Update Minimum specs as of 12/01/14

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TSR AlexS, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. Pfundi

    1. Here I wanted to piss you of for making such a stupid comment, but well, youre probably already really pissed :p
    2. Sounds like a bug or a different problem. Theres already like a dozen threads open reporting similar issues, but I bet you didnt bother reading any of them (compare point 1). If the problem remains after looking for fixes there report the issue, or better report it right away. Then open a new thread and give us more information.
    3. Its really no surprise that the requirements for a free to play game increase. The game has to evevolve (f2p games usually live longer than normal ones as they normally lack a successor) to stay on the market. And hardware of the average gamer normally evolves as well.
  2. Rantgen

    About point 3, I kinda think that's untrue.

    Planetside 2 is a large scale game, and it's normal for it to behave accordingly to the scale of the fight, with lower performances in highly populated areas.
    The problem is that there were "large scale battles" since it was released.
    Planetside has only improved on the "loadout" side: new weapons, new camos, new sprites, new everything, but other than that it's the same game i used to play on ultra with an athlon x2 5200 and a nvidia 210 and 3 gb of ram.
    Now: from playing smoothly on that "crappy pc" to playing like poop on a "decent PC" (amd 965 OC'd @3,8 GHz, 8 gb ram and HD6870) it's a big jump.
    Everyone knows that planetside 2 has a terrible optimization. I mean, I start having FPS issues (with terrible imput lag) when i start shooting with 4 or more enemies in my FOV. This is unacceptable, and mostly because my pc can handle BF3 in ultra with heavy fights with 55/60 fps.

    And that's also clear because i tried using gamebooster, updating the drivers, setting everything to ultra, setting everything on low, setting everything on middle. I get the same 60 FPS in the warpgate and 25 fps in large scale battles, no matter what the Graphics are.
    Even with the CPU OC'd at 3,8 (vs the 3,4 stock) did nothing. It solved some stuttering at 60 fps, but it comes back at around 40 fps

    Increasing the system requirements is a lazy way to solve a problem that's with the software, not the hardware.
    Everytime something is added to the game, the performances get worse, with no hope of solving.
    Hell, on this update they REWORKED (not even added....reworked) mechanics that were already in the game, and lots of players are having troubles. They made a crash fix that solved the issue to 60-70% of the players and THIS IS IT. I don't think they're going to do anything for the CPU-destroying threads of the game.