Update Minimum specs as of 12/01/14

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TSR AlexS, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. JorgeSarcos

    Yeah, i need to play from my iPhone
  2. Pointyguide2

    by mobile I meant laptops
    like 4700mq and 860m
    game is perfectly playable on these.
    though desktops can will always be ahead because they can clock higher
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  3. GonTar

    omg, is there a way you can lower the specs after each update instead of increasing em even more along with the GBs added to the game size every time you update it?

    Because that leaves a lot of players (close to the 20% of the game population) out of the game update after update, wich isn't fun at all, my pc is Decent enough to play most of today games, but i can't even play PS-2 on Very Low, not because my pc is bad, cause it isn't, its because my game instantly crashes after 1-2 minutes of playing with no error at all meaning "you are so kicked out of this game that we don't even care about telling you why u can't run it to enjoy with your buddies" and im not blaming Nvidia (even if they do screw up they drivers a lot, and believe me they do!)

    And leaving decent pc players out of the game update after update bro, that's just... thats just Racist! and don't come with ******** about buying a $1000u$d brand New Last Gen PC with Nuclear reactor like CPU/GPUs and shiny LED lights fu€@ing everywhere like some kind of UFO alien box of technology, because that's just way way too illuminati you know what i mean?.

    .I can't take this anymore, i had to re-install the game like 4 times, installed n tryed about 12 diferent drivers for my GPU (because of the random crashes), forced over clock, reinstalled windows, used VooDoo on my PC, I even called a Priest to bless it! A god damn Priest!

    i.. i... i can't take it bro, now im upset and sad cuz i can't play with my bros :'c

    i ll create a quick starter thingy called "Lower PlanetSide 2 Min Specs 4 THE LOVE OF SCIENCE!"

    Maybe that way we can play this freaking amazing n exiting game again if we are lucky enough to earn one of those golden tickets that come with da chocolate bars i fu%@ing love you willy wonka! and i loved you PS-2 Devs but you broke my princess Corporal Heart.

    PEACE! <3
  4. GaBeRock

    This is a rather impressive rant. Are you willing to back 8t up with specs?
  5. GonTar

    I wish i could, i can't affort spending money im using to mantain my family to play, i wish i could make an uber PC appear on my garage like if i could do magic, but that's when reality comes in and strikes us with a baseball bat right in the nutz.

    The fun fact, is that i was able to play planetside 2 with friends about a year ago, but now that i wan't to play again, i had to download 9gb of updates, to "·%"·$!·ing realize i can't even play the game anymore because of the updates, that drives me n some buds rly upset n sad, it rustled our jimmies to a new level. and we are sad (n a little angry) about it

    but i guess the new features n stuff added require more n more resources from us to run the game, i understand that.

    I think its my time to rest in pieces with the other guys that got exiled from PlanetSide 2 Min Specs...

    Just by watching the new videos its a fact that there's a lot of new stuff and higher graphs n epic features, enjoy it for all of us who can't, and remember us for being the crappy teleporting medics that had 15fps and randomly revived you for that's the only thing we were able to do with our Pc performance (?
    I'll join the "R.I.P. Unknown Medium Specs PC Players Tomb" </3
  6. GonTar

    Double Post:
    I just wanted to make it clear, the game mechanics and engine they are using isn't LEGO Bricks, the months of work they have to spend to deliver PlanetSide 2 Optimized Edition are real and they will need to work harder than a Spartan (and i know they did work as hard) but it will take so much time that i don't want to go upset watching as new videos and gameplays show all the new cool stuff they made, i'll wait untill next year, hope we can play PS-2 without Random Crashes on Nvidia on 2016.

    Im glad i was able to try PlanetSide 2 at least 4 a couple of weeks, but i guess i ll remember old times on PlanetSide1.

