi

    Well there is the speed and the size (not how many GB nut the actual physical size). Just google "install additional RAM to Notebook" and look what exactly to get for your Notebook. That should bring some good tutorials on how to do and what to get. When you dont know anything about it ask your friends, family or classmates or someone else. Someone sure knows and helps you.
    Just dont buy something youre not 100% sure about. Take your time and do your research.
  19. Jetsunstrider

    Man I used to be able to play this game, now I have to get something better in order to play decent.

    I got kicked outta my fave due to high game specs. and a sucky laptop.... RIP.
  20. NoBuddy

    Guys, are you crazy?
    Increasing min-/max system requirement after update/patch?
    I really don't want to buy after the last update the next CPU. I'd played at least 2-3 years with an "AMD Athlon II X2 (3GHZ)" and a Geforce GT 610. I bought a "AMD Phenom II X2 (3.3GHZ)" and a "Geforce GT 730" and its impossible to play this game. Client crash after 10-15 minutes with AMD Athlon II X2, Client Crash after 1-2 minutes with the Phenom one.
    Just in case you keep that behaviour after each update / patch increasing the system requirement, you should fire your developer / coder and close this game!