Upcoming adjustments to Alerts & Nanite costs

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  1. Malorn

    We have a short work week coming up with SOE Live, but we will try to get in a small tuning patch before then. I can't guarantee this will happen (sometimes stuff goes wrong), but we will be targeting early next week.

    Please note this is not the only thing we will do with alerts or Nanite costs moving forward; this is just the first step.

    Adversarial Alerts
    We will be lowering the criteria to trigger the alert so you will see them more often and they are more achievable.
    • Launch criteria - Min Faction %: 51% (down from 75%)
    • Attacker dominating win%: 65% (down from 85%)
    • Defender win %: 50% (up from 35%)

    We will be increasing the cost of pulling a MAX to reel in the MAX spam a bit.
    • MAX cost increased to 450 (up from 350).

    As always, feedback is welcome!
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  2. BurntToast

    Ah, I like it! Looking forward to these changes.

    I had hoped the MAX resource cost increase was going to be higher (500 like you were originally suggesting), but I suppose it's good to take it one step at a time.

    The alert changes seem good to me (I may have a little bias here being on Briggs, the 1-cont lock server). Though I feel like the defender win % increase is a bit too much. I'd probably prefer to see the mechanic changed to something both defending factions can work together to achieve- such as reducing the "attackers" % down to 33% territorial control. Still, new mechanics take a while to get out, and again we'll have to see how these changes play out.

    Thanks Malorn!
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  3. MaxDamage

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  4. Sixstring

    400-450 for a MAX is reasonable,I honestly haven't seen the problem. Also alot of people are just testing out the new Nanite resource system after the update so there are more vehicles and MAX's than usual but it might balance out on it's own. But if people stop pulling MAX's maybe 400 would be a sweet spot. Of course I always just go with the flow and adapt to whatever so I never complain too much regardless maybe more people should just be like me.
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  5. DJPenguin

    At least on Emerald alerts happen at a comfortable rate as is. I hope I'm wrong but I can only imagine non-stop alerts happening if 51% is all that's required.
  6. ChunkyButFunky

    "Vehicle maintenance costs, which reduce income and maximum reserves while vehicles are active" From resource road map for phase 1. Is this something that we will see added to the game? Seems like it would balance a lot of vehicle issues.
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  7. Ripshaft

    51% seems pretty extreme, but I guess we'll see how it pans out, cant hurt.
  8. Corpsefury

    I don't mind the MAX cost, I mind getting rolled over by invisible flash while in a MAX especially when the flash has no cooldown and cost 50 you can pump out flashes over and over for infinity and deal with any max threat without having to mind the vehicle cost.

    Or change it so a flash would instead explode or take a great amount of damage when colliding a MAX. Right now a flash could kill a row of 100 maxes just by driving through them and not even lose speed between each kill since theres no collision detection between the two. I don't mind when its a tank or a harasser doing the drive through because they're actually bigger than the MAX and they cost way more than a flash so it doesn't feel as ridiculous
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  9. BurntToast

    Are you really, really complaining about MAX v Flash balance? Are you trolling or just dense?

    I'm sorry but a Heavy can kill a MAX too without spending a dime in resources. That's beside the point though- MAXs are for infantry areas, Flashes are for vehicle areas. You don't see people complaining when they drive their wraith flash into an infantry building and get shot to pieces near instantly. Same thing when MAXs are running around in an open field without cover.
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  10. Iridar51

    So the only fights will be at the center of the continent... except for times when one of the factions gets warpgated by the other 2.
    Just recently I realized how rarely I see bases close to warpgates. A pity.
  11. Ragmon

    How about increasing Tank costs? Their the real issue in the new resource system.
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  12. VonStalin

    I think Galaxy is too expensive, it should not cost the same as liberator, it should cost more like ESF because of squad logistics reason..
  13. marcelomormaii

    I really liked this system called nanite! Ogame lost all essence of the battles and became a game of 'spam'. Put the old system resources please.
  14. Foxirus


    Increasing the cost of vehicles will not help in the long run. "Oh.. I just have to survive for 1 additional minute before this vehicle is paid for".

    Adding a maintenance cost to vehicles (Which would make perfect sense, You can't tell me jumping that cliff didn't damage the suspension) would keep the vehicle spam controlled with out making them too expensive.
  15. Foxirus

    No, The galaxies have far too much power to be any cheaper.
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    the game is broken
    it's a ******* spamvehicleswimmingpool...

    these changes don't make it any better...
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  17. trichome

    51% seems far too extreme. I'm actually liking the fact that we don't have alerts coming out of our ***** every time somebody farts. Battles are actually forming between bases on Indar rather than in them and it's been great. Loving all the extra vehicles and maxes as well as it's starting to feel like Planetside again and not Infantryside which we've had for over a year.

    I don't see the problem with maxes at all, and I never pull them myself.
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  18. cdavis13

    Welcome to PlanetSide 2 Presents: World of Tanks!
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  19. PastalavistaBB

    350 for a MAX was fine, 450 is just too much. Sadly, they go down the same slippery slope the MBT's did go. Whiners will cause everything fun to be nerfed and made less accessible. Except Infantry. Let's make every Infantry spawn cost 10 Nanites and see what happens. The most common, flexible and powerful (in numbers) unit in the game is free and somehow this is ok, but maxes and vehicles are "ruining the game". Infantryside players are getting too annoying tbh and they won't stop until everything has been nerfed into uselesness (aka HE Tank Shells atm).
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  20. Astriania

    Good stuff, we still need a way of making sure alerts happen, and can be won, on Indar too. Hopefully you're reading all the great suggestions on the Reddit thread. Bringing back automated territory alerts should be a quick and easy way to get lock rotation back though.