    My best wishes 2 you, and all the luck you can get to get everything done n fixed on time.<3
  7. GaBeRock

    the changes to the min specs won't stop you from playing, they're just an indication that you're not going to be able to run it well (Stating the obvious, really.) You'll be able to play it at the same, albiet crappy, quality as before, this is just to forestall people complaining. I get the impression that ps2's min specs were always significantly underestimated, anyways, considering how ambitious the game is.
  8. Lord_Mogul

    Perhaps they changed the minimum specs to what the game actually needs to run great. (after removal of the crappy performance thingies now)
    The initial specs might be way to low, to attract more palyers (like most game companies do today)

    And I thought that might be the way to run it awesome. Like with one of these:
  9. RomeoOscarBravo

    I gave the game a go. Love the premise, weapons, classes, vehicles. It all seems like a grand idea. Clever and well thought out.

    However the game is utterly unplayable on my system, first battle was so laggy I gave up and uninistalled knowing that the game isn't ever going to be playable. This is on Intel quad core, GTX 670, 6Gb RAM, running very low settings.

    Massive online battles are all very well but this game simply can't pull it off. Technically the game is a disaster.

    Glad it is free to play and all I wasted was time!
  10. BlackDove

    It was better two years ago. Had PhysX and better textures. Just a waste of time like you said now.
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  11. Vivicector

    Core 2 Duo E8400 OC @ 4GHz
    4 GB DDR2 RAM
    NVIDIA GTX650 ti boost

    I played in CBT on that config (ok, changed video since them, but it did not affect FPS). Still playing now. Performance was better back them. Heavily better. I was flying ESF and Liberator with no problems. Large fights were about 20 FPS. Now large fights are 15 FPS and flying is laggy as hell. Is that called "optimisation"?
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  12. penandpencilman

    No, that is called "optimization".
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  13. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    For all of you that posted at the time of the OP that your systems ran this game just fine with lower specs. How about now? Hmmm. After the harmonization of the codebase with the PS2 code the game is now horrible as far as optimization. I far exceed the specs. After OMFG my frames never dropped below 50 in enven medium to large fights. Now I have seen my FPS down to 26 with CPU as bottleneck while my CPU was on 59% load. Right.

    I thought it was a little strange that minimum specs were changed when gfx sayed the same, guess I know why now.
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  14. Rinnator

    In window 7 (32 bit system) even though you have up to 4 giga bytes of physical ram installed in the mother board, the memory will always be lower then 4 gigabyte as it will be taken by largely by the window 7 itself and part of other programs that runs in the back ground. so we never get up to 4 giga byte of physical rams for windows 7 (32 bit systems) users.
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  15. Mianera

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA, nice one ;) I see what you did there. ^ With that you can launch the game with 1-2 fps in a empty warpgate.

    Now post the REAL minimum specs in order to receive a stable 60 frames pr. sec in any fight. ;)
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  16. Lord_Mogul

    In fact especially for Windows, this is not true:
    The equivalent 32-bit Windows Server Systems are using these, up to 64 GB, of Memory.

    There are even ways to patch support for up to 64 GB on a regular 32-bit consumer Windows:
    http://www.unawave.de/windows-7-tipps/32-bit-ram-sperre.html (the german site I read first about it)
    (In short: Its just changing 2 adresses inside the file)

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  17. idisir1

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  18. sjtw_w_stot

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  19. Mistertrotts

    Well one, because its SOE, i mean daybreak i mean, SOE.. lol. in all seriousness they havent managed to get their game to a point where CPU bottlenecking isnt an issue, even on an i7-4770k i cant break the 75fps mark half the time. the game is very CPU intensive, and the fact remains that basically no matter how much you dump into your pc your CPU will bottleneck your frames per second.
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  20. warthief333

    I run between 45 - 60 fps depending on in-game action. All on max settings except no AA. About $500 (My 11 year old's system)
    Never any glitches or stutters.

    Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
    CPU: AMD FX-6300
    RAM: 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 1003MHz (9-11-11-28)
    Motherboard: MSI 970A-G46
    Graphics: 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti @ 1080 x 1920
    Input: Corsair K70 RGB - L3vetron GM2000 gaming mouse
    Storage: 2 X 465GB Western Digital WDC WD5000AAKX-00ERMA0 ATA Device (SATA)
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