Ultimate Vehicle Thread- "Vehicles kind of suck to play; We should change that" [+Base Overhaul]

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MrNature72, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. Irathi

    This thread deserves more likes.
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  3. vanu123

  4. CrazyCanadian24

    You're gonna end up with an (almost) full page of bumps and such at this rate.
  5. MrNature72

    Yeah, it's a bittersweet feeling.

    I love the bumps, but I prefer discussion, you know?
  6. AlterEgo

    Where have you been all my life???
  7. MrNature72

    Quietly drifting away from Infantryside 2.

    I love this game, it's infinitely fun, but I've been playing Wargame: Red Dragon and Warframe a lot.

    I really want to get into this game, but it feels like it has too high of a price for entry for casual players like myself. I want to be able to compete with the top-tier players equipment wise.

    What I don't get is why game designers think you need the top-tier players to be ridiculously better equipped. You can create a fun experience for all sides without throwing out the balance.
  8. AlterEgo

    Oh master, please return to Planetside full-time when you think it gets better! All we need are bull pups, actual Gauss weaponry and less frozen fish models, and the game will be better than ever. Plus, do hop on if you want to. My name's DarthTobusco (Certified 2+ K/D:cool:), and I'd be happy to fight alongside you. That is, if you're VS:p But I do sometimes team up with NC versus TR (Very fun), and that's about it. You rock man; I still chuckle when I see that silly GIF:'D
  9. CrazyCanadian24

    In all fairness, infantry-to-infantry combat is actually fairly well balanced, since pretty much all starter weapons are quite good.

    As a whole, though, the balance just falls apart repeatedly (along with the rest of the game). Truly a shame that SOE won't do anything about it. It's almost like they WANT PS2 to die or something.
  10. MrNature72

    I'm definitely thinking about it. The issue I have is all my suggestions are buried under the new forums.

    I love this game, but whoever calls the shots seriously only has short-term profits in mind. And it hurts.

    MY SOUL.
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  11. MrNature72

    Oh, totally, yeah. The infantry game rocks for the most part. Sure, I hate the ridiculous CoF, but that doesn't destroy the game.

    The issue is vehicles are a huge chunk of the game, and just completely ignored in favor of infantry.
  12. AlterEgo

    Higby will prevail; he's the opposite of Hitler! Not too good early on, but awesome at the end!
  13. TammelTR

    This needs to happen yesterday.
  14. Frostiken

    I want a cloaking device on my Magrider. Vanu faction trait should've been maneuverability and stealth for things that can have it. The Magrider isn't and never will be maneuverable enough to really matter, and no, glitching it into a base doesn't count. Give it a cloaking device. Yes, I'm serious. It would dramatically change the gameplay for the Magrider.

    The Magburner is an outrageously stupid, uninspired tool with almost zero utility except, as I said, glitching into bases, which only helps you farm the spawn room. It's without the doubt the most situational tank ability and the most useless one.
  15. 7 Drunk Midgets

    The Magrider is absurdly maneuverable. It can climb mountains that the Prowler and Vanguard can only hope one day to climb. No other tank can strafe laterally and remain on target like the Magrider does. Now, you want to give it a cloaking device? You want Magriders sitting on cliffs, cloaked, raining VPC hell onto TR and NC spawn rooms? How do you expect TR or NC to return fire if they can't even see the things? Wraith flashes are already insanely powerful with a competent driver, I'd be scared to even see a cloaked harasser. A cloaked MBT? Higby no.
  16. CrazyCanadian24

    As a guy who often uses Tanks and LAVs in BF4 but only really played Infantry in PS2, I can confirm this.
  17. Alarox

    I like his enthusiasm.

    I don't like all his ideas. Someone of them are really good though.
  18. MrNature72

    I don't think people get that vehicles are supposed to be able to go head to head with infantry and win unless properly countered.

    vehicles > infantry, it's why you field hundreds of infantry and just a dozen tanks. And in this game that's easier to achieve than in Battlefield 4, since you can actually field hundreds of infantry and a dozen tanks.
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  19. MrNature72

    Care to elaborate why?

    I am honestly curious to your arguments.
  20. Alarox

    I was still editing after rereading rather than going on my memory from months ago.

    Pretty much everything from the first two posts is awesome. I think your third is interesting I don't agree with most of the specifics.

